Tax Identify Theft: Keep Your Tax Return Safe

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by on March 10, 2016

Tax Identify Theft Keep Your Tax Return SafeDisclosure: This is a sponsored post by Block Advisors. Sponsored posts help support this site (and me) so thank you for reading!

Nothing is more frightening than the idea of someone stealing your identity. You work hard for your money and no one else should take that from you. Unfortunately, with tax season here, more and more criminals creep out of the rocks they live under to try to destroy someone else’s life. According to the Wall Street Journal, 330,000 homes have been hacked! Many times you don’t even realize it until you try to submit your tax return and the IRS rejects it because a criminal has already submitted a fraudulent tax return using your SSN or EIN.

So how can you keep yourself safe from these attacks? Here are a few tips:

Keep Your ID Safe

  1. Be cautious. Make sure you know who you are sharing your personal information with, especially your social security number (or EIN). And don’t be scared to ask questions about why they are requesting the information.
  2. Shred it. If you don’t need paperwork that has your personal information on it, make sure that you shred it. You may want to invest in a personal shredder (they aren’t too expensive) and they are well worth it. If you don’t want to buy one, look for free shredding events at a local sheriff’s office, Office Depot or the library.
  3. Stay Digitally Safe. Make sure that you have appropriate security on your computers and other electronic devices. Invest in antivirus software, keep your passwords safe, and don’t over share personal information on social media.
  4. Use Block Advisor’s Tax Identity Shield. Be proactive and protect yourself from future tax returns being stolen. By choosing this product you will have customized advice and year round tips on how to reduce your risk of identity theft. And if identity theft does occur, your personal tax advisor at Block Advisors will have access to identity restoration assistance if needed.

If you don’t already have a tax professional that you work with, I highly recommend getting one. They can guide you through some of these complex issues and help you out if you are ever hit with the devastating news of identity theft. Not sure how to find a tax advisor? Check out my 5 Tips for Finding a Tax Professional.

Have you ever dealt with identity theft? How did you handle it?


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