Tips to Keep Your Taxes Organized All Year

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by on April 18, 2016

Tips to Keep Your Taxes Organized All Year
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Tax season is almost over. For those of you that have not filed yet, don’t worry, you still have (a little) time. Relieve your stress a bit and call a professional tax advisor, who can help you through the process. If you aren’t sure how to find a professional, I have tips on finding a tax advisor that you will want to check out.

For those of you that have already filed your taxes, take a sigh of relief! Hopefully this year’s tax return went smoothly for you and you will get the tax outcome you would like. If it wasn’t stress free, what could you have done differently? It is easy to not want to even think about taxes once you have your tax return done, but with a little extra time and energy you can make next year’s tax season even better. You can start now and ease the discomfort of the next tax season. Here are a few tips to help you.

Tips to Keep Your Taxes Organized All Year

  • Stay organized. How many of us keep records in drawers, desks, closets, etc. Once tax season is here, you spend so much time searching for everything! But if you keep all your necessary paperwork in one safe place, it is easy to find and it will save you tons of time. I recommend picking up an expanding file folder to keep everything in. You can keep a different for each year.
  • Stay in touch with your tax advisor. The great part about working with Block Advisors is that you will have a personal advisor all year – not just at tax season – so that when big changes happen during the year, you can check in with them for advice. Changing jobs, marriage, divorce, children, extra income, etc – talk with your tax professional about how that will affect your taxes.
  • Stay ahead of the game. Once 2015 taxes are done; start taking with your tax professional about how you can save more in 2016. What could you have done differently for last year? Did you have the outcome you wanted? Why or why not? Being prepared is half the battle!
  • Keep your personal information safe. Avoid the stress of identity theft by keeping all of your personal information – either on paper or digital – protected. For more tips on how to keep your information safe, read my identity theft post.

If you are organized and prepared, you can file your taxes early (and get that tax return earlier!) and feel relief knowing that you have one less thing to stress about.


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