Beginning Exercise without Breaking the Bank

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by on January 12, 2016

Beginning Exercise without Breaking the BankThink you need an expensive gym membership to get in shape? Think again! You can’t escape the radio and TV ads this time of year boasting amazing deals at your local gym. While it may seem like a good idea – you’re paying for it so you’ll use it right? – more times than not the money is spent while the membership goes unused. Some estimates say that as many as 67% of purchased gym memberships go unused! Instead of throwing your money away, why not try a few of these suggestions instead and find that you really can exercise without breaking the bank.

Beginning Exercise without Breaking the Bank

Go for a Walk

Besides a good pair of shoes, and chances are you already own a pair, there’s no investment required. Grab your husband, kids, or a friend and begin walking a few times a week. It’s a great chance to get outside and catch up. If it’s too cold where you live to walk outdoors in the winter, many schools have indoor tracks that you can use for free or a small fee (a few dollars). You also can visit your local mall and walk indoors for free.

Free Workout Videos

If you’d prefer to do something a little more active fitness videos are a good way to get started. YouTube has hundreds, if not thousands of free workouts available. You can also visit your local library and check out DVD’s for free. If you have digital cable services, many offer On Demand videos that include fitness workouts. Lastly, if you haven’t searched yet, there are numerous links on Pinterest to workouts you can do at home. When you first access Pinterest, select the button on the far left side (3 horizontal bars), and drop down the menu. Then select Health/Fitness and scroll to find a workout that looks interesting to you.

Free Local Classes

Many gyms and fitness classes offer free events for the public. This might be a complimentary 2 week trial membership, or simply a free class. Keep your eyes out for these events and incorporate them into your workout plan. You may discover an activity you had never heard of, or something you wouldn’t normally pay money to try. Either way you’ll get in a workout and you won’t be out any money.

Ready to Invest?

Once you’ve gotten into a good routine you may feel ready to take things up a notch. A gym membership might be a good option, but you can also consider adding a few things to your home workout space. Check out local thrift stores, Craigslist ads, and garage sales for low cost (and sometimes free!) equipment like mats, hand weights, and fitness benches. Sometimes second hand sports stores also carry this type of equipment.

There are lots of reasons people have for not exercising, but don’t let a lack of extra money be one of them! What are some of your favorite, low-cost ways to get in a great workout?

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