Save on Ink and Paper When Printing Coupons

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by on March 9, 2015

image I love printable coupons. You can find the right coupon, print and go. No worrying about shuffling through the newspaper insert when you are printing… But people ask me all the time – how do you save on ink and paper? Well, of course, I have some tips on how on that, too!

Here are a couple tips for saving on printing:

1) Print on Draft Mode. Most printers come with a “draft mode” in the settings that will help you save ink each time you print. And if you have a color printer, you’ll want to make sure you have it set to Black & White, too.

2) Reuse paper. It never fails that I go to print something and an extra page pops out – or it has information that I don’t need. Instead of tossing that page, reuse the other side and print coupons that you will use. That way you aren’t wasting any paper, plus you are saving on paper cost.

And if you can’t reuse it for printing, I keep a pile for “scrap paper,” which helps to keep the kids busy coloring or making paper projects, too.

3) Stock up on paper deals. Speaking of paper cost – I don’t ever pay full price for paper. Staples and Office Max have fun some great promotions in the past for cheap (less than $1) or FREE paper. When you find those deals, stock up to save.

4) Print more than 1 coupon per page. This tip might sound basic, but it really can help cut down on the paper use. When I find a coupon on, RedPlum, or SmartSource, I always look for a couple other coupons that I know I’ll want and print those, too. That way 1 sheet of paper is used efficiently to print my coupons.

5) Check if your Ink Cartridge can be refilled. Instead of buying new cartridges each time, you can refill your existing ink cartridge, which can help you save money- and is more eco-friendly. Look at Walgreens, Staples, Office Max, or other office supply stores for refill options.

Do you have other ways that you save on printing coupons? Or printing in general?


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  • Great tips! I follow rules #2 & 4. I love saving the scraps for coloring paper or notes. For some reason my color printer will not allow me to choose to print black & white. It’s very weird.

  • Heather

    Laser printers can be a great investment! I watched the sales and bought my $130 laser printer for only $80 three years ago. I print lots of coupons, and I have not had to change the toner cartridge yet. Cartridges are more expensive, but you can buy generic ones and they last forever. Another quick tip with your toner cartridges – when the machine says it needs to be replaced, take it out and shake it shake it shake it. Put it back in. It stirs the toner up that is in there and so far I have gone almost six months with just shaking it every time it says it needs a new cartridge.

  • Marissa

    I was wondering, when it comes to printing coupons off, Target, Red Plum etc. Do you print one of all the coupons when they first come out or do you just print them as you see a deal each week? I’m not sure which is the best way since half the time I want to print a coupon its already reached its limit. What would be your advice on the best way you should print out printable coupons?

  • Marissa, I print the coupons I want right away since they can reach their print limit fast. I do try to keep 3 coupons to a page though when possible to save paper.

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