Four Tips to Host Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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by on November 21, 2016

Four Tips to Host Perfect Thanksgiving DinnerHolidays are for enjoying, eating and having fun with your family and friends. So is the Thanksgiving Day, but this particular holiday involves a bit more effort in order to be perfectly organized and to prepare a good dinner.


Best way to show off your holiday spirit is to decorate your whole house with some Thanksgiving decorations. You can make turkeys out of paper and hang them on your drapes or walls. You may even put some baskets with dry leaves around your house and some small decorative pumpkins. This will give a nice fall feeling to your house. Also, you should incorporate fall colors like red, orange, deep purple and brown and arrange some flowers of those colors.

Seating arrangements

If you are planning on hosting a big dinner you can neatly arrange where your guests will sit. For example, you can seat together all the couples, family members can also sit together and put some good friends near each other so everyone would be comfortable. To make this easier, plan a few days ahead and you can make seating cards. These cards should also be decorated, and you can use yellow paper and write down the names in some beautiful letters.

Organize the table

To perfectly organize meals, dishes and everything else on your table, you should plan a few days ahead. Decide on which plates you want to use, which table cloth, glasses, drink and of course the menu. If you are stuck and do not know how to organize things try consulting Peters of Kensington. They have a tableware section where you can find everything you need, from plates and cutlery to diversity of bowls and glasses. Not only all the products are of a good quality, but they are also creative and well-designed and they will definitely make your table look charming. Besides the tableware, here you can find many interesting and useful ideas for any occasion.

Play some games

After this big perfect dinner you should rest your stomachs and have a few drinks with your guests while playing some fun games. You can always play usual card games, or you can get creative and try some new ones. A game called Top Turkey Artist involves drawing the best turkey but without looking. Both kids and adults can play this game; all you need is a pen, paper and a blindfold. Another game that is both for children and adults is Turkey Tag. This is an outdoor game and it is just a Thanksgiving version of flag tag. However, if you are hosting a party with no children, just adults you can try any of the interesting drinking games. Just turn on the TV, find an interesting show and establish the rules for drinking and you are done.

So, to plan and organize the most perfect and the most fun Thanksgiving dinner just follow some of these tips and you will not make a mistake. You and your guests will enjoy and create some good memories.

Thanks to Emma Lawson for this guest post.


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