7 Dollar Store Back to School Essentials

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by on August 15, 2016

Dollar Store Back to School Essentials7 Dollar Store Back to School Essentials

If you have a child heading back to school this fall, you know how expensive it can be to buy all of the supplies you need. Backpacks, lunch bags, markers, scissors, and all of those other supplies can really add up, and fast! Luckily, your local dollar store can still be a treasure trove for back to school supplies at a great price. Dollar stores offer plenty of quality supplies that will help your child get back to school for less. Take a look below at seven items you can find at your local dollar store that are perfect for getting back to school for just pennies. These dollar store back to school essentials will help you save! You will also find what items to avoid as they are not of ideal quality or a good value. Take a peek!

Dollar Store Back to School Essentials

1. Pencils.
Dollar stores carry a large variety of pencils. While the colorful and decorative ones are fun, you’ll find that they don’t sharpen very well. Instead, stick to the plane yellow variety. You can get a pack of 12 for one dollar and they will hold up much better than the decorative ones.

2. Erasers.
Your local dollar store sells decorative erasers 12 for a dollar or plain pink erasers 2 for $1. These are great to have on hand for all those mistakes that are made, however the pink erasers are a better value. No you don’t get as many as the decorative packs, but they erase better than the decorative ones.

3. Folders.
While your local dollar store may not have very many decorative folders, you can always buy plain colored folders and decorate them yourself. Grab folders at your local dollar store as well as a sheet or two of stickers so your child can decorate their folders themselves. They will enjoy giving their folders a personal spin.

4. Crayons.
Dollar stores sell boxes of crayons in a 24 pack variety of colors for just one dollar. These generic brands are just as good as the name brands and offer colors there just as rich and bright. Buy a few boxes at this great price so you have plenty though out the year. Dollar stores sell several different varieties of crayons, so be sure you are getting the biggest box and getting the most bang for your buck.

5. Lunchbox supplies.
While your local dollar store may not carry lunchboxes, it does carry sandwich baggies, juice boxes, plenty of dried snacks, and plastic storage containers. These items are perfect for all of your lunch needs and a great value at $1. Avoid single serve snack items as chances are you can find them for less at your local grocer.

6. Homework materials.
Your local dollar store will have plenty of homework practice books, notepads, rulers, markers, and other supplies perfect for all of the homework projects that will be coming home. Grab a plastic storage container while you are there to keep all of these supplies in so you will always have what you need on hand.

7. Organizational materials.
Your local dollar store offers calendars, storage containers, planners, and other supplies that can keep your child organized. Stock up on these items as they are usually of great durable quality and for just a buck, are truly a steal.
Head to your local dollar store and take advantage of these hot finds!

Your local dollar store is the perfect way to get back to school for less while still getting plenty of the important items you need. Good luck!

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    You can definitely find some good deals there!

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    i love the dollar store and all the products you can score for $1!

  • LOVE that store! Great place to shop with coupons!

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    We love the Dollar Store! They have so many everyday items that we use at a great price. I also love their greeting cards.

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