Vacations on a Dime: Take Your Family Glamping!

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by on May 20, 2013

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Glamping? What on earth is glamping? Is it like camping?

So what is glamping? It is part camping, It is part glamorous. It is glamorous camping! This summer, enjoy a glamping trip with your family and make memories while still staying on a budget! If your family is not keen on sleeping in the dirt and eating canned beans and hot dogs, no worries. When you go glamping, you are totally changing the camping game up! Believe it or not there is no mini getaway more budget friendly than camping. You can still enjoy some fun and refreshing family time outdoors while still enjoying the many amenities you don’t want to live without. Don’t believe it? Take a peek below at how you can take your family glamping this summer and enjoy a fun outdoor adventure for less!

Glamping is perfect for kids of all ages, great for girls getaways, and you can plan for a weekend away or a full week. With a little planning, you can make it a fun, fabulous, and frugal trip you won’t soon forget!

Ten Tips for Taking Your Family Glamping:

1. Check out local parks for resident discounts.
State Parks in your area will often offer residents discounts that can be used on campsites as well as camp activities. For less than $25 a night, you can enjoy a roomy campsite with water and electrical hook up. All you need to do is find a site and reserve it!

2. Take advantage of on site activities.
Camp grounds will offer many free activities such as swimming, guided hiking trails, nature centers, bike rental, boat rental, and so much more. How often can you enjoy excursions like this for free? Take advantage of them and really dive into the experience.

3. Find an affordable “room”
Your place to lay your head will be your tent. You can find 4 person tents for as low as $40 online and at your favorite retailers. You don’t need anything fancy or huge, just a cozy place to stay warm and dry. Opt for something with a simple set up and tear down, and something waterproof.

4. Let there be light.
Pack your luminaries, flashlights, and candles for tons of ambiance and instant light. This way you can warm and cozy up your space and have the light you need for hours of star gazing and card playing!

5. Set a beautiful table.
You don’t need to dread eating on a boring or dirty picnic table. When you glamp, pack the table linens and fresh flowers. A pretty tablecloth and flowers will make it feel like home and like you are truly dining somewhere special! Feel free to bring fun dishes, cups, and even nice napkins as well!

6. Bring background noise.
Background noise will help you relax. Bring a small radio or IPod. Soft tunes will relax you and help you best enjoy the surroundings and experience! Just be mindful of your neighbors and quiet hours.

7. Pack a feast!
You don’t have to just dine on beans and weenies! You can still create a beautiful meal of subs sandwiches, roasted veggies over the fire, grilled corn, stews and soups, grilled meats and seafood, and more. Some parks will allow wine and beer as well, but please check all rules and regulations before bringing some. You can also make fun, fruity drinks such as lemonade with fruit or water with fruit.

8. Bring cozy seating. 
You are going to spend a lot of time around the fire, so bring cozy lawn chairs. You will want something you can curl up into and just relax. Walmart sells collapsible chairs for as low as $6.00 each, so grab a few and rest easy.

9. Bundle up in warm bedding.
Sleep well with cozy bedding and opt to leave the sleeping bag at home! Bring a nice comforter, cozy pillows, and even a foam mattress if you have one. You can find foam mattresses for as low as $18.00 at discount stores, so using one will really make a difference. Don’t worry about getting your linens dirty, that is what washing machines are for!

10. Bring fun family games.
Pack the cards and board games for hours of fun. Your family will enjoy being able to spend this time together playing a competitive round of War, Monopoly or Uno! Don’t have these games? You can find cards at your local dollar store, board games starting at just $4.99 at your local discount store, or your favorite game at Amazon.

As you can see, glamping is a fun twist on traditional camping! You still get plenty of luxuries from home while still enjoying the fresh outdoors! For around $25.00 night, you just can’t beat the value that it offers.
Call your local park and find out what camping options might be available for you and your family. Then, take a peek at the list above and make sure you have everything you need to make it a relaxing yet glam experience!
Now go glamping and have fun!

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