5 DIY Spring Cleaning Tricks

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by on March 5, 2014

spring cleaning tricksAs spring draws near, you’re probably already thinking about getting your home clean and re-organized. There’s something so cathartic about spring cleaning; Personally, I think it’s because we’ve been cooped up indoors and spring is our “rebirth”.

But before you run to the store to load up on cleaning supplies—know this: you can make your own homemade cleaners using products that you probably already have in your pantry.

Making your own cleaning products is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment. Just make sure that you have some white vinegar on hand, because it’s the base for almost all DIY cleaning agents. Here are a few of my favorites that I use on a daily basis:

1. All-Purpose

All-Purpose Cleaner: Make a homemade all-purpose cleaner using baking soda, half a gallon of water, and half a cup of white vinegar. Simply m ix the vinegar and baking soda in the water. If you don’t like the smell, add your favorite essential oil.

2. Bathroom

Tub/Tile Cleaner: Mix equal parts white vinegar and the dishwashing liquid of your choice in a spray bottle. After you spray your tub or shower, you’ll have to let it sit for 2 hours until you can wipe it clean. But in the meantime, you can focus on other areas of the bathroom!

You can also use ¼ cup of bleach, 1 tsp of hand soap, and water to clean the tub. I would advise against using this on any bathroom accessories because it can be a bit too harsh.

3. Kitchen

Dishwasher Cleaner: This one’s easy. Simply place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack of your empty dishwasher. Run a hot cycle. When that’s done, sprinkle the base of the dishwasher with baking soda and run a short cycle.

Disposal Refresher: You can freshen your garbage disposal by taking the pulp and a few thin strips of the peel and running the disposal with water.

Microwave Cleaner: Put 2 cups of water and 1 tsp of white vinegar in a bowl and microwave it until it has evaporated. Leave it in for 10 minutes and let the steam penetrate the dirt and grime.

4. Laundry Room

Laundry Detergent: Grate a bar of soap (natural or regular, it all works the same) in a food processor. Mix 2 parts washing soda with 2 parts Borax and 1 part grated soap. You can put the mixture back in the processor if you prefer a finer texture that will also dissolve in cold water.

Washer Cleaner: Yes, you need to clean your washing machine every now and then. Here’s the easiest way to do it: full the washer with hot water and pour in a quart of bleach. Let the washer agitate and then let it sit for an hour. After an hour, run the washer through the longest wash and spin cycle. Fill the washer with hot water again and this time, add a quart of white vinegar. Let it agitate and sit for an hour.

5. Garage

If you have oil stains in your garage, you can try using the old tried-and-true kitty litter approach. But if you don’t have cats, kitty litter can be expensive. You can pick up a product called Awesome at most dollar stores, and it will do the job.

Guest Post by:  Olivia Glendale is a 20-something year old mother of two, both under 2 years. When she’s not busy with tantrums and changing diapers, you can find her blogging about home décor, organizing, and DIY projects at www.DIYMother.org.

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