Fan Appreciation Giveaway #17 | CVS $25 Gift Card Giveaway

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by on November 17, 2012

I can not believe that we are already at Day 17 of the Fan Appreciation Giveaways – remember, I am holding 22 days of giveaways this month (many without a sponsor) to let you know how thankful I am for all of you!  I truly enjoy working with all of you – and trying to find the best deals and tips to help you save every day of the year. This next giveaway will hopefully help save you money at the Drugstore and cut down on your grocery bill in general!

There are some great deals right now on Holiday Gifts!  Below are some of the latest Holiday Deals available right now:

We are approaching Black Friday and below are some of the most recent Black Friday Ad’s been released!

CVS is one of my favorite Drugstores to shop at because of the deals you can find with Extra Care Bucks and I know that many of you enjoy shopping there as well.  Check out this weeks CVS Deals and Coupon Matchups including their Black Friday Deals.

And that leads me to announce todays Fan Appreciation Giveaway of a $25 CVS Gift Card.

Enter to Win Below:

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Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by anyone. The giveaway is for my readers because I LOVE them! Read more on my Disclosure page. Please be sure to review the Giveaway Terms & Conditions before entering this contest.


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  • bill elliott

    A few months ago I saved $56 with store and manufacturer coupons

  • The most we’ve ever saved was $75 with Extra Bucks, sales and coupons.

  • I follow you on Pinterest

  • I follow you on Facebook.

  • I subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Michele Behlen

    I’m not sure, probably about $25.

  • Michele Behlen

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  • $52.50 several months ago!!


  • Sheila K.

    Recently I saved $28 with sales & coupons!

  • Follow on Pinterest.

  • Melissa W

    A few dollars

  • Email Subscriber.

  • Cindy

    Email subscriber.

  • dlhaley

    I’ve saved around $19.00.

  • $20 a while back.

  • jennifer

    The most was about $60!

  • Thera

    I don’t shop there very much but will :)

  • Maybe 3.00 saved

  • Julia

    $32 dollars, while spending $4.42!!

  • Melissa Odom

    Oh geesh..>I’d say probably 20 bucks maybe 30

  • Over $50 in one transaction. I love CVS!

  • Deborah Lott

    I’ve had a lot of transactions that were close to free.

  • I don’t remember the exact amount, but I love when my amount saved is way over the amount I paid. Love CVS deals and ECB!

  • not much at all because I haven’t quite got the ecb and coupons and everything all together worked out yet but i’m working on it!

  • The most I saved was $8.

  • Julie

    The most I have ever saved at CVS was $23.50. And I was so grateful!!!! Our toiletry needs were met and we were able to share a shampoo with another family member. Provision was possible through ECBs and coupons!

  • Eve

    more than 100%. The ECBs plus coupons

  • Hope Wilkinson

    $10 at one time, got a $7 ECB and had a $3 coupon on a product, then bought something that was on sale with the $7 ECB, so probably actually saved more than $10 on both the transactions.

  • Irene McPhee

    Around $40.00. I usually make smaller purchases but a lot of them I end up paying just pennies for the items .

  • Irene McPhee

    I am an email subscriber .

  • Gianna

    Probably around $30 bucks.

  • I don’t do as good as I used to but I know I have saved a lot by shopping there.

  • I’m an email subscriber.

  • Maralea

    Gosh, probably about $30! Love CVS!

  • Lots!! Those free after ECB products that you have coupons for rock!

  • Christy Anderson

    I don’t remember but I know it’s been over $40.

  • Sunnie

    I have never shopped at cvs, there arent too many out here in Colorado/

  • I recently saved $72 and paid just 11 cents! Even the cashier was amazed!

  • ellen

    araound 10.00

  • Carmen Rudnick

    The most I’ve saved in one trip was $12. Love ECBs!

  • Daniella

    About $30

  • I often save 50%

  • I usually save around $10 each little shopping trip when I get a few things.

  • Jessica

    Around $10. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jessica B.

    I got a can of formula that was orignally 25, for $5. I love ECB and coupons.

  • I usually save about $10 a trip

  • Chavonne H

    CVS paid me 3 dollars one time, not only was it all free, I got paid to shop.

  • I usually do pretty good here. Like $10 each trip or so.

  • Amy B

    I have several times spent around $5 and left with $10 ECBs!

  • beth m.

    I don’t have an exact amount but I have easily saved $20 or more

  • beth m.

