Amazon $50 Gift Card Giveaway | Day 22 of the Fan Appreciation Giveaways!

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by on November 23, 2012

WOW!  There have been some amazing deals last night and today so far!  If you have missed out on any of the deals, be sure to head over the blog and check out what is still available!

What I love about Amazon this season is that they have been matching prices from all major retailers including Walmart, Target and more.  Some of the Deals are for a limited time and do sell out quickly.

Top ways to save on Amazon:

  1. Check out the Deal of the Day – Find the latest deals including Gold Box
  2. Lightning Deals: Deals go fast but are HOT!  Be sure to scroll through the future deals to get a hint of what is to come.

Check out my other 6 tips for savings at Amazon! Read the post on 8 Tips to Save on

Another way to save on your Holiday Shopping is through MyHabit with some great deals on name brand and high end products for the whole family.

There are some amazing deals right now on

I want to thank all of my wonderful fans and I hope you have enjoyed the 22 Days of Giveaways.  Again be sure to check out all the Holiday Deals available right now.

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o.b. Prize Pack

Now, for the last of my Fan Appreciation Giveaways, I am giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Enter the giveaway now:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by anyone. The giveaway is for my readers because I LOVE them! Read more on my Disclosure page. Please be sure to review the Giveaway Terms & Conditions before entering this contest.


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  • I shop for books, movies and electronics

  • We buy books, toys, groceries, music. We love Amazon!

  • my favorite deal is Golden Bow Necklace Frida Girl Jewelry $28

  • I like the Madison Women Watches:$45. I love watches.

  • Joy

    Book and music! Amazon rocks!

  • Toys! And gift cards, too.

  • I like the boots at My Habit- I need a new pair!

  • I follow you on pinterest!

  • Jessica B.

    I shop for diapers on Amazon.

  • Jessica B.

    I follow on pinterest jbeard25

  • Jessica B.

    I follow on pinterest jbeard25

  • Jessica B.

    One Kid for Little Boys on My Habit They are adorable!

  • Jessica B.

    One Kid for Little Boys on My Habit They are adorable!

  • Sonya

    I get books, mostly.

  • i go to Amazon to look for anything that I need. I compare prices with other stores and just make sure that Amazon is running the best deals. Amazon is a serious habit for me. I need an amazon anonymous.

  • AmyB

    I like the cold weather boots on MyHabit

  • jen

    Mostly books, but quite a few household items, too

  • AmyB

    Any and every kind of deal I can find on Amazon.

  • Jenny N

    electronics & movies

  • Jenny N

    I subscribe!

  • emma

    I buy household items on Amazon.

  • I buy SO much on amazon from vitamins to groceries to lotion to toys for my daughter! love the free ebooks and apps, too, of course! (entered above as Idaho jill)

  • Lori S

    I shop for toys.

  • emma

    Love the Sabrina purse for $43

  • Anne Gray

    Any kind of deal – toys, household good, electronics – you name it!

  • This would be a wonderful blessing! Thank you.

  • I usually buy books and music at amazon.

  • Right now I am looking for Christmas presents for my two boys. With my husband still unemployed, I can only spend what I earn as gift cards. Thanks.

  • lanietx

    i shop for toys on amazon, got several on my wish list

  • Im a email subscriber

  • Cold weather boots $80 and under

  • Erica

    I usually try to shop amazon for popular items so I know I have a chance instead of figting in the stores for it

  • Carol Pool

    I shop for all kinds of things,seems that with as many kids (7) that we have and Grand-kids (11) and then all the nieces & nephews,Parents,Sisters & Brothers there is not one thing that you can just shop for,but I do look for Toys,Shoes,etc and Always looking for the great deals that they have.But I really won’t to find my dad some Insulated Coveralls for Christmas this year.

  • Melissa W

    Groceries and diapers

  • Everything:-) this week I’ve bought toilet paper, dishwasher tabs, brave, a blender, a stethoscope, balloons, the lorax…..I LOVE amazon!

