February 2016

  • DIY St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Sensory Bin

    The St. Patrick’s Day season is sneaking up on us, and believe it or not this is the perfect time to give children some fun hands on play time. A sensory bin such as the one below can help them develop their imaginative play as well as encourage the growth of ... Read More
  • 5 Tips for Finding a Tax Professional

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Block Advisors. Sponsored posts help support this site (and me) so thank you for reading! I’ve never liked doing my taxes (like most of you I assume), but when I started my own business 7 years ago, I had no idea how much ... Read More
  • Frugal DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Coasters

    If you are looking for a fun but frugal St. Patrick’s Day craft to enjoy, these St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow coasters are the perfect solution. Made from just a few dollar store supplies, these coasters are colorful, festive, and so fun! You can use them for St. ... Read More
  • How to Cut Out Unnecessary Spending

    Saving money isn’t a walk in the park, and what sounds like such an easy task is often anything but. If you’re finding that putting away money is next to impossible, it’s time you look for ways to get rid of unnecessary spending that could be depleting your ... Read More
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival: Family Fun for Everyone!

    The Arizona Renaissance Festival is back again this year! It is becoming a family tradition to go each February and we all look forward to it. We went this past weekend, on Valentine’s Day, thanks to USFamilyGuide.com. We had a full day of fun with exciting ... Read More
  • The Financial Effects of Marriage

    Marriage is an amazing life milestone, but it also brings a variety of changes, both positive and negative. Before getting married, you’ve likely researched the financial questions you should ask each other, but do you know how your wedding will affect your ... Read More
  • Printable Zootopia Coloring Pages

    Printable Zootopia Coloring Pages I’ve been waiting for Disney’s new film, Zootopia, to open. It looks like it will be hilarious and I’m pretty sure all three of my kids will love it! Zootopia opens in theaters March 4 and to help ease the time ... Read More