Arizona Coupon Classes

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Arizona Coupon Classes

Arizona Coupon Classes

Welcome MSN, Arizona Republic, and 12 News Viewers to Arizona Coupon Classes Page!  If you saw my tips and want to learn more, you have come to the right place.

Update: At this time, I do not have any coupon classes scheduled. I have gone back to school full time and don’t have the resources to teach the classes in person. However, I have many Coupon Resources for you, including How to Start Using Coupons. There are many free tips, advice, and resources here at your fingertips. Please look around the site for answers and as always, you can contact me if you have questions. Thank you!

What will you learn in these Coupon & Savings Classes?
I think you will find these Arizona Coupon Classes very valuable, especially if you are new to using coupons and want to find ways to help cut down your food budget. I know I would have loved to go to a workshop 4 years ago when I first started “saving cents” :) And for those of you that feel more comfortable with basic couponing, but would like to maximize your savings at the drugstores – don’t miss the Advanced Couponing workshops!

What class attendees are saying:

“Thank you so very much for your class today at the library. I appreciate what you are doing and how you are sharing your knowledge. You are doing a wonderful thing.”  -Dru

“Your enthusiasm & especially your willingness to share! Most coupon junkies are not willing to share their advice at all!”  -Anonymous

“This class was very organized in the presentation of the material and easy to follow along with; the workbook has been a great resource for me to refer back to. I learned valuable information that I was able to start using that night. I highly recommend this class for anyone from beginners all the way to people who use coupons regularly. I hope to take the advance class soon.”Kirsten

“I had been couponing for about a year prior to attending this class. While I knew a few tricks and skills, it was such a great refresher course and I was able to learn plenty of additional information! The class was informative, interactive and thorough. It is perfect for those who are just starting out or want to learn how to jump into couponing.”- Jordan

“Having felt like I knew how to handle the grocery stores, I wanted to attend a class where I could learn more about the drugstores. They seem to have more rules and regulations, so it was great to get the inside scoop on how to get the best deals. I highly recommend this class to those who want to become even more proficient couponers!” – Jordan

Note: There is a charge with these classes to help pay for the cost of room rental, materials, etc. Each attendee will receive a workbook, handouts, pens,and other fun resources to help him/her save. Please understand that I am investing time and resources into these classes to make them the best possible for you.