  • Cricuit cartridges.

  • Ruthann Rhodes

    Started my shopping with Amazon this morning and will probably finish there. My favorite online shopping destination for everything!

  • Carol Pool

    I like the Kids shoes for $12 & under on MyHabit.

  • Albeit sold out my favorite deal – Chocolat Blu Dasha Lace-Up Pump

  • Kate

    Amazon is my corner store!

  • I buy movies from amazon

  • I buy all of my books there, as well as groceries that I can’t get locally.

  • I’ve been buying household items from amazon

  • Doug W

    I usually buy videos on demand.

  • On my habit i likd the kids mary jane shoes for $12

  • Doug W

    I like the men’s shirt deals

  • Barb

    Amazon is our go-to shopping destination :)

  • I love all things Amazon. I do most of my shopping there!

  • Katie

    I love stocking up on paper towels, laundry detergent and toilet paper!

  • Victoria C

    I love shopping for Christmas gifts on Amazon since most of the prices are comparable to all other places

  • Maryanne

    Usually shop for books! They have best deals

  • I love buying DVD’s, CD’s, & books from Amazon.

  • I shop for diapers & gifts year round.

  • Lydia

    I buy camera gear on amazon.

  • Amy

    I’ve been stalking Amazon for a new carseat for little guy! They seem to have the best prices!

  • Lydia

    I love myhabits sale on doug and melissa play food sets.

  • I shop for makeup

  • The deal I like is the Berghoff 2-Piece Coffee Set

  • Lydia

    I follow on pinterest.

  • I buy all kinds of things on Amazon. I check there first before I go to other sites.

  • CrystalKirk

    I shop for kitchen goodies all the time, they usually have great prices!

  • CrystalKirk

    The Emile Henry deal is my favorite, especially the sky rectangular dish.

  • wii games

  • Existing email subscriber.

  • this would be a awesome gift.


  • melissa w

    I follow on pinterest.

  • melissa w

    I get the daily newsletter

  • cosmetics.

  • I LIKE THE Cosmesis Skincare DNA Repair Cream, 1 oz.

  • I buy diapers, wipes & pullups on Amazon and a ton of other things! Love Prime, free 2 day shipping!

  • teresa s

    kids toys and clothes

  • melissa w

    I shop for diapers and Christmas presents on Amazon.

  • melissa w

    The Melissa & Doug Food Play sale is my favorite today.

  • Favorite My Habit Deals – kids shoes under $12 & the Melissa & Doug sale!!

  • Anne Loyd

    Anything and everything!

  • i looking for almost everyhing on amazon before i check the other stores

  • jennifer

    I usually look for movies and games!

  • I use amazon for just about anything.

  • Some great shoe sales on MyHabit.

  • Barbra M

    I purchase a little of everything.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I rarely buy anything before I check Amazon for prices. Recently I stocked up on some household products (lunch bags, freezer bags, foil, etc.) and bought a pair of jeans for Hubz (he’s a lot easier to fit than I am!) I also love using Amazon to send things to my grand-daughters who live in a different state–so easy!

  • Barbra M

    The Melissa and Doug specials are my favorite so far

  • Anne Loyd
  • tsheatk

    Would love to win this

  • Kristine L.

    I love Amazon for a bunch of different products…craft products, toys, electronics, and more.

  • Kristine L.

    Love the Madison Woman’s Watches on MyHabit

  • Kristine L.

    I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  • Amy B

    Gifts for family as well as essentials like diapers

  • Foley + Corinna Jet Set Satchel in black glitter.

  • I buy everything at – electronics, groceries, appliances – you name it, it’s probably been bought there!

  • Jorgie

    I normally shop for textbooks on Amazon, not fun but necessary!

  • I love the Tecnica Butter Moon Boot for $45!

  • Sonia

    agree – I love amazon and especially their free prime offers for students

  • Jorgie

    I like the A+Ro deals!

  • Karen Glatt

    I usually buy video games and movies on Amazon!

