12 Tips For Shopping Black Friday

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by on November 5, 2015

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The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is the Biggest shopping day of the year! It is an exciting day because deals will be HOT, prices will be low, crowds will be swarming, and the holiday spirit will abound. BUT it can also be a frustrating experience if you aren’t prepared, so I wanted to give you a few tips for shopping Black Friday to maximize your savings, and keep your sanity.

Prepare in Advance

1. Look at Black Friday ads before Friday (as in NOW). Most store ads are released early, so you can see what will be on sale before the day here. As the ads are released, I will be highlighting the best deals from that store on my Black Friday page.

2. Compare Prices – Make sure you look at various stores to find the best deal before heading out. Don’t forget that Walmart offers price matching, too.

3. Plan Your Shopping TripWhat stores do you plan to go to? What items are you getting? You may want to map out the stores in advice as well so you can get in and out as quickly as possible.  Did you know that some stores (like Walmart) release a map ahead of time? That way you can know exactly where to go. Also, check the times that the stores are opening, some will open at Midnight, while others (it seems more each year) are open on Thanksgiving day.

Tip on Making your list: Do you want specific brands (a Sony TV or just a flat screen)? Do you need specific sizes, colors, or varieties? The more flexible you are for your shopping list, the better deal you may find.

4. Create a Budget – Decide what you are going to spend before going, this will help you stay out of debt and stick to your shopping list.

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Day of:

If you are shopping in-store –

5. Dress Warmly – Layer your clothes so you are warm enough while outside, but you don’t overheat in the store with all the crowds.

6. Take the Ads With You – This will ensure you know what you are getting and what price it should be. Some items may not be marked, so you need to know exactly what to look for.

7. Avoid Impulse Buying – Stick to what you plan to buy and avoid extra purchases which may cost you more than what you wanted to spend and lead to buying unnecessary items.

8. Take Snacks and Water – Stay hydrated while you are shopping. The snacks will also help you stay energized and avoid spending extra money on food.

If you are shopping online

9.  Check when sales begin. Many stores will start sales on Thanksgiving, so in between basting the turkey, you can grab some new gifts and not worry about heading out the next day! Pay close attention to the time zone and when it will start because some sales are based with the East coast, while others are West Coast.

10. Get Coupon Codes Ready Before the Sale Starts – Many stores will release coupon codes early, so you can get them ready for the big day – you can also check my Coupon Code page for codes to specific stores you want. You may want to write down the codes or create a spreadsheet with all the codes you plan to use so you are ready to go when the sales start.

11. Subscribe to Saving Cents with Sense – I will be highlighting Black Friday ads as I find them and you can find them all on the Black Friday Page. I will also be posting all online deals, savings, and codes that I find to help you save while you are home.

12. Like the Black Friday Facebook Page – this page is dedicated to bringing you everything Black Friday to help you save this holiday season!


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