Essential Oils

  • DIY Lip Balm

    I have a confession. I’m addicted. To lip balm. I have some in my desk, in my purse, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and probably elsewhere. But all this lathering got me thinking about what I was actually putting on my lips.  Have you ever looked at the ... Read More
  • DIY Non-Toxic Fruit and Veggie Wash

    I’m happy that my kids love fresh fruit and veggies, especially when they can help pick it out at the store. I try to buy organic fruit and veggies as much as possible, but regardless of what I’m buying I always wash my produce before eating it. If you are ... Read More
  • DIY Air Freshener with Essential Oils

    Here is a simple DIY air freshener that you can create for yourself or a loved one. I thought this owl was adorable, but pick up any wooden cut out that you like. Around the holidays, I will probably look for more festive options! I also use Young Living essential ... Read More
  • Nasal Support with Essential Oils

    Every time my husband does yard work, he is miserable the next day – and that is even if you takes medicine before, during and after. When I heard that he could find nasal suppport with essential oils, I knew I had to try it since they have been helping me ... Read More
  • Support Your Immune System Quickly and Naturally

    Support Your Immune System Quickly and Naturally One of the main reasons I made the decisions to try Young Living essential oils is because of their proprietary oil blend, Thieves, which helps support a healthy immune system to not get sick. I find the story ... Read More
  • DIY All Natural Mosquito Spray

    Mosquitos are such a pain, but I really don’t like all the chemicals that are in bug spray, so when I found some DIY Mosquito Spray options I was excited!  I’ve been finding more and more uses for my essential oils since I bought the Young Living Starter Kit, ... Read More
  • DIY Sore Muscle Cream

    My Young Living Premium Starter Kit really came in handy last weekend after my husband helped a friend move some furniture. Unfortunately, he came home after helping and was in pain. His lower back was hurting and he was having trouble bending or twisting. He was ... Read More
  • 5 DIY Spring Cleaning Tricks

    As spring draws near, you’re probably already thinking about getting your home clean and re-organized. There’s something so cathartic about spring cleaning; Personally, I think it’s because we’ve been cooped up indoors and spring is our “rebirth”. But ... Read More
  • 10 Ways to Clean Your Home with Essential Oils

    10 Ways to Clean Your Home with Essential Oils There are many different products out there that can help you collect dirt, grease, and grime when cleaning your home. The greatest problem that we encounter with these cleaning products is the amount chemicals that ... Read More