  • Karen Glatt

    I am already an email subscriber!

  • Karen Glatt

    I see Bracelets, Earrings & More Under $50!

  • I like the shoe deals

  • Catalina

    I’ve bought music dvd’s

  • Catalina

    I followed on Pinterest

  • Sheri

    I get just about anything at Amazon if it’s a good price!

  • Sheri

    I will have to decline wanting anything from MyHabit as I see they use real fur from China on items.

  • Sheri

    already a subscriber!

  • Sheri

    Joined group on FB!

  • I shop for gifts but also business essentials. I bought my MacBook Pro on Amazon!

  • elaine S.

    I go to amazon for almost everything! currently mostly for items for my daughter :)

  • Susan H.

    Books and electronics mostly.

  • SarTann

    What a generous giveaway. I love the lightning deals on Amazon. Some of them go fast, I guess that’s why there called lightning. lol But you can get thing’s at awesome prices. I also find the reviews on products extremely helpful. Even if I’m not buying from Amazon I still check their reviews on thing’s. Thank you, :)

  • books books books!!

  • Jen

    I would love this!

  • I usually shop for electronic and dvds

  • I buy pet food on Amazon, and my husband buys a lot of electronic items.

  • I like the kids shoes for $12 and under at MyHabit like the Cienta Kid’s Ruffle Mary Jane for $12


  • Karina H

    I go to Amazon for books, along with almost everything else.

  • I shop for everything on Amazon

  • I like the melissa and doug stuff on myhabit

  • Rebecca

    I like to buy movies and books on Amazon

  • I like the evodia: Skincare from Australia

  • Rebecca

    I like the $12 kids shoes on MyHabit!

  • amanda

    I follow u on FB and pinterest.

  • Tabathia B

    I mainly shop for ebooks on a daily basis
    email subscriber

  • I shop on Amazon for nearly everything!!! I just ordered a part for my truck from them at 50% off auto parts dealer pricing!!!

  • I shop Amazon for stuff for the kids, especially electronics.

  • Rachel

    Movies & a little bit of everything!

  • I subscribe via email.

  • I follow via pinterest.

  • I like the Kindle Cases deal for just $10 each on MyHabit!

  • I am already a newsletter subscriber – love you for all you do for us! :)

  • At MyHabit I liked the Adrianna Papel women’s colorblock sheath dress.

  • I love getting movies from Amazon (and free Kindle books)!

  • Donna

    I Love amazon!! I buy a ton of stuff on it

  • organic dog food. ONly the best for my oreo at Amazon

  • I like the personalized initial pendants deal on My Habit…they’re cute!

  • I love Amazon…but I think I’m addicted!

  • E-mail subscriber!

  • MyHabit-I By Invicta Men’s IB10004-006 Black Dial Silicone Watch

  • I buy lots of books and movies from Amazon.

  • already a subscriber

  • Melissa

    Printer ink, books, electronics. Thanks!

  • On MyHabit, the bath & beauty & skincare items for less than $50 appeal to me. I need to spoil myself sometimes, too!

  • I love the Dino raincoat they have on there.

  • Bill Elliott

    I shop for toys at Amazon, they always have great prices. I like the little girl
    “Hello Kitty” tops on sale, my Granddaughters loves these type of clothes

  • Tina W

    Everything I can!!

  • Sunnie

    I use amazon when I have survey money

  • Vicki

    Amazon is a great shopping site!

  • stephanie

    love those lightning dvd deals!

  • daiva

    I buy diapers on amazon :)

  • Susan Pertierra

    I shop for books, plays, electronic stuff and cookware.

  • Vicki W

    Definitely the ksubi brown boots on my habit!!

  • Julie

    My expensive hair gel (in bulk)!

  • Charlotte

    I normally buy books on there.

  • ena

    I look for dvd’s I cannot find for my mother to enjoy. she likes to watch religious movies.

  • thera

    Books, vitamins, home goods

  • Danielle Fleece

    I love this newsletter and I also love saving money. The giveaways are fun too!

