Garden Recipes

  • Grilling Recipes: Halibut and Butternut Squash

    I hope you enjoyed my last Grilling Recipe Guest Post about Grilling Veggies. Grilling is a fun activity for me during the summer months for a few reasons; its an healthy alternative, fun to experiment and grill with new foods and it keeps the kitchen cleaner ... Read More
  • Recipe: Mock Gyros With Fresh Veggies

    These are super easy! The perfect quick prep, low calorie dinner with real flavor and SO good for you! Tzatziki sauce ¾ cup low fat plain yogurt 1/2 cucumber 2 cloves fresh garlic pressed salt & pepper to taste To Make The Gyros: 1) Peel the cucumber, cut it ... Read More
  • I Need Zucchini Recipes!

    Yep, these were all picked in 1 day. So, as you can see, I need zucchini recipes since we have zucchini growing like crazy! We are eating it raw, sautéed, in pasta, in omelets, bread, you name it, I’ll try it! So, tell me, what are you best zucchini recipes?? ... Read More
  • Recipe: Garden Fresh Fajitas

    Here are a few picks from the garden last week. You can see that our onions are small, but they are really good! So, what do you make with onions, peppers, and jalapenos? Fajitas! I love fajitas because really, you can throw anything in to your own taste, plus it ... Read More
  • Garden Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Casserole

    I have been promising this recipe for a while and hope that my Facebook fans will now be satisfied! I created this recipe on my own while figuring out what to make with some of the fresh veggies I’m growing in my garden. The beauty of this recipe is that you can ... Read More
  • Saving Money with Garden Recipes

    What is better than planting a garden, nurturing it, and watching it grow, then picking the fruits of your labor and turning it into a healthy satisfying meal for your family? By growing your own food, not only are you eating fresh, but you are also saving money. ... Read More
  • Fresh Jalapeno Poppers from the Garden

    As promised, I made my Jalapeno Poppers again this weekend, remembered to take pictures, and am sharing the recipe with you! It has been so fun watch my little garden grow each week, and I’m so glad I have been taking pictures to document the progress. Before ... Read More