Vacations on a Dime: Why Traveling By Train is the Way!

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by on May 6, 2013

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Last week we talked about how to save when flying and today we’ll talk about how to save by train.

Does anyone travel by train anymore? Well you might decide to, after you see how inexpensive and entertaining travel by train can be! Traveling by train can not only get you to your vacation destination for less, but can actually be a vacation destination itself! If you are looking to travel for less this summer, or just looking for an unusual getaway, you must read about why traveling by train is the way!

Train travel is becoming more popular now than ever. Trains are still a fun and economically friendly way to travel. Most people would be surprised by the accommodations and perks they offer, and at what a great price these perks can be obtained. So grab your luggage and check out these reasons for traveling by train this summer! All aboard!

All Aboard: 10 Reasons You Should Travel by Train

1. More leg room.
Do you get leg cramps easily? Do you have long legs? Train seating allows for a considerable more amount of leg room than a plane offers. If you have circulation issues train traveling offers more personal space for less.

2. No layovers.
Layovers in an airport can mean more expense for you. No layovers or port changes means no cab expenses or spending unnecessary money in expensive airport gift shops. You will get from your point of departure to your destination without the need of these cost adding extras.

3. Tech access.
People love to travel with gadgets to keep them occupied. Electronic devices are unrestricted from the time you step foot on a train until you get off. So pack those phones, iPads, Kindles, computers, video games, and all of the gadgets you need to stay busy.

4. Amazing scenery.
Who doesn’t love grand and colorful scenery? On a train, you will have a front row seat to some of the nation’s most amazing sites. Some trains even offer free tour guides! See mountains, rivers, and more when you travel by train.

5.   Easy check in.
No one enjoys the security checks at airports. Check in is so easy. You don’t get put through the metal detectors, baggage x-ray, shoe removal, and restrictions on liquid and other items in your luggage. This saves you time, and stress!

6. Privacy.
Who doesn’t want to slip away to their own little corner? On a train you will still get a clean cabin that will provide a quiet place to rest your head. It is nice to have a small space you can escape to for privacy and relaxation.

7. Train travel is green.
If you could do the planet a favor when you travel, would you? Traveling by train can cut carbon emissions by up to 90 percent versus flying. When you travel by train, the savings really add up for our planet!


8. Delay discounts.
Have you ever heard of an airport compensating you for a late flight? You can sometimes get a partial refund in the form of a voucher for severe train delays. If this happens just report it to customer service and you will be sent a voucher by mail.

9. Bring more luggage.
Pack as much as you want! You are not charged for your luggage on a train and can enjoy more storage space for it as well! This can save you hundreds of dollars alone. If you know you will be toting a lot of baggage, train travel may be the way for you.

10. Freedom.
On trains, you can walk around as much as they want. You can go to the cafe car for a snack, visit your cabin, or use a restroom whenever you please. This freedom is great, and can make your trip so much more enjoyable.

So, what can you save when you travel by train? On a recent search, a one way train ticket from Washington to New York was $162. You can check in as little as ten minutes before departure and take as many bags as you wish at no extra cost. The same trip from Washington to New York via plane started at $372. Count on paying for checked bags, arriving two hours prior to boarding, and having no leg room. The savings here is obvious!

This summer, consider reaching your vacation destination by train! Or, make a train your vacation destination! As you can see, the savings are significant, the perks are many, and a fun time is sure to be had by all! So all aboard!

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