  • Susan Pertierra

    I follow on Pinterest.

  • I usually shop for toys for my Grandsons. Amazon has some incredible deals!

  • I shop at Amazon a lot! I get most of my ebooks there, most of my music, stevia, vitamins, jewelry and I have a mile long wish list. lol

  • I love Amazon, and I buy diapers there all the time!

  • I like the Linea Pelle jewelry. Gorgeous!

  • Susan Pertierra

    KOKUN Layered Sweater Dress for $25 – Unfortunately, everything except one item is sold out in the sweater category!

  • i usually buy food and toys on amazon.

  • i shop for 4 toys or odd ball things

  • I buy books & electronics on amazon.

  • On MyHabit, I love the Point à la Ligne section with the wonderful candle holders. I also like the designer handbags for $99 and under

  • Losan for baby and Ravensburger Puzzles & Games, some great deals on MyHabit!

  • JulsB20

    I’ve been getting a ton of movies on Amazon and MP3 downloads

  • Normally I buy toys on Amazon.

  • Kari R.

    This would help me to provide a nice Christmas for my children.

  • Already get your newsletter.

  • Follow on Google +

  • I search for items for the kiddos

  • I subscribe to your emails

  • I like the kids shoes for $12 and under on my Habit.

  • DVD, snacks, cookbooks

  • I am an email subscriber

  • Kimberly

    i usually buy video games and electronics.

  • Kimberly

    I like the Kindle Cases for $10 in the various colors.

  • cher

    i shop baby stuff on amazon

  • cher

    like the kids shoe deal

  • cher

    email subscriber

  • j1029d

    I will buy any and everything from Amazon. The sky’s the limit!

  • cher

    follow on facebook and pinterest

  • Michele Behlen

    I have been shopping a lot on Amazon. I have bought toys, apliances, and electronics. I have enjoyed Black Friday at home.

  • Linda Brown

    just about everything :)

  • i shop for toys on amazon

  • fav deal today is the trunki by melissa & doug soo cute

  • Michele Behlen

    I am an email subscriber.

  • i get your emails

  • I like the melissa and doug play food on myhabit

  • Follow me on Google +

  • i’m part of the facebook group

  • Linda Brown

    Tees $25 & under

  • follow you on pinterest

  • E Elaine A

    Most anything except clothes, but especially books and music.

  • i love the light knitted throw blankets.

  • I’m an e-mail subscriber. I love Amazon; they have good prices and customer service.

  • I shop Amazon for books and video games.

  • jensenaz

    We love amazon

  • I like the Melissa and Doug play food on myhabit

  • I get books and dvd’s at amazon

  • I usually check out the toys that my daughter has asked for.

  • Amy

    I love Amazon! I shop there almost daily!

  • BoltBrothers

    I subscribe to your email

  • BoltBrothers

    The André Assous Marcia High Heel Hiker Boot are cute

  • I buy books, video games and toys.

  • Bobbie Worden

    love amazon

  • petra

    books and computer supplies

  • I buy gifts for all 3 of my nieces on Amazon, for their birthdays and for Christmas. They all live out of town, and it’s just easier to have Amazon ship it than to take it to the post office and ship it myself.

  • I like the deals on My Habit for Melissa and Doug Play Food.

  • Carrie

    I shop on Amazon all the time… for just about anything! Vitamins, health foods, music, books and more!

  • JessieC

    Groceries and DVDs

  • JessieC

    Like the Hilary Radley New York Double-Breasted Vintage Style Coat deal today

  • I followed you on Pinterest @thao Nguyen

  • I usually buy books, software, vitamins, personal stuffs on Amazon

  • Sarah

    I usually shop for books and DVDs on Amazon. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! :)

  • Sarah

    email subscriber

  • Sarah

    Pinterest follower

  • Sarah

    My favorite MyHabit deal today is the MUKS Original Muk Boot.

  • Hara

    I always look for the daily deals.

