Tips for Requesting Birthday Freebies

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by on September 11, 2014

Tips for Requesting Birthday Freebies

Today is my birthday and like usual, I’m enjoying plenty of fun birthday freebies. Ok – so truth is, I’m enjoying freebies all month long! That is what is great about signing up for freebies in advance. Companies and restaurants will send you coupons to use and most of the time they don’t have to be used ON your birthday. You’ll have a week, or even all month, to use them.

I compiled a HUGE List of Birthday Freebies that I recommend that you check out. But before you do, I have some tips for you to make sure that you can enjoy your freebies hassle-free, because no one wants a headache on their birthday!

Tips for Requesting Birthday Freebies

1. Sign up in advance. Take the time now (or the next time you have a break), to go through the HUGE List of Birthday Freebies and chose the ones you want. Fill out the form with your email and/or address so when your birthday rolls around you can be surprised with all the offers in your inbox.

2. Sign up for a separate free email address  (gmail, yahoo, etc) that can just be for freebies. That way your mail email address won’t be full of offers and you can check the other email when you want.

3. If you don’t see a birthday freebie offer, don’t hesitate to ask. Many restaurants and businesses want to help you celebrate so ask them if they offer anything special.

4. Most offers are good for a certain time period, so watch that closely so you can use the coupon when it is valid.

5. Don’t forget to print the coupon or have it on your phone when you go out. If the business requires a rewards card (like Starbucks), make sure you have that as well. Some places may ask for proof, so a simple show of your driver’s license will be adequate.

6. Tip generously. Yes, you are getting a freebie, but if you are at a restaurant, don’t forget to tip on the full amount of the order before the discount – that is just nice etiquette.

What other tips do you have for requesting birthday freebies?


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