10 Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames

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by on March 30, 2015

Repurpose Picture Frames10 Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames

Picture frames are one of those household items you can find anywhere. Whether you are browsing at a local thrift shop, flea market, garage sale, or just perusing your own garage or basement, we all seem to have an abundance of them! After all, they are fairly inexpensive to come by, and you never know when the need for one might pop up. But did you know that are many other ways to use a picture frame besides just framing a picture of your cute cat or precious kiddos? There sure are! If you have an abundance of old picture frames and just are not sure what to do with them, take a look below at 10 ways to repurpose picture frames. You might just be surprised at the other fun uses they have.

10 Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames:

1. Create a chalkboard.
This is a cool trick and all you need is some chalkboard paint. Remove the frame insides and set aside. Paint your frame the color of your choice or leave plain. Take basic chalkboard spray paint ($6.99 at most craft stores…take a 40% off coupon if visiting Hobby Lobby!) and spray the glass with two coats of paint. Allow to dry and reassemble. You now have a fun, framed chalk board!

2. Create a chicken wire bulletin board.
Cut a piece of chicken wire (available at most home improvement stores for a few dollars) to fit your frame. Remove the glass and paint the outer frame a color of your choice. Using a staple gun, attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame. Using clothespins, you can now clip photos, recipes, etc. to your wire bulletin board.

3. Invent an instant wall collage.
Find an assortment of frames and remove the glass. Spray the frames complimentary colors of your choice and arrange on a large wall, leaving the glass out. The colors and shapes will create an instant wall collage.

4. Frame children’s artwork.
Nothing tells you how special something is like a frame! Designate a fun frame (again you can paint the frame fun colors) to use to display children’s artwork or A+ papers. Change the frame up each week displaying new work.

5. Make a framed memory keeper.
Press concert tickets, the receipt from a special dinner, as well as a snap shot in a frame and display as an instant memory keeper. You can even adding pressed flowers. Display where guests can see.

6. Make the perfect vanity tray.
What do you call a picture frame laying flat? A vanity tray! Paint the frame and add a piece of colorful scrap book paper where the picture would go. Lay flat and place your perfume bottles and other pretties on top.

7. Create refrigerator magnets.
Using smaller frames, remove the glass and apply inexpensive magnetic strips to the back of the frame. Place them on your fridge to frame snapshots, receipts, or turn anything else into instant art.

8. Use as a photo prop.
Large frames are fun to use as a photo prop. Just remove the glass and decorate the frame as you wish. Have an impromptu photo session where you and the kiddos hold the frame around your face and say cheese!

9. Frame your key holder.
If you have unsightly hooks hanging by your front door, just find a fun frame, remove the glass, paint, and frame your hooks. Your keys will look like art hanging!

10. Make a recipe card hold.
Remove the glass in a medium sized frame. Add two hooks to the back, one on each side, and run a piece of wire across. Secure the wire on each hook. Hang the frame in your kitchen near the counter where you can easily clip recipe cards onto it. Cute and functional!

So, are you ready to go scouring for every frame you can find? These ways to repurpose picture frames are fun, frugal, and purposeful! What will you create?


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