10 Ways to Clean Your Home with Essential Oils

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by on July 15, 2013

Clean Your Home with Essential Oils10 Ways to Clean Your Home with Essential Oils

There are many different products out there that can help you collect dirt, grease, and grime when cleaning your home. The greatest problem that we encounter with these cleaning products is the amount chemicals that are actually harmful to you and your family. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to keeping your home clean and bacteria free that are available with just a handful of products.

By using essential oils, not only can you keep your home clean naturally or deodorize your home without using harsh chemicals in the air, but it is a natural choice that doesn’t harm the people living there. Take a look below at these 10 different ways to clean your home with essential oils and say good-bye to harsh chemicals!

1. Create An All Purpose Cleaner

By using simple ingredients like water, vinegar, and 30 drops of your favorite essential oils, you can create an amazing all purpose cleaner that can be used on every surface in your home. I love using Thieves Oil Blend in my cleaner.

2. Air Freshener

Mix ½ cup of water with 30 drops of lavender or Purification (a Young Living blend) essential oil to spray in the air to create a lasting, less harmful, scent.

3. Anti-Bacterial Solution

For surfaces that need to be sanitized, using Tea Tree Oil is a great product. It is an antibacterial oil that can be used directly on surfaces, mixed with water and vinegar, or added to household products.

4. Adding Oils To Your Vacuum Cleaner

By adding a few drop of oil into your vacuum cleaner’s filter ,you can create a lasting scent that travels throughout every room of your home.

5. Bathroom Air Fresheners

Instead of filling your bathrooms with candles that could be tipped over by little hands, or placing dangerous plug ins around the toilet, put 10 drops of a citrus or rose smelling essential oil into the roll of the toilet paper to release a fresh aroma every time the bathroom is used.

6. Antifungal Scrub

For those pesky stains and growing mold in your tub or sink, you can create a natural scrub that is both antibacterial and antifungal. By mixing baking soda, water ,and putting 30 drops of Cedar Wood Oil, you can create an amazing scrubbing paste that not only has a great scent of pine but will work hard against mold and mildew.

7. Polish Furniture

With a Lemon Essential Oil, you can put some directly on a cloth and clean any hardwood furniture. You can also try mixing it with Almond Oil to cover larger pieces.

8. Vacuum Powder

When you have pets or little children who constantly roll around on the carpet or rugs, getting the scent out can be difficult. By mixing 20 drops of Lavender Oil with a cup of baking soda, spreading it on the carpet, and vacuuming after, you are able to lift dirt from the floors and the natural scent stays in the carpet.

9. Floor Cleaner

By adding Eucalyptus to a bucket of hot water with 1 cup of vinegar, you create an easy way to get your floors to sparkle without leaving an overpowering scent. Eucalyptus is also great at repelling insects.

10. Keep A Bug Free Home

A great alternative to keep insects and pests out of your home naturally is by placing drops of Peppermint Oil by all entrances and crevices of your home. This will keep the bugs from entering into your home. You may also want to check out my Non-Toxic Bug Spray solution, too.

Essential Oils are great products to have in your home for many different uses. To disinfecting, deodorizing, and keeping bugs and fleas away, having a set of your favorite scents will prove beneficial to keeping toxins out of your home.


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What are some of your favorite essential oils?

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  • This is some of the best advice of ever seen for cleaning my home. Not, like many articles like this, for economical reasons, but I love it because it shows me how to do away with chemicals. I am printing this list as soon as I finish this comment. Thank you.

  • Amiyrah

    We’ve done it all except using it to polish furniture. We’ll have to try that one next! Living in a frugal home, essential oils are a great “bang” for our buck. Great post!

  • Jen@BigBinder

    Awesome! My vacuum cleaner stinks and now I know what to do :) When my kids were in (cloth) diapers we used tea tree oil to disinfect the diapers – it worked great!

  • JadeLouise Designs

    We use a LOT of essential oils in our home. I’d add oregano Oil and lemon oil to your Anti-bacterial cleaner. Oregano really kills a lot more than tea tree oil alone. The lemon is also a good cleaner, but also adds that extra for a fresh scent afterwards. :)

    I never thought about adding drops of oils to the toilet paper. I will have to try that. Our bathrooms are hard to keep smelling fresh. We have an old house, and small bathrooms without windows. The airing fans are also broken. So I need some help there.

  • Kerrie @Family Food and Travel

    Great tips – I’ve used some of these, but I’m allergic to lavender so those don’t work for me :(

  • Oh No – yes, you definitely don’t want to use that one then.

  • Nice – I will have to try the oregano oil and lemon oil in mine, too. Sounds wonderful!

  • So glad these tips were helpful!

  • Thank you Amiyrah!

  • Thank you Jennifer! I’m so glad it is useful for you!

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