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by on December 4, 2012

Pampers - Baby Dry Diapers

I know many of you have little ones in diapers, like I do, so you’ll enjoy hearing about this new promo. Pampers has launched a new Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments with prizes each day on their Facebook page. I love seeing all the cute faces of the babies posted – you’ll definitely want to head over to check it out.  Besides just the daily prize, you’ll be entering to win the $5,000 Grand prize!

I actually just had my own “Beautiful Morning Moment” this morning when I went in to see my daughter (18 months) in her crib. She looked up at me and said “Hi Mommy!” – and that was the first time she has used the name “mommy”. Until this morning, I have always just been “mama”. I’ve tried to get her to say it since he has been saying “daddy” for months now, but it wasn’t until she was ready that she used the phrase – and it so warmed my heart!

You can check out an exclusive Facebook chat with Jewel and her beautiful moments below:


And thanks to Pampers, 2 lucky Saving Cents with Sense readers will win their own Beautiful Morning Moments Prize Pack with Pampers.

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  • amanda d

    I love how my babies hug me in the morning like we have been apart for months. It almost makes up for 5 o’clock wake ups!

  • Debby Chandler

    I love the smell of babies when they first wake up!

  • Christine

    Every morning I wake up and see my beautiful children is wonderful.

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love my morning moments with my 1 year old little guy and my 6 year old daughter. My little boy sits up with his crazy bedhead and is just so happy and refreshed in the morning!! :)

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    Already an email subscriber

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    Already a follower on Pinterest

  • Elena

    I still remember the first time my little said I love you and she hugged me tight. My heart skips a beat every time she does it.

  • Katie R.

    Thanks for all you do. We love our Pampers. :)

  • Katie R.

    I follow on facebook.

  • Tamie

    I think it’s so funny how my almost 8 month old won’t say Mama unless she is mad at me (in her jumper too long & wants to be picked up or hungry)….then it’s an angry, “Mamamamamamamama!” Pretty darn cute!

  • Erin Titus

    I love the mornings when my daughter wakes up and just chatters to herself until we come to get her. Then she gives us such big hugs! :)

  • Jennifer

    I love it when my daughter first gets up, she loves on her babies, then once she is awake real good, she starts calling for her momma, it is so sweet, I love watching her on our monitor

  • Rosemary K

    Love waking up to have my baby boy turn my face to his for a kiss!

  • Jessica B.

    I love when my son wakes up and looks at me with a smile. I love reading with him in the mornings.

  • Mary Happymommy

    My beautiful moment is when my daughter wakes up and gives me hugs.

  • Charlotte

    Seeing my babies smile at me.

  • JulsB20

    I like morning when we can sleep in and have snuggle time with my daughter

  • Kristin

    I love the mornings that I go to get my son and he is so happy that he’s laughing and doing squats in his crib.

  • Kristin

    I am an email subscriber.

  • Katy P

    I love to hear my baby boy cooing in the mornings

  • Katy P

    Email subscriber

  • Katy P

    Follow you on Pinterest

  • Kelly D

    Mine is when my kids give me hugs & kisses in the morning

  • Molly Bussler

    Love waking in the mornings to a happy baby, with a big precious smile on his face, for his sleep mommy! :D Email subscriber and Pinterest follower

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    i love how their face lights up in the morning when you go to take them out of the crib.

  • Thomas Murphy

    getting hugs and kisses from my kids as soon as they wake up.

  • karenmed409

    watching march down the hallway with his favorite blankie and crawling up on my lap for hugs, talking with him and getting him started on a new day

  • Sandra U.

    Watching my son open his eyes first thing in the morning and he always wakes with a happy smile on his face. Just brightens my day also.

  • Ashley Holt

    Picking out the day’s outfit!

  • petra

    sharing breakfast with my daughter

  • kelly Sullivan

    My son walking into the room saying, “I get up Mommy, lets read a book”

  • Melissa Wenger

    I love hearing my 21 month old saying “Mommy…Mommy” when he wakes up.

