DIY Air Freshener with Essential Oils

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by on July 21, 2014

Air freshener

Here is a simple DIY air freshener that you can create for yourself or a loved one. I thought this owl was adorable, but pick up any wooden cut out that you like. Around the holidays, I will probably look for more festive options!

I also use Young Living essential oils since I trust how they get their oils, without adding any additional chemicals. If you have the Premium Starter Kit, then you have several great choices of essential oils to choose from. I personally love Joy essential oil blend or Stress Away essential oil blend. Some other great choices include Lavender, Lemon, Orange or Peppermint. Use whatever scent you love!

DIY Air Freshener with Essential Oils

Supplies needed:

  • Wooden cut outs (balsam wood works best, sold in packs of 4-6 for under $3 at most craft stores)

  • essential oil or oil blend of your choice

  • Food coloring 

  • Brush

  • Plate

  • Small bowl

  • Twine

Air freshener collage


1. Begin by placing a few drops of your essential oil in a small bowl.

2. Mix in a drop or two of food coloring. You only need to do this step if you wish for your air freshener to be colored. You can leave it natural if you wish and avoid food coloring all together.

3. The oil and coloring will separate, so take a toothpick and stir quickly to mix it well.

4. Dip the brush in the mixture and brush it onto the wood cut out. Apply it generously. It is easiest if you have the cut out resting flat on a plate when you color it.

5. Apply the mixture to both sides of the shape, allowing each side to dry thoroughly before flipping.

6. Once the shape is dry, feel free to brush on one last coating of scented oil.

Now all you need to do is allow the shape to dry. Once it is, cut a length of twine or ribbon and run it through the shape. The air freshener can now be hung wherever you please. In time, should you wish to add more fragrance simply brush it on as you did before. The wood will soak up the oils and the shape will retain the smell nicely.

Want to Know More About Essential Oils?

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or how you can purchase quality oils (not all essential oils are created equal), click here to get started. All the information on how to sign up, why I chose Young Living and how to get the oils mentioned in this post are on this page, so head over to read more.


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