    I subscribe to your emails

  • Milian O

    I think I’ve saved as much as $15 dollars in one trip

  • I’ve saved 75% on clearance deals, but I often save 30-50% on regular sales, which addes up to around $15

  • Shirley D.

    I love CVS. I get some many great deals there. I’m not sure how much I have saved with CVS, but I know it has been a lot.

  • I have saved a lot of money at CVS by combining coupons and sales.

  • Heather

    I love when I can walk out with more in ECBs than I spent out of pocket.

  • Lisa R

    I have saved over 90% at times.

  • I’m not sure how much I’ve saved but I always use coupons when I go and love the extra bucks I receive on certain items.

  • I’m already an email subscriber.

  • I’m following you on Pinterest.

  • I Have Saved Hundreds Of Dollars Per Shopping Trip Several Times !:)

  • I’m A Subscriber

  • Erika

    I think the most I saved was around $50! thanks!

  • I love shopping at CVS! I am definitely a fan of free “Shopping”!

  • Maureen

    We have an extra bucks card and I usally use the reward coupons that you have at the front of the store plus I will bring in my own coupons.

    I think I usually save whenever I am in there. But I don’t know exactly how much the most has been that I have saved. Any savings is greatly appreciated.

  • thanks! i subscribe

  • Rstephens

    I can get $40 worth of diapers, using ECB and coupons for $15.

  • baby items and personal hygiene!! this would be great. facebook fan and email subscriber!

  • Jill

    I have lots of coupons and by using my extra bucks.

  • Jill

    I am a Facebook fan.

  • Jill

    Love shopping at CVS!

  • Dori

    A lot!!!

  • Tara

    I haven’t shopped there in awhile, but I usually save about $10 per visit.

  • On the clearance section! Mostly are hair products and chocolates!

  • Stefani

    I would probably say about 20 dollars. I LOVE Cvs!!

  • Stacey H.

    Maybe $7 or $8.

  • Mel

    In one transaction? About $20.

  • Marlene

    Around $7. And thanks for all the giveaways.

  • Shawna

    I saved $60.00 in 1 visit to CVS! I Love CVS because I get such great saving there!

  • Belinda Walker

    Thank you so much for all you do – not just at Christmas – but all year long!!!!! You help us all so much!!!!!!!! You are a true blessing!!!!!!!! CVS saved me alot one time – they had a sale on Naso-Gel which I have to use several times a day and they had it at $2 off a bottle. I bought all they had at 3 of their stores (put them on the credit card) and it save me about $40!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CVS!!!!!!!

  • JessieC

    I saved over 90% once, loved it!

  • Probably around $25.

  • About $15

  • Probably $40. I love saving! I like your site. You help a lot of families,including mine of 8! Thanks!

  • bebe_0302

    I have saved as much as 91%! Thank you for all you do to help me save like that!

  • Maybe $20

  • Jenny N


  • Jenny N

    I’m a subscriber

  • Kimberly J.

    Over 90%. Thanks!

  • Kimberly J.

    I am an email subscriber!

  • Kimberly J.

    I follow you on FB!

  • almost got something for free

  • donna

    I a email subscriber!!!

  • Shelagh

    This would be a big help for Christmas gifts!

  • would deffinately help.

  • The most I’ve saved was around $15 at CVS.

  • Flora Guzman

    Ive saved about $15

  • karen

    love to shop for little odds and ends at cvs!

  • around $30

  • subscriber and pinterest follower

  • Lisa

    I once got 4 packs of diapers and a box of haircolor for $.04, saved about 45.00dollars…..not too bad.

  • Dee Parker

    The largest single-transaction savings was around $30 I think while paying a few dollars OOP.

  • Bobbie Worden

    love cvs

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I don’t go to CVS very often, but I was able to get a body wash there for free, so I think that’s pretty good! I’m not sure what the value was, maybe $2 or $3.

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I am already a email subscriber

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I already follow on Pinterest

  • Nicole

    Since we have lived overseas for the last two years, I only recently have been back into a CVS. My savings wasn’t fabulous since I went in for something I needed but $8.00 is $8.00. :)

  • teresa s


  • Becca

    I’m new to couponing so not much!

  • Kerry G

    One time I saved $6 on stuff I really needed!

  • Amanda Yoder

    Nothing yet, because we just got them in our area about a month ago, but this would really help me build my beginning savings there!

  • alocke

    I saved $31 in one transaction once, love that place

  • Sheralle D.

