5 Different Ways to Use Pumpkin Puree

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by on October 24, 2013

5 Different Ways to Use Pumpkin Puree5 Different Ways to Use Pumpkin Puree

If you have fresh pumpkin on hand, you have pumpkin puree. To make pumpkin puree, all you need to do is blend chunks of fresh, cleaned pumpkin in your blender until smooth. Once you have your puree, you can use this mixture in all sorts of recipes! Pumpkin puree is healthy for you as it is full of vitamin e and other essential nutrients, so by adding it to your recipes you are boosting the nutritional value. Not sure where or how to use pumpkin puree? Take a look below at 5 simple ways to use pumpkin puree in your own kitchen. You are sure to love it!

Ways to Use Pumpkin Puree

1. Make a milk shake.
Add a few spoonfuls of puree to some low fat milk and vanilla ice cream. Blend until smooth and chill if needed. You can adjust the amount of puree based on your own tastes. You will have a tasty fall treat you won’t soon forget!

2. Whip up a healthy dog treat.
Vitamin e is great for your pup’s skin. Freeze some pumpkin puree in an ice cube tray and give your pooch the tasty cubes as treats. He will love licking the cold cubes and enjoying the sweet and smooth taste.

3. Make pumpkin spread.
You don’t need a fancy recipe to make your own pumpkin spread. Just blend a few tablespoons of butter and pumpkin puree. You can add a dab of honey if you wish and a pinch of brown sugar. Take the mixture and chill before use. Then, spread on toast or muffins and enjoy.

Tip: To make it even better, you can try making your own butter – it is super easy and the fresh taste can’t be beat!

4. Spice up your cake.
Find a basic carrot cake mix at your local grocer and add a few tablespoons of pumpkin puree to the batter. When you bake it, the spicy and smooth pumpkin taste will infuse the batter and give you a taste you are sure to love.

5. Make pumpkin pudding.
Take a basic box of vanilla pudding and prepare according to directions. Stir in a few tablespoons of pumpkin puree. Add a dash of cinnamon. This is a sweet and simple fall dessert that even the kids can help with.

See how easy and fun it can be to use some basic pumpkin puree? Give these tips a try and put that pumpkin to great (and tasty) use! What will you try first?

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  • Go BIG or Go Home

    Yum! I put pumpkin puree in pancake batter quite often to sneak some healthy stuff into my picky kids!

  • YUM is right – I love pumpkin pancakes! :)

  • terri

    So every year I make pumpkin rolls for my neighbors. I normally use canned pumpkin. Do I need to use only small pie size pumpkins when making puree or can I use larger ones as well?

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