Frugal Fall DIY: Easy Pillowcase Pumpkin

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by on September 30, 2013


Frugal Fall DIY: Easy Pillowcase Pumpkin

This fall, why not find a new way to create pumpkins around your house? Sure you could carve some, or buy fake plastic ones, but have you ever thought about creating pumpkins out of pillowcases before? Not only is it easy (which I love), but it is so inexpensive as well. If you have a few minutes and a few basic supplies, you have all of the fixings for an easy pillowcase pumpkin that can last all season!  Take a look below at how you can make your own to enjoy this fall!

Easy Pillowcase Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 orange pillowcase. You can peruse your local thrift stores for one as we did, or find them for just a few dollars at your local retail store.
  • Several sheets of old newspaper. The more you have the better.
    Green ribbon or green scrap fabric.
  • Raffia. This can be found at your local dollar store or craft store.
  • Black felt (optional)
  • Craft glue (optional)


1. Start bunching and balling up the newspaper into large balls. You don’t want to make it too compact, but instead fluffy.

2. Begin filling the inside of the pillow with the newspaper. Don’t pack it in as again you want it to act as a stuffing inside the pillowcase. Fill it as close to the top as possible.

3. Once full, gently press the newspaper down into the pillowcase. Gasp the top of the pillowcase and twist.

4. Using your green ribbon or scrap fabric, tie the pillowcase closed. Make sure it is secure.

5. Begin accenting the green ribbon or scrap fabric with the raffia. This will give it a fun rustic look and also look like vines coming out of the stem.

6. Once you are done, you can choose to add a face onto your pumpkin turning it into a jack-o-lantern! To do this, simply cut basic shapes out of your black felt. You can do circles, triangles, squares, etc. Apply some craft glue to each piece and press onto the pillowcase creating a face. Allow plenty of drying time before displaying.

Your pillowcase pumpkin can be displayed on a porch bench, on your stairs, even on your couch! It is a cute spin on the traditional pumpkin, and a great way to upcycle some common items you may have around the house.

Give this fun and frugal fall DIY project a try, and in just a few minutes you too can have a whimsical pillowcase pumpkin as part of your fall décor.


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