Helping Kids Set New Year’s Resolutions

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by on December 31, 2013

kids set new years resolutionsWe usually make New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, go back to school, stop smoking, save money, eat better, etc. But have you thought about helping your kids come up with their own resolutions? This can be a positive and motivational experience to help them focus on new beginnings and setting goals. Of course, you want to stay realistic – and attainable (becoming a professional basketball star might not happen this year, but making the school team might!)

Here are a few ideas for setting New Year’s Resolutions with kids:

1. Financial Goals– Help kids make goals to be financially responsible this year. Are your kids old enough for an allowance? How are they spending their money? Set up a bank account and allow them to start saving. Even little amounts will help them to start to learn money sense and value what they have.

2. Fitness Goals – Many New Year’s resolutions resolve around getting fit, yet for many children who don’t need to lose weight, a focus can be to stay active. Playing at recess, riding a bike, starting a new sport – allow your children to pick their favorite activity to focus on this year.

3. Educational Goals – Depending on the age of your child this can vary, and since my children are young, their goals are simple. This goal can focus on grades, or something more specific, such as reading more books or learning more about a favorite subject.

4. –Giving Goals –  Volunteering at church or school, adding chores around the house, deciding to befriend the new kid at school, or just resolving to not pick on his or her younger brother. This resolution will help children think of others in the New Year.

5. Eating Goals – Remembering to eat fruits and vegetables each day or cutting back on sugar are some ideas when it comes to eating better. This doesn’t need to be about dieting or weight, it should be about helping to keep our bodies the healthiest possible.

6. Safety Goals – For younger kids, this can include remembering to wear a helmet while on the bike or scooter, or to wear sunscreen before heading outdoors. For older kids, they can commit to wearing seatbelts, not texting while driving, saying no to drugs and alcohol, and keeping curfew.

7. Family Time Goals – This is a fun one! You can talk as a family about a set time to spend time together. Maybe it is every night at dinner (with no cell phones), or once a week for family game night. Pick something that works for everyone and make this one that everyone wants to keep!

Make sure you have fun when you are picking resolutions – and unlike most adults, try to pick goals that they can reach!

Do you help your kids make resolutions for the New Year? What other resolutions would you add to this list?


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  • Tammi Roy

    These are all great goals for kids, and all so important! A new year is a great time to start being a better you!

  • We are working on 2014 goals today. I love doing this together as a family.

  • brett

    oh, the safety goals are a good idea!! we’re having some lying issues so we’ll be setting TRUTHFUL goals here

  • Jeannette

    These are great goals for kids! We were just talking about helping the kids set some resolutions today so the timing on this is perfect! Thanks!

  • JadeLouise Designs

    This is brilliant! I never thought about helping my kids do goals before. But We have a few things we can definitely work on this upcoming year. I think this will be great for them.

  • Wendy Morris

    Eating healthy and exercising

  • So glad this is useful for you!

  • Oh, that is a good one to add!

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