5 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

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by on September 3, 2014

5 Questions to Ask Your Child’s TeacherWhile back to school time brings about a great deal of questions from children, it also beings about a great deal of questions from adults. Of course you want to know that you as a parent are doing everything you can to make sure you child succeeds, but it can be hard to know what questions to ask to make sure you are doing this right. No worries! Below you will find 5 questions to ask your child’s teacher that can help you better prepare for the new school year. On back to school night or via a phone conference, ask your child’s teacher these questions and get the year off to a great start!

5 Questions in Ask Your Child’s Teacher

1. How much time should we be spending on homework each night?

The answer will help you decide if you are making the most of your nightly homework time. If you are not spending as much time as the teacher suspects you should be, ask what additional activities you should be doing. If you are spending more time than advised, see how you can streamline this time and be more efficient.

2. How can I help in the classroom?

Teachers love when parents volunteer in the classroom. Even if you work a full time job and can’t physically get in the classroom, chances are she can give some suggestions of things you can help with from home. Be sure to ask so the teacher knows you are a willing candidate!

3. What is a good way to reach you?

Some teachers prefer a quick email, others like a telephone call, some are even open to texts. Be sure to ask your child’s teacher their preferred method of communication so you can communicate in a way that is easy for them and gets quick results for you.

4. How will I know if my child is experiencing difficulty?

You want to always be in the know, so find out how your child’s teacher will let you know if there are any concerns. Will there be a note? A phone call? How long will she wait to address a problem? This is all great information to know so you can be prepared.

5. What are the classroom expectations?

Sure the teacher will share this information with your child, but be sure you have a copy of these expectations as well. You will want to be sure you are encouraging your child and make sure she is living up to these set goals.

When you ask your child’s teacher these questions, you can better free up the lines of communication and enjoy a productive school year! So don’t hesitate, ask away!

What would you add to this list?


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