  • Amanda

    I usually buy books, toys and electronics at amazon.

  • Amanda

    My favorite deals at My Habit are the winter boots!!! I live in the mountains, I can’t have enough!

  • Janice Cooper

    I usually buy hair products from Amazon. Love this site :)

  • Janice Cooper

    I like the Adrienne Vittadini Women’s Striped Cardigan (Cobalt) deal today

  • Hara

    I like the kids shoes on MyHabit.

  • Sheley

    I shop at amazon for anything I need. I bought Halloween costumes there most recently.

  • I shop for Pampers economy size diapers and also for gifts!

  • Sonya

    The boots are calling me on myhabit.

  • I shop Amazon for everything? Love it!

  • On MyHabit I love the Me and My Dolly Gypsy Dress in Blue for my daughter and her new dolly!

  • I shop Amazon for probably 90% of my online shopping; toys, books, vitamins, health, lots of things. I compare too, but often they have the best prices and free shipping.

  • My favorite thing on My Habit is definitely shoes.

  • Subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Follow you on fb.

  • I follow you on Pinterest. I love Pinterest!!

  • I love their lightening deals. I was able to pick up a great gaming mouse for me, and some cool stocking stuffers ear buds for my son. :)

  • vickie

    So far I have purchased olive oil, coffee and books on Amazon..pretty new to shopping with them.

  • I follow u on FB all the time. Your deals have saved me a small bundle which really helps in this economy!

  • And i subscribe to your news letter. :) I started following you when I lived in AZ, and now that i’m in NJ… I’m still a huge fan!

  • Debra Gaswint

    Purple Cold Water boots for 38 bucks!

  • Lisa D

    Everything. I love Amazon. I love the lightnight deals, movies and toys

  • Schmidty

    kitchenware and electronics
    (***Rust in rafflecopter)

  • Heather

    I check Amazon for great toy and electronics deals.

  • Heather

    Melissa and Doug play food

  • Marlene

    I shop for things I can’t find elsewhere: rare books, the barbeque grill cover that I needed to replace, stuff like that

  • Chloe

    I shop at Amazon all the time.

  • I really hope I win the Amazon gift card! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Chloe

    i already subscribe to the newsletter.

  • AQHorse

    Movies, home improvement items, kitchen things

  • AQHorse

    Shoes are fun on MyHabit.

  • I love using Amazon for hard to find items, or unique gift ideas… Also love that I can send my sweetie MP3 credit so he can download new music while he’s on the road.

  • AQHorse

    email subscriber

  • I followed several of your Pinterest boards! Love all the stuff you’ve posted. Thanks!!!

  • I read your newsletter everyday! It’s one of the first things I read in the morning or before I make my shopping list!

  • Lanie

    I already subscribe to your newsletters/emails. Thanks.

  • Lanie

    I usually go to Amazon and buy movies, beauty stuff, supplements, clothes, or anything else I can find. I love Amazon :)

  • Lanie

    I like the $25 and under Sweaters on MyHabit. Thats always a good deal!

  • Kiki Bacaro

    We buy a LOT of stuff through Amazon but books, coconut oil and butter, and other herbs, vitamins and supplements are probably the things we buy most often.

  • Kiki Bacaro

    Boy + Girl has some really cute kids clothing!

  • Kiki Bacaro

    I am already a subscriber!

  • I look for electronics mostly.

  • Erica

    Usually toys…or just great deals on anything. Would love to win this!

  • rachel t


  • rachel t

    i shop for dvds!!

  • Trudi S.

    I look for electronics accessories on Amazon.

  • rksmom

    I look to Amazon for reviews on books, and pretty much everything else. You can always get so much feedback. In addition to great prices, and great customer service, you can get a wealth of information. I love Amazon!

  • Jessica P.

    I did all of my shopping on Amazon last year :)

  • rksmom

    I like the wooden (kitchen) trays and the wooden toys on MyHabit.

  • Tracy

    I use Amazon for everything. Great deals!