    Toady I had the best CVS shopping trip so far (I have been couponing for about a year). I spent $8.00 OOP and came home with $29.06 in ECBs. I am a very happy person today!!!

  • Sheralle D.

    On pintrest “jusmebinme”

  • Carrie M

    I once walked out with $75 for $20 (after ECBs) That was a GREAT save day!

  • brenda faulkner

    Aboubt 20%.

  • Bethany D

    I’ve gotten so many good deals lately but I paid less than $5 for 2 packs of diapers and some dishwashing liquid .. love it !

  • susan

    Love CVS!

  • brenda faulkner

    Email subcriber

  • Kristen

    30% :)

  • jensenaz

    Love CVS! try to roll the extra bucks everytime so I dont have much out of pocket every trip

  • i would say 50!

  • AQHorse

    I don’t know what my best deal was. CVS is the only drug store I visit these days, and the deals are pretty good when it’s something I need.

  • AQHorse

    already subscribed – over a year ago!

  • BoltBrothers

    Probably $10

  • best deal saved about $30

  • Jenny

    I have saved a lot at CVS. Best deal was 8 items for .28!!!

  • Jenny

    email subscriber

  • Vicky Davis

    I’ve probably saved over $50 on a scott tissue deal before. I’m not that great at keeping up with the actual amounts sometimes. Love CVS “ECB” program though, and the green bag tag, they also have the best raincheck policy and the ECB print out rounds up to the nearest dollar amount. Awesome.

  • I have gotten a boat load of Extra Bucks in my day. I don’t know my largest savings day, but I will say CVS is a good value.

  • Julie

    100% (well, when you get the full value back in ECB).

  • petra

    Thanks to extra bucks and coupons, I can get a bag full of drugstore goodies practically free.

  • hannah l

    I think somewhere around $50 in free product

  • hannah l

    i follow you on pinterest. Thank you for offering all these giveaways!

  • I have saved so much at CVS I don’t remember the amounts

  • sonia b

    I have saved tons. Love their deals.

  • Suzanne Alexander

    $38+ on total of $75

  • Patricia Delgado

    Too much to count, my year to date savings at CVS is over $2,000!

  • Patricia Delgado

    I follow on twitter, pinterest, google+, and facebook

  • Patricia Delgado

    I also already subscribe to emails.

  • jess

    i have $45 in multiple transaction with $2 oop.

  • kelly Sullivan

    Not much, I’m not very good at this yet :)

  • Bobbi Wiethoff

    I’m not sure how much I’ve saved, but I love the $10 off $30 to buy diapers!

  • Charlotte

    I have saved about $10 in one trip.

  • Mandy

    I saved $45 when our CVS first opened.

  • Amber L.

    It was around $30 but I had to do it in 4 transactions and started with $2.00 extracare bucks.

  • ren

    about $20 saved on one trip

  • Melissa W

    I have no idea how much I’ve saved…I just like when my total is near zero!

  • Melissa W

    I follow on pinterest

  • Melissa W

    I get the daily newsletter

  • In one shopping trip i saved over 60.00 with coupons and store deals.
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  • Lanie

    I already recieve the daily newsletters and follow on everything. Thanks :) I am honestly not sure the most I have saved at CVS. I am guessing maybe $15.

  • Jen V.

    I don’t remember the most I saved. I have only tried their deals 2 times a while back. Would love to try again.

  • Annmarie Weeks

    I do not know the exact largest amount I have ever saved, but i know that I have saved quite a bit between coupons and their ecb program and even their bag tag program.

  • $100+
    I am subscriber and fb fan !

  • Gina Solar

    I know I do good when I have one item.

  • cher

    the most i have saved is about 95%, almost got for nothing

  • cher

    email subscriber

  • cher

    the most ihave saved is about 95%

  • cher

    follow you on facebook and pinterest

  • Amy

    Save money almost every week because of you & CVS. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Jennifer Young

    Over $100 and while getting back $15 more than I spent out of pocket in ECBs.

  • sarah

    I have saved over $25. I love your stuff Melissa thanks for all you do!

  • ShannonOelrich

    I have never shopped at cvs.

  • ShannonOelrich

    I am an email subscriber

  • Thank you for the entry. I’m not very good at saving at CVS, but hope to do better in the future.

  • Sandra U.

    I have saved over $20 in one shopping trip.

  • Lisa Spencer

    I have saved alot at CVS, but don’t know the exact amount.

