Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for Mom’s Unique Personality

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by on May 7, 2013

Gift card for mother's day with flowersIt’s almost Mother’s Day, and you don’t have a good gift idea. When you attempt to casually pry Mom for what she might like, she doesn’t take the bait and replies, "Oh, just a card would be nice." In other words, you’re on your own, kid. You too, Dad.

When it comes to thoughtful gift giving, people get stressed out. Next thing you know, it’s last-minute shopping at the mall and you’re wrestling a fellow patron over who’s going to buy the last blender in stock for their mother. First off, mom doesn’t want a blender, she never did. Second, if she saw you behaving like that in public, she’d have some choice words to say. Mom wants something from the heart. She wants something that speaks to her unique personality. And Mom being Mom, chances are she doesn’t want you to spend a fortune, either. Here are some budget-happy ideas for all types of mothers.

For the Foodie Mom

Do you remember all those times she made you homemade chocolate chip cookies? Here’s your chance to return the favor. Whether it’s cookies, apple pie or a pancake brunch, whip your mom up something special on Mother’s Day. If you think you can handle a 3-course French dinner, by all means put on an apron and aim for a meal deserving of a Michelin Star. A simple picnic lunch in the park works fine, too.

For the Green Goddess

So your mom is a champion protector of the environment. She’s an earth mother fond of baking kale chips and reminding you to save energy, recycle and compost the banana peels. Is there any better gift for this type of mom than a selection of plants (or seeds for the budget extremist) from the local nursery? May is flower season after all, and the green goddess will love planting fresh perennials in the yard. If you don’t have time to go to the nursery, Real Simple suggest an Heirloom Seed Kit in Wooden Box ($50 from Etsy). It comes with six vegetables and herbs seeds and is perfect for a windowsill garden.

All Moms Love Flowers

Even if your mom isn’t the type to get her hands dirty in the yard, flowers are an elegant and classic gift. This is especially true if your mother happens to live far away. A floral arrangement of red roses from FTD is sure to brighten her day. With flower delivery you can save on delivery costs of other gift ideas you might have had to send through the Post Office.

Super Healthy Mom

Is mom a health nut? Is she constantly exercising or power walking the neighborhood? Does she go to yoga class every Tuesday night? If this sounds about right, why not purchase her a month-worth of yoga classes? It’s a gift that might be on the upper end of what you want to spend, but it’s worth it. If the price-tag is too high, then make mom a homemade card telling her you’re going to chip in some money for her meditation classes. A more frugal approach would be to get her a new yoga mat. Perhaps take the free monthly class in the park your city hosts.

Craft Mom

There’s nothing better than combining a homemade gift with family memories. A homemade scrapbook or photo album is perfect for the mom who loves arts and crafts. It’s the type of gift that will remind her of the times when you used to draw pictures at school and she hung them on the refrigerator.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, a personalized gift goes a long way. Whatever you do, skip the blender. It’s not a good idea.


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