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  • Welcome New Readers!

    I had the pleasure of meeting thousands of Arizona women (and a few men) at an expo today and am so excited to be able to help more people save! One of the biggest questions I received today was “How much does your site cost?” And the answer is it is FREE! ... Read More
  • Welcome New Followers! About Me

    Using Sense to save my family, and YOURS, cents! I’m Melissa, the mom behind Saving Cents with Sense, a site dedicated to helping families find the best deals, store savings, and more since I know the importance of watching a family budget. I am a mom of two ... Read More
  • I Haven’t Disappeared…

    Unfortunately my little 9 month old is in the hospital (where I have been all day). They are running tests, but don’t know anything yet…he will probably be here for a few days, so until we are home, I most likely will be unable to update as often. ... Read More
  • Just Beginning

    Ok, so I have officially joined the blogging world. Maybe I’m a bit behind, but at least I’m starting, right? Well, this is my first attempt at blogging, so bare with me as I learn the ropes, make mistakes, and figure out what works. I just may end up ... Read More