  • $25, I’m still learning!

  • shaunie w

    I saved about 90% the original price if I had paid full amount would have been about $25 (w/o tax) but i paid around $3.50 including tax

  • shaunie w

    I am an email subscriber

  • Melissa A.

    I have saved 100% of my shopping before at CVS

  • Melissa A.

    I subscribe to your emails

  • Melissa A.

    I like you on Facebook

  • Melissa A.

    facebook group

  • About 80%!

  • Susan H.

    Not sure…probably around $30.

  • Susan H.

    I’m a subscriber.

  • Lisa

    about 10.00

  • Tabathia B

    I guess around $20 bucks
    email subscriber

  • Kimberly

    About $25.00

  • Kimberly

    Already an email subscriber.

  • I have only recently moved to a town with a CVS, so my savings so far is still down in the few dollars range. Thanks to some great matchups, though, I expect that to increase as I learn the store :)
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  • I have made money at CVS!!!

  • I subscribe to the newsletter

  • twenteries

    We just got our first CVS near by, so I’ve only visited once so far! I probably saved a few dollars :)

  • $10.. & i follow on pinterest & email.

  • I’ve saved around seven dollars.

  • Janet

    The most I’ve ever saved is $109. It was on Thanksgiving 2 years ago. Magical!

  • Around $30

  • Email subscriber

  • Tara O.

    I think the most I’ve ever saved at CVS is probably $20

  • Jackie Hoffman

    I think the most I saved was last year during their black friday sale, after coupons, sales and ecbs, I think I saved almost $200!

  • around $20

  • Sandra Brower

    Last year at their Black Friday sale with coupons, sales, ecbs and gift cards probably about $150 or so.

  • Sandra Brower

    I subscribe.

  • joy h

    I’ve saved 100% a few times.



  • Katy P

    About $10

  • about $10

  • I’ve saved about $10 bucks between sales and Coupons.

  • Email Subscriber

  • Following on Pinterest

  • about $25

  • email subscriber

  • Sue C.

    I recently got about $30 worth of items for less than $1 after coupons, $4 off $20 coupon, and % off coupon.

  • Jessica B.

    I’ve saved $29 with ECB!

  • Alison Wood

    Thanks so much for the CVS card giveaway. I love using the extra care bucks! It has saved me a good bit:)

  • Probably only $10-15

  • Eugenie

    about $10

  • Prolly about 10 dollars

  • jenee

    Less than $5

  • jenee

    I subscribe to your emails

  • soha molina

    I have saved a few dollars.

  • Lucy Lopez

    About 5 dollars

  • Lucy Lopez

    already a subscriber

  • Lucy Lopez

    Follow On Pinterest

  • amber

    i’ve saved $30+ before, they have amazing deals

  • Jorgie

    I don’t know an exact amount, but I have gotten the most amount of free items at CVS!

  • I have saved $20 before

  • Amy

    I save about $15-20.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I’ve saved over $50 at CVS with coupons and sales.

  • Victoria C

    Love that I just moved and there is a CVS closer than there was before because I have never tried to save a lot with coupons there since there wasn’t one close by! :0

  • Kristine L.

    I’ve left CVS before with them giving me money back. It’s my favorite drug store to shop at!

  • Kristine L.

    I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  • followed on pinterest as

  • carogonza


  • Follow you daily

  • Thanks for the opportunity!

  • latanya


  • stacey

    Ive saved around $30 in one trip.

  • falguni

    Follow you on FB and an email subscriber.. Have saved $17 in one trip. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • danielle

    Have saved and saved!

  • loves CVS. They take our insurance!

  • Vicki Wheeldon

    CVS rocks!!

  • Linda Ray

    cvs does rock, but mine always runs out of specials…that or im slow!! =)

  • Mary McArdle

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I’ve never been to CVS, but I would definitely try it.

  • Debbie Asbury

    I love CVS. We have one in our small town and it is very convenient for us. I am battling cancer and I am a couponer. Not able to get out, so I send my husband and daughter to CVS with specific instructions and coupons. They are truely amazed at the savings. I could stretch $25 gift card to over $100 easy!

  • Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  • renee

    Love CVS thanks for the chance to win

  • Lisa Montgomery Hagy

    CVS rocks! Thanks for the giveaways, you rock!

  • Love CVS register rewards

  • I’d love to win this :)

  • I love CVS!

  • I am a Pinterest follower!

  • I love CVS, TY

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