  • Melissa Wenger

    I follow on pinterest

  • Melissa Wenger

    I get the newsletter

  • Vicki Lynn Armstrong

    my grandson calling me and asking me if it is grandmother time yet

  • Connie Rudolph

    getting to see my grandsons big smile and huggs when i dont get to see him but every 6 mths or so

  • Jennifer Rote

    My son waking up before me, and coming to cuddle with me.

  • Kayla Littrell

    Getting those unexpected hugs! He doesn’t like to cuddle anymore so when he hugs me out of the blue it makes my heart smile! :-)

  • Sunnie

    Christmas morning is always nice!

  • Megan Woods

    Here’s hoping I win!!

  • kemberley crosswhite

    we co sleep so every morning waking up next to my sweet baby is beautiful :)

  • Kathy

    Just the smile in the morning that says it is going to be a great day~

  • Kari Lynn Meyer

    Waking up to him baby talking in his room walking in and he’s on his hands and knees wiggling the crib back and fourth when he sees me he laughs rolls over and ups his hands up

  • Thabal

    I dont have kids yet, but my sister says the morning smile you receive from the kids makes the day and erases all the naughty things done the day earlier :)

  • shannon oelrich

    I love when my kids let me sleep in in the morning

  • Janet Watson

    Going into my grandson’s room first thing after he wakes up, he always says “Oh hi Grandmama!” with a huge smile on his face!

  • jennifer

    We are not morning people at all… so my kids always cuddle like crazy in the mornings!

  • cher

    wake up with breakfast made

  • cher

    i am an email subscriber

  • cher

    i follow both on facebook

  • cher

    follow you on pinterest

  • Ashley Hatten

    Morning times=happy baby

  • Stacey Renee

    Most mornings with my baby are beautiful. (most, not all!) I love the mornings we wake up and take a nice relaxing walk, after dropping big brother off at the bus stop


  • Jennifer Aziz

    the smle on my daughter’s face when we open the door to her room

  • Jennifer Aziz

    email subscriber

  • sharon H

    love seeing those angelic faces sound asleep, with those pudgy hands all curled up.

  • Angie B.

    My 3 yr old, almost predictably, gets up pad over to my side of the bed and says “mommy you wake up?” He gets face to face with me

  • Nina K

    i love sleeping babies!

  • Laurajj Jacobson

    My beautiful mornings are waking up Carter..he is always so warm and his precious smile makes my whole day!

  • Laurajj Jacobson

    I follow you on pinterest
    Laura J

  • Krystal Lopez

    I just love being able to wake up, make my daughter breakfast and take her to school! Lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom

  • Kaile R

    My daughter woke up yesterday before my son did and when we went to get him out of bed, he was so excited to see her he jumped out of bed a gave her a big hug. She stood there a bit confused, patted his back while he hugged her, and then got a huge smile on her face. Priceless!

  • DeAnn S

    seeing my grandchildrens happy faces first thing in the morning.

  • stephanie

    seeing my daughter smile at me!

  • lina

    having breakfast with the entire family

  • Kim D.

    getting hugs and kisses from my daughters

  • Vanessa Valdez

    Waking uo to kisses!

  • Vanessa Valdez

    Email subscriber

  • Vanessa Valdez

    Facebook fan

  • Thomas Murphy

    I am already a email subscriber as rounder9834

  • Edie Rocco

    When my son tells me he wants to go school!

  • Edie Rocco

    I am an email subscriber!

  • Sonya Morris

    Waking a snuggly and loving toddler in the morning.

  • Jeanna johnson

    I love when my daughter wakes up with a smile on her face! It makes it SO much easier for me to start my day off right!

  • Shannon

    I love cuddling with my son after getting him out of the crib

  • Jessica

    I love my daughter’s sleepy morning smiles

  • bill elliott

    My moment is when my twin identical Grandson’s come over and give Grandpa a big hug and smile at the same exact time

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