Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

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by on October 22, 2015

birthday presentHello, hello! Melissa here from CloudMom with a few birthday tips today! With five kids, it seems like it’s always someone’s birthday at our house! Birthday parties can get super expensive. Here are some simple ways you too can save your wallet at your child’s next birthday!

Ways to Save Money on Birthday Parties

  1. Limit the number of guests: This one seems kind of obvious, but can be hard to manage depending on your child’s age. Between kindergarten and second grade or so, it may seem like the norm to invite the entire class. However, if you sit your child down and have a conversation about which friends are particularly special and which ones they really want to have at their party, you can cut the list way down. Just like your wedding, invite only those special friends who would be dearly missed if they couldn’t make it!  There might be a school rule that you have to invite all the members of your child’s class or not more than half the class – make sure to pay attention to this so that feelings don’t get bent out of shape.
  2. Have the party at home: Avoiding fancy venues also allows you to avoid those crazy expensive and special features of a themed party. And with a party at home, you can get way more creative and customize it to their preferences! To save even more money, keep the decorations from each year and recycle them for the next child!
  3. Avoid serving a big meal: Having the party between meal times (let’s say, having a nice mid-afternoon party) means you don’t need to go crazy providing a large lunch or dinner! Finger foods and cake will do just fine in this situation.
  4. Make a Homemade Birthday Cake: Store-bought cakes with special personalization can reach sky-high prices! Get fun and creative right at home with your child. Start with a simple cake mix and let your child go wild with frosting and decoration based on their favorite colors or designs! It can be a great bonding experience in the kitchen, too.
  5. Cut down on the goody bags: Let’s be honest, how many goody bag items will your child’s friends actually use? Invest in only a small gift you know your child and their friend will actually enjoy and benefit from – maybe a book or coloring book plus crayons – that has real value, instead of those junky goody bag fillers that ultimately will end up in the trash unfortunately.

I hope these cheap party ideas have helped! And however you end up celebrating, make sure you take lots of pictures, you and your child will be happy to have reminders of these special times one day! These years really do fly by and the memories and photos are truly priceless.

Melissa Lawrence, co-founder of CloudMom, lives in New York City with her husband and 5 young children. With a few parenting tricks up her sleeve, Melissa posts how-to videos and blogs for parents on a range of issues including baby, toddler, kids, fashion, travel, and well-being.

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