Fry’s No Longer Doubling Coupons

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by on October 2, 2014

Fry s no doubling

It is sad news to report to you that Fry’s has officially updated their coupon policy –

Fry’s no longer doubling coupons as of 10/1/14.

For those of you in AZ, you know that we have had such a great coupon policy with Fry’s because they made every coupon worth $1, even those little $.20 coupons. It was a great way to save on your groceries and made it one of my favorite stores.

Not only is this news devastating for many of us, but it also comes without any notice. I’ve been contacting Fry’s for clarification for the last few weeks and received no confirmation. Those that were unfortunately shopping at Fry’s yesterday felt the sting of the new policy first hand. They did not announce this until the very last minute. You can read the updated policy here. They refused to tell us anything – and to me, that is a bit disrespectful since we were always told about other coupon policy changes.

But, I also know that Fry’s is a business and they have the right to make the decisions that they want. We aren’t entitled to double coupons and they can make that change whenever they want.

However, as customers we have the right to shop where we want. And don’t forget that we have some wonderful options to choose from!

  • Safeway is still offering double coupons (all coupons under $1 are worth $1)
  • Bashas doubles coupons
  • Walmart price matches and takes coupons at face value
  • Albertson’s takes coupons at face value (and they have a great stock up sale going on right now, too)

And don’t forget the power of shopping at the drugstores. You can really save with coupons and the reward programs at CVS and Walgreens.

For me, I will definitely shop at Fry’s less because Safeway makes much more sense with the coupon policy. But I won’t boycott them like some people have mentioned – I will shop there if needed, but I won’t go out of my way.

What about you? Will you be shopping at Fry’s?


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  • John Collins

    Fry’s has become the most money-grubbing supermarket there is. The meats are also the most expensive. They raise prices and then have the nerve to advertise “New Lowered Prices”. (Notice it says “lowered” instead of “lower”?)

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