3 Tried-and-True Tips for a Frugal Family

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by on March 8, 2013

Everyone knows that you can clip coupons and eat out less to save money. That is not rocket science. What if you already do those things and are still looking for more ways to save? Then you are in luck! Here is a rundown of three easy ways to save money, and a lot of it.

Buy Used

If you have kids, purchasing used or discounted clothing and toys is a great way to save money. Kids grow out of them so fast that buying them new really is a waste. You can find lightly used clothes and toys at garage sales or thrift stores to save as much as 90 percent off retail, according to LivingOnADime.com, a site dedicated to frugal living.

Another great item to buy used is your car. Sure, new cars have that great smell and have all of the latest technology, but you can still get a great vehicle at a Cincinnati buy here pay here lot. Buying from used and discount car dealers can offer you some of the best values and may also be able to offer you a limited warranty or a hassle-free return just in case.

Hire Students

You know that pricey beautician you see every month? She used to be a student at a beauty college. What about the masseuse that you splurge on? Yep, he was a student once, too. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on graduates, why not spend much less by hiring the students while they are still learning? Sure, they don’t have as much experience, but you will save so much money that you will be happy with the results regardless. So find out where your local beauty school, massage school and mechanics school is and become a regular.


Almost everything is negotiable, and if you are not negotiating you are paying too much. You can even negotiate your cable bill. If negotiating makes you nervous, follow these simple tips from Life Hacker.

Use the 15-20 percent rule— Sometimes the most nerve-wracking part of negotiating is coming up with the first number to offer. A good rule of thumb is to offer 15-20 percent less than is being asked. If there is a sofa that you really like selling for $999, begin your negotiations by offering $799. They will probably counter with $850 and you just saved yourself $150.

Think outside the box – If the person you are negotiating with claims that the price is not negotiable, try negotiating something else. In the above example of the sofa, maybe you could get free delivery or throw pillows instead.

Keep quiet – The most important rule to remember when negotiating is to keep quiet after you make an offer. No matter what. If you talk first, you may talk yourself out of a deal that the other person was about to accept.

If you can master these three tips you will have more extra money at the end of every month, and who doesn’t want that?


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