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by on November 12, 2012

imageWell, if you are like me, then you are probably tired of the cost of cable – but since that is the only way to watch the local news stations, I’ve put up with it.

Until now.

I have found The Leaf HDVT antenna by Mohu. What I really liked about The Leaf was how simple it was – all I had to do was easily screw in The Leaf, set my TV to anteena mode, and have it scan for available channels. Right away, I was able to get our main TV channels (3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, etc) in crystal clear HD.

Best part? You pay the price of The Leaf once and never have a monthly bill again!

Good news – 2 winners will win a Leaf!

The Leaf is a simple device that you plug into the back of your TV and it picks up any TV stations that are broadcasting a signal within 30-35 miles. The Leaf picks up the signal and displays it on your TV – in HD! No need to pay your monthly cable bill. The Leaf costs $50 (or $40 on Amazon), so if your basic cable bill is $20 a month, you’ll make your money back in three months!

Other benefits:

  • Allows users to pull in the top-20 shows on TV, with major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS
  • Has “omnidirectional” reception, meaning that it should ideally pull in stations from all directions
  • The Leaf is paper-thin and can be easily hidden behind a picture frame, cabinet or bookshelf without affecting reception
  • Does not require power in order to function (although the TV must be powered on)
  • According to testing, it is the best performing indoor antenna on the market currently

Since my monthly cable bill is $40 – by dropping cable and using The Leaf, I will save $480 a year! And as we are trying to save as much as possible each month (and year) that is a huge reason to make the switch.

Win It!

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  • Melanie Montgomery

    It will save me like 30 a month in the long run

  • I would save at least 250 a month!!!!!!

  • Becky L

    OH MY GOODNESS!! This would save my family of 7 around $55 per month! Thanks for the chance!!

  • I would save at least 50 dollars a month. Thank you for the chance. This would be amazing!

  • We just got rid of cable…way too expensive! We would so love this!

  • Jenny

    wow! this would save our family at least $50 a month!!

  • Jenny

    email subscriber!

  • Heather

    We don’t have cable but the antenna we have now doesn’t work very well-would love to try this out.

  • koanlani

    Would love try this out, cable is too pricey now days!

  • Kelly P

    I’d love to try this. I haven’t had cable since I moved out of my parent’s house 15 years ago, but reception problems frustrate me!

  • It would save me over fifty bucks a month.

  • Shannon Driscoll Stout

    It’s hard to say how much I’d save if I dropped cable, since I am in a bundle. I’d say that I could save about $20 (to drop the bedroom box) to about $70 to drop it totally.

  • Sandra U.

    It would save me just over $66 a month. I have extended basic cable and it stinks how much I have to pay.

  • Heather S.

    I have been trying to get my husband to find out about getting an antenna. So excited about this!

  • $25 a month

  • jen

    It would save over $50 a month

  • $34 a month

  • Melissa A.

    about 50 dollars a month

  • Melissa A.

    email subscriber

  • Melissa A.

    facebook fan

  • peggy

    THis is so great !

  • Barb Joan

    Love to win it, facebook fan :)

  • Barb Joan

    I would save $80 a month!

  • Bobbi Wiethoff

    We cancelled cable a few years ago, but our homade antenna (literally) is a little sketchy to say the least! :)

  • Tabathia B

    It would save around $50 a month
    email subscriber

  • 45 a month

  • teresa s

    we turned off cable few months ago

  • Amanda Yoder

    We turned off cable when I lost my job, so we just use antenna with a digital converter box, but now our TV is dying so this would be super helpful with an HDTV in our future!

  • Amanda Yoder

    I’m an email newsletter subscriber

  • Amanda Yoder

    I’m a facebook fan

  • this would work good in my fifth wheel!

  • We don’t have cable but our antenna does not work well at all. So it wouldn’t really save us any money but it would make tv more enjoyable and we would get more channels this way.

  • I’m an email subscriber.

  • Melissa W

    $5 a month for local channels off of my dish.

  • We’d save $60 a month

  • I’m an email subscriber

  • Huh, never heard of such a thing. Neat-o!

  • Elis B.

    save $10 dollars

  • We’d save about $50 a month.

  • I think I would save me about $30 each month

  • Pinterest follower (trung nguyen)

  • I’ll save 34.99 a month

  • jenee

    I would guess it would save 25 per month.

  • DeAnn S

    This would be great to win, it would save me 35.00 a month. Thank you.

  • DeAnn S

    This would be great to win, it would save me 35.00 a month. Thank you.

  • Deborah Lott

    $40–I just cancelled our cable, so I would love to win this!

