Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

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by on October 10, 2013

Halloween Safety Tips for KidsHalloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is a fun time for both children and adults. After all there is trick or treating, costume parties, and so much more. While you want your children to be able to go out and have fun, you also want them to be safe. Halloween can be a dangerous time of year, so you want your children to know what they need to do to protect themselves. This does not have to be a scary conversation, it just needs to be a simple one you have with your kids to best prepare them for the holiday. Not sure where to begin? Just take a look below at some simple Halloween safety tips for kids you can try this year. Take a look and be prepared. You will be so glad you did!

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

1. Teach candy safety.
A great deal of treats are floating around during the holiday. Have children know what to look for when receiving treats. Tell them they should only take treats from people they know, and all items should be wrapped. Encourage them to not eat anything until an adult has had the chance to inspect it for possible tampering.

2. Invest in some reflectors.
Reflective stickers are perfect for wearing while trick or treating so your children can be seen by car drivers. Find these reflective stickers at your local dollar store and apply them to the front of your child as well as the sides and back. You want them to be visible at night when trick or treating and these reflectors are the perfect product for that.

3. Teach stranger danger tips.
While children are trick or treating, tell them to never accept rides from strangers or go inside the home of anyone they do not know. Teach them to run or make a lot of noise if anyone tries to force them into a car or home.

4. Travel in pairs.
Whether attending a party or trick or treating, always have your child travel in a pair with a trusted friend. Instruct them to never split up and always remain together for safety. They should always stay in groups of people they know and trust and never travel anywhere alone.

5. Avoid scary Halloween media.
Certain thriller movies, morbid costumes, and Halloween traditions can be scary to younger children. Avoid these scenarios so children feel more calm and secure, able to enjoy the holiday. There is plenty of time for them to get into these things when they are older!

When you give these safety tips a try, you can best enjoy the Halloween season in a way that is fun yet safe! Give them a try this year, you won’t regret it.


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  • Anne

    Nice tips, I really like those reflectors because they make a big difference.

  • These are all great tips. Halloween is so much fun, but it’s so important to take those extra steps to stay safe.

  • Chrysa Duran

    These are some great safety tips. Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

  • Cecile

    Great tips! I am always worried that about safety on Halloween!

  • Melissa Vera

    Great tips thanks of sharing now that my girls are older I look back and think wow did we really do that

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