How to Set a Back to School Routine

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by on August 12, 2015

back to school calendarHow to Set a Back to School Routine

Stressing about how the back to school routine will go? Worried that your kids will constantly be late – or worse, you will be? You can enjoy a smoother transition into the new school year when you have a set routine. Having a set routine from the moment you wake your child up to the moment they go to bed at night is vital for a productive and efficient school year. But what if you are not sure where to start? No worries. Below you will find some helpful tips for how to set a back to school routine, which will help you feel organized and help your child perform at his or her best.

Back to School Routine: 5 Easy Steps

1. Start clocking out your day.
Start by making a chart that lists hour by hour. Leave space next to each hour so you can write next to the time which task you will need to accomplish at that time. For example 7 a.m. would be your wake up time, 7:30 would be breakfast, 7:50 would be walk to the bus stop, etc. Fill in each hour for the morning and restart the schedule at the time your child returns from school. You will then schedule in snack time, homework time, extracurricular activities, dinner, etc.

2. Put it on paper.
Any schedule you set should be put on paper or poster board. This will help create a visual for everyone in the house to consult. This will also help you see the bigger picture. Hang the routine where everyone in the house can see it and refer to it. This should be a central, high traffic area in the house. You want everyone to be on the same page.

Tip: You might want to get a dry erase calendar that you can stick in a high traffic area so everyone can add it to and see it.

3. Set a bed time. Kids need their sleep so it is important to pick a bed time and reinforce it consistently. When they are well rested, they will be able to focus on learning throughout the day. We all know that when we are tired, we are cranky, groggy, and unfocused – kids are the same way. Help them stick to their schedules, learn, and have fun by making sure they are well rested.

4. Stick to it.
Children perform best when they know what to expect. Follow the schedule the best you can and do not stray from it if at all possible. This way you and your child are always on the same page and know what to expect. This will cause less power struggles and the problem of running out of time for activities since everything is scheduled accordingly.

5. Have fun. Having a schedule is very important, but don’t schedule every single minute and forget to have some down time. Allow your schedule to have some time for play and relaxation.  Make sure you know how much time you want everyone to be spending on the computer, with video games, on the phone, or watching TV.

The main point of setting a schedule such as this is so you can see how all of the activities you need to accomplish each day will fit in. It will make mornings less stressful and also give you more peaceful bedtimes since children know what to expect each day.

See how easy establishing a back to school routine can be? Give a schedule like this a try and see what a difference it can make to your back to school routine.

What other tips do you have for establishing and keeping a back to school routine?


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  • We need to do this ASAP. School starts next week and I know that my kids will be struggling for a few days.

  • Anne

    I need to do this soon! My kids schedules are so tight now that they are teens that it is hard to fit everything in.

  • Whitehead’s Zoo

    We need to start getting back on a schedule specially th epart of getting up and going to bed. I just hate to give up our last few days of freedom.

  • Shannon (The Mommy-Files)

    This is a great list! Getting up early is gonna be a tough one for us and it’s coming so quickly! Aah!

  • Brittany

    A schedule is very important! I’m trying to create one now that will work! Great list of ideas for back to school!

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