  • I cancelled our satellite service, so this would be wonderful – a savings of $35 a month

  • I cancelled our satellite service, so this would be wonderful – a savings of $35 a month

  • I cancelled our satellite service, so this would be wonderful – a savings of $35 a month

  • Darlene

    This would save me at least $50.00 a month!

  • Darlene

    This would save me at least $50.00 a month!

  • This probably won’t save me much since I don’t use cable, but, hopefully it will give me a better picture!

  • That sounds cool, thanks

  • I subscribe to the emails, thank you

  • Patricia Mohl

    Would love this for the rooms we can’t get cable to. It would save so much money by putting it there because we don”t watch it enough to get a converter box.

  • Patricia Mohl

    already subscribe

  • Patricia Mohl

    Follow on Pinterest

  • We can’t get cable where we live so we have to go satellite which would cost us about $60 to $80 a month. I would LOVE to win this!

  • follow ya on pintrest

  • Lucy Lopez

    We canceled our cable just couldn’t afford to pay for it. So this would be great.

  • Lucy Lopez

    Already a subscriber

  • Lucy Lopez

    Follow on Pinterest

  • latanya


  • latanya

    pinterest follower

  • Mel

    About $50. That would be nice.

  • Nothing, we already have no paid for TV, but it would help our current channels come in better.

  • Sunnie

    Id say around 60

  • Mandy

    Nothing but it should would help our reception.

  • Jorgie

    The leaf would save me about $60 a month

  • shaunie w

    maybe about $50 -$60

  • shaunie w

    already a subscriber

  • Ashley

    It would save me over $85!

  • throuthehaze


  • Darlene

    Around $50.

  • maritza

    About $70

  • colleen baccam

    I NEED THIS SO BAD!! My monthly cable bill is $218.00 it is disgusting to say the least

  • Shannon

    This family would be elated to save $50 ore more each month!

  • I love to save money, and since we just disconnected cable to save money to do home improvements this would be great.

  • I would give it to my daughter who turned off her cable to save for my second grandchild

  • Jessica


  • Pam

    We pay around $60 for cable, would love to save over $700/yr with the Leaf

  • Bethany

    I don’t currently have cable and this would be great!

  • Hope Unterschuetz

    I would save over 40 bucks a month.I curently have basic limited cable which is about 40 bucks plus fees. But it’s 40 i really shouldn’t be spending on my budget.

  • falguni

    already a subscriber. Would help me a lot..

  • Kristine

    I would love this. Every little bit helps

  • Gail Davis

    It would save about $75 a month if we can find internet at a decent price.

  • Gina Rock

    It would save me about $40.00 a month.

  • Gina Rock

    I follow on Pinterest.

  • tsheatk

    Could really use it

  • melmorgan4


  • Drette

    It would save me $ 74 a month!!

  • Alissaann80

    I’d LOVE to win!!save us 130$/month. Thank you for your blogs and info:)

  • Alissaann80

    Subscribed to daily email- thanks!!

  • already a subscriber. Would help me a lot..

  • this would save me 70 a month!!!

  • Just Coupons

    At least $50 a month
    (Rafflecopter name is Just C.)

  • I would love to not have to pay that dreaded satelite bill….I just wonder if the rest of my family will be alright with just the local tv….I think it is well worth the try :)

  • Debra L. Guillen

    around $60 a month..have been thinking of dropping cable recently so would love to try this out.

  • have had friends drop cable with this–I would LOVE to try it!

  • Aimee

    It would save me about $50 a month since we do premium cable to get more news and entertainment stations. All of the children’s channels are on premium as well.

  • My cable is $40/ month as well.

  • Nadia Doyle

    We pay a whole lot more than that a month…. Something to think about for sure.

  • Around $20 a month

  • It would save me like 50 a month!

  • I cannot even begin to tell you how much I need this. We live in rural AR and we cannot afford the only option open to us, which is satellite. We only have 1 room we can watch tv in because we only have 1 antenna hooked up to 1 tv, and this would be such a blessing to have for our second tv, where we can only watch DVD’s right now!!

  • jamie kelsey

    I say this would save us a good 50 per month maybe more

  • amy

    I would say about $50 a month!

  • It would save us over 75$ a month

  • I subscribe to your emails

  • it would save me around $80 per month

  • crystal r

    It would save me about 45 bucks each month.

  • Leah Brislin

    I’d likely save around $50. It’s time to change!

  • It would save us $85 a month.

