Melissa Hurst – Saving Cents with Sense

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Melissa Hurst, Owner of Saving Cents with Sense

Melissa Hurst - Saving Cents With Sense

Hi, I’m Melissa Hurst, the mom behind Saving Cents with Sense™ , a site dedicated to helping families find quality products that last, deals to help them save, and money saving tips.

I have been married to my best friend, Ben, since 2003 and we have three beautiful children, ages 4 to 10 years. We live in sunny Arizona and love it (at least 9 months out of the year) – kidding! :) I’m a teacher by heart and have a strong passion for helping others, which is why I have also worked in higher education for over 11 years. Even though I have more than enough degrees to last a lifetime (as my family and friends have pointed out), I decided to take another leap of faith. Inspired by my son’s journey, in 2013, I went back to college to become a Speech Language Pathologist. My frugal money saving skills have helped us tremendously while I’m back at school and I hope they will help you on your journey as well.


If you are curious, you can find out more about me and my family, in my Family posts.

About Saving Cents with Sense™

Saving Cents with Sense™ began in January 2009 because I knew how challenging it could be to stretch your budget and still provide quality products to your family that you could be proud of.  After being laid off in October 2007, I had to find ways to save, which is why I started using Coupons, and looking for ways to save on the things we needed so we could afford some of those “extras.”  I immediately realized that we could cut our grocery bill in half, and it didn’t have to be rocket science. Through the years, I’ve found more ways to save with DIY projects, crafts, making my own products, and many other tips. You can check out my best money saving tips for more ideas.

Over the past few years, not only have I helped people find store coupon match-ups, online deals, restaurant deals, recipe ideas, crafts and other ways to stretch their budget, but I have also worked with wonderful brands to help build product awareness on quality items through social media.

Saving money isn’t about being cheap, it is about being smart with your money to purchase quality items that will last and that your family needs.

That is why I’m proud to work with companies that understand what moms (and families) need. Some of these brands include Toyota, Albertson’s, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Safeway, Britax, TJ Maxx, Summer Infant, Fry’s Food Stores, Ross, St. Mary’s Food Bank and many more. I have also been featured on several media outlets. I enjoy reviewing products and sharing my experiences with my readers so they, too, can find pro

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What Readers Are Saying…

just wanted to drop you a little note and tell you how much I love your
site! I dont what it is exactly, maybe the simple and neat way you have
everything but out of all the gazillion couponing sites I have searched, yours
still remains my favorite and is always the one I end up back at! So thank you
so much!”
– Amanda

I just wanted to thank you for all your work. w/out your site, I couldnt save
possibly as much as I do!!! I had a fabulous morning at Frys, spent $49.86 and
saved $108.43!!!”
– Nicole

“Thank you for the hard work that was put into this. I know how time
consuming it is! Great job!!!” –

“Thanks again for your blog! I love it sooooo much! It has helped me so much!” – Valerie

I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thanks for what you do.  I live down in
Tucson, and appreciate having AZ stores represented.  I am working hard to pay off a medical debt, and sites like this have helped me take control of my
finances.  THANK YOU and God bless.  :)”
– Aileen

Wow! I love the new Saving cents with sense website, the new color background does give highlight and it is easy to read, the fact that it added the search bar made searching for more deals easier. I love it!” – Joss

“Did you know…you’re my hero?! I have a small home, a small family of me, my boyfriend and our two little dogs. We struggle everyday financially, a little more and maybe a little less than others, but when I wake up to get on my laptop I get to see your smiling face. You’re always there when I can’t sleep and those nights come in many. Bloggers have become my world, they not only save my cents, but, they also save my sanity by taking the time from their family, home, job, pets, own wants and needs, to help someone like me get through my day, either by saving money, showing me how to do something, how to pick the best products, the best deals, the resources on how to live a better life and give me strength to go on with a simple picture, a laugh, a friendly conversation or a “Good Morning!” and “How are you?” Sure, I’ve won items from blogs throughout the years, but still, nothing is better than having a conversation with someone who is just like me, trying to make their life better! I just wanted to say “Thank YOU for all you do!” – Stephanie

We hope you will stay awhile, look around, and let us know if you have questions. We are always happy to help.


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  • LOVE your “Best Deals” button. It makes things soo easy! I wish I lived somewhere that had some of the grocery stores in your “Store Deals”.

  • Thanks Kathy! We do highlight some national stores like CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Dollar General – hope those can help!