Most Cost-Friendly Appliances for Families on a Budget

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by on October 5, 2015

cost friendly appliances for families on a budgetSaving money is critical for families on a budget, and it is a challenge for most not to go over. Luckily, there are some ways to help meet the criteria on both counts. Home appliances can assist the household with maximizing and recycling resources. Small appliances including juicers, multi-cookers, microwaves, alarm systems, and ceiling fans have a small price tag, and major appliances may cost a bit more up-front, but over the lifecycle homeowners can realize huge savings. Here is a brief review of these most cost-friendly appliances that can help you save money on your investment.

Keeping your family healthy has always been important. With all data showing the benefits of eating whole produce foods, finding ways to recycle them and not lose out on expiration dates is possible. A juicer does just that, with a myriad of other options for creating soups, purees, and sauces. Purchasing pre-made smoothies can bust any budget, but using fruits and vegetables that are moving past ideal ripeness make perfect ingredients for keeping your family on a good diet.


This appliance fits in with the same premise as a juicer, the only exception being it’s plethora of uses. Making soups and stews is a wonderful option, as well as reheating meals, dips and more. For the family cook, it saves time with the slow cooker and timer function. On many versions there is a steamer element for making baby food and dumplings. One surprise feature is the ability to make yogurt or proof bread dough.

Using a microwave to cook is more energy efficient than a conventional oven in many ways. To cook a dish, it cost pennies instead of nearly 20 cents with a traditional oven. Purchasing a model that fits family needs instead of a larger one is the most cost effective option. Follow this with features including a rotary dish, moisture and sensor capability, probes to measure temperature, and multiple power levels. It is important to note that this appliances works well with some dishes, and not with others that require browning as an example.

Alarm System
Believe it or not, an alarm system is an appliance that does more than keep your home safe. It can also save energy when you leave a light, the heat, or air conditioning on. Systems from companies including Northstar Home Security have a feature that remotely turns off lights, appliances, and heating and cooling systems all from your smartphone, and can be done even while traveling. The remote feature is accessible on any mobile device with a user-friendly app or from a desktop. Another smart aspect to this feature is to turn on the lights, heat, or air before you get home, so things are welcoming when you arrive.

Ceiling Fan
Installing ceiling fans in each room of the house can save on electric bills during warmer months of the year, and has a reverse feature for drawing out heat to keep things cooler. There are two main types, one with a light kit and one without. This feature offers more efficiency, and can come with a variable speeds. The decorative factor is a bonus allowing for a seamless incorporation to any home décor.

A front loading washer saves water and electricity during use, compared to top loaders. The EPA created the Energy Star Ratings for most appliances with certain factors specific to the machine. For washers, the MEF (Modified Energy Factor) should be a high number and WF (Water Factor) should be a low, to be the most efficient. This translates into saving water and electricity with each load. A couple more tips to help budgets include washing clothes in cold water and only washing full loads.

Each item on this list shows a way to save in a few areas including food, water, and energy bills. Use one or all of them to tackle the budget crisis in your home and still get home help from appliances. In the short and long term, these savings can also be recycled or invested in other important family needs such as college or retirement.

Thanks to Brooke Chaplan for this guest post.



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