  • Sandra Stanton

    really would love one :)

  • My Son really needs this he just moved
    into his own place and can’t afford cable

  • As of right now, the leaf would save me about $100 bucks a month!

  • havent heard of this before. This would save me over $50 bucks and right now anything helps.

  • already a subscriber

  • we already cut out cable so this would continue to save us money.

  • Rosemary K

    I believe the leaf would save us about $100 a month!

  • Michelle

    I would love to save about $100/month with the Leaf!!

  • Jennifer T

    We do not pay for cable, but currently use the rabbit ear type of antenna…which works sometimes. This sounds like a great upgrade for us.

  • I would save about $20 per mth as I only subscribe to the most basic cable now and use Netflix for any other movies, etc. I want to watch.

  • lisa stockdill

    our cable bill is close to $200 a month and we dont even watch most of the channels! i only watch the news as well so this is a great idea!!

  • Jennifer

    I pay my cable company over $150 a month and it keeps going up! I would love to give this new technology a try!!

  • Jennifer

    I am already a subscriber of your wonderful newsletter.

  • Tammy

    I would save about $25.00 a month with this new item. I would love to win it.

  • Ashleigh Speaks

    I am a subscriber!

  • Ashleigh Speaks

    Our cable bill is crazy!

  • Ashleigh Speaks

    I like on facebook!

  • Tara Stevens

    I could save over $200 a month!!

  • tracy

    It would save us about $50/month!

  • kendrah

    It would save us about $80 a month

  • This would save us about $100 a month!

  • P. Ingram

    Would love to save on cable…really wanna win one of these!

  • Wow this would save me about $90 a month!

  • tsheatk

    Would love to win this!

  • My cable bill is about $50 a month..would save alot!

  • Email subscriber

  • Chelsea

    around $100

  • Cecilia

    around $75 a month!

  • Cecilia

    I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  • jennifer

    we would save about $75 a month!

  • I am a subscriber :)

  • I would save about 80 dollars a month

  • I would actually give this to my brother (’cause I live way out in the “country”)so I’m not sure how much it would save him.

  • This would be nice to use for my bedroom

  • I want this antenna. It looks cool.

  • I would save around $70 a month :)

  • I would save about
    $80 a month!

  • Kerry G

    I have something similar, but it doesn’t work for the HDTV, so it would make our local programming so much better! If I got rid of satellite, I would save $80!

  • Ann

    It would save me $120 a year

  • Mary R.

    It would save me @ $50 a month.

  • I would love to win a leaf !!!

  • Leaf would save me upwards of $50 a month. Single parents need all the help they can get :)

  • I don’t pay for cable, but it would be nice to be able to get all of the broadcast channels in.

  • miss the good ol days when all you needed was an antenna :)

  • I would love to win this!

  • jodi bradshaw

    itd take off $10 for 1 directv box.

  • It would take off over $100 on our cable bill.

  • I could save over $125 off my cable.

  • Christy Anderson

    I’d save about $20-30.

  • I’d save about $150

  • Anne Loyd

    Around $100/mo.!

  • Stacey H

    About $20

  • I don’t have cable but it would save me the $8 a month I spend for Hulu + every little bit helps

  • Deanna G.

    I don’t have cable so it wouldn’t save me any money but I would like to get more channels. My current antenna doesn’t work very well.

  • kathy f

    We dropped cable, so this would save me about $60.00 a month.

  • same as kathy we dropped it only thing we need is an antenna!

  • Becca

    About $70 per month!

  • sandra

    would save me a little over $100…believe me i would love to have that in my pocket :)

  • Ldholiman

    We are full time RVers so cable is included with where we stay usually.

  • Jes

    $40 per month

  • Faith B

    Probably about $60

  • Faith B

    Email subscriber

  • Faith B

    Follow on Pinterest

  • Again, love the giveaways!

  • Subscribed!

  • About $30 per month

  • I am your email subscriber

  • Kimberly

    The Leaf would save me about $60.00 a month.

  • E Cole

    I follow you on Google +

  • E Cole

    I’ve already joined the FB group

  • E Cole

    I follow you on FB

  • malinda

    I would save $120 a month!

  • beth m.

    I spend about $50 or so on cable each month

  • beth m.

    I subscribe to your emails

  • Sandra brower

    I am not sure. I would have to see if the broadcasters have a strong enough signal that it could reach from my house. I live in a remote area. Definitely worth researching!

  • Sandra brower

    I subscribe.

  • Gianna


  • sonia b

    $150 would be saved.

  • sonia b

    Like you on facebook.

  • It would save me $35 a month

  • L C

    It’d save me $40!

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