  • I shop for everything at Amazon!

  • WOW! My Habit has some beautiful cocktail dresses at amazing prices! Too bad most are sold out!

  • I’m an email subscriber!

  • Ted kooper

    kitchen appliances

  • sandy d

    I shop for everything on amazon

  • I buy Blu-Rays and MP3s from Amazon all the time. This year, I have also purchased books, video games, jewelry, iPhone accessories, and more.

  • I usually shop for MP3 music and cell phone accessories.

  • I love to shop for book for my kindle, but most recent purchase was dart flights for my husband’s stocking

  • massenav

    I go to Amazon for everything and to also price compare. I love the Amazon mom feature.

  • hannah l

    organic bulk items

  • hannah l

    my favorite deal is the dresses for girls

  • hannah l

    i subscribe to the newsletter

  • Pet Supplies!!

  • Follow on Pinterest.

  • ladysweetpotato

    I buy all sorts of items on Amazon; electronics, books, supplements, business supplies, etc.

  • Email Subscriber

  • ladysweetpotato

    I’m already subscribed to the news letter and I follow and Pinterest!

  • I like the wooden toys on My Habit.

  • ladysweetpotato

    My favorite MyHabit deals are the kids’ shoes!

  • I purchase a lot of printer ink from Amazon

  • I like the deals on the umi shoes

  • Right now it iswedding stuff~

  • Right now it iswedding stuff~

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I like to buy diapers on Amazon.

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I like the Perfect Gifts: Bracelets & Charms on Myhabit today

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I am already an email subscriber

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    I already follow on Pinterest

  • Danielle B

    We usually look for books and movies on Amazon

  • Danielle B

    I already subscribe by email

  • Helen R.

    Love video games on Amazon!

  • Rock DVDs. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  • Black Studded Multi-Strap Cuff. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  • Sue C.

    I do a lot of shopping at, mostly mp3’s, books, magazines, and printer ink.

  • Sue C.

    At MyHabit my favorite deals today are the “Handbags $99 and under”

  • Suzanne Alexander

    I buy home items, toys, cologne, books, movies , music, everything!

  • Suzanne Alexander

    $10 Kindle cases

  • DVDS, music, books, video games, stuff like that

  • I follow you on pintrest

  • Kerry G

    I like the Linea Pelle Jewelry on My Habit.

  • I’m a current email subscriber

  • Amy

    I buy lots of household items on Amazon. $50 would rock!!

  • Tried my first lightning deal on the Brave combo pack Thanksgiving day…sold out in about 30 seconds. Oh well. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card.

  • Michelle

    I shop Amazon for ALL my needs! I even get my makeup and perfume from there with the recurring mail orders. I LOVE the lightning deals this week!!

  • Daniella

    I usually shop for books at Amazon

  • Dee Parker

    I buy books and PG Tips tea.

  • Daniella

    I like the cold weather boots under $80

  • chelsea r

    I like to buy books and look for unusual gifts.

  • chelsea r

    My favorite right now is the Giorgio Armani eyewear deals.

  • We buy diapers and textbooks on Amazon.

  • Email Subscriber.

  • My favorite MyHabit deal for today is the Trunki Bundle.

  • Sara Spiker

    We usually get toys, bike parts, and diapers from Amazon. This year we’re buying all of our Christmas presents from Amazon.

  • Jennifer L

    I always check out the free Kindle Books on amazon

  • Julie Wood

    I usually look for video games and movies!

  • soha molina

    I buy books. clothes.

  • Julie Wood

    I like the Scallop Strap Flat Sandal On My Habit today!

  • Julie Wood

    I am an email subscriber!

  • my son loves to buy his video games on Amazon and I like to buy books

  • Jessica

    I usually shop at Amazon for toys. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jessica

    I like the TroiZenfants Boys deals!

  • Candice

    I shop for DVDs, pet supplies, and groceries.

  • I like KOKUN Women’s Draped Cardigan (Crimson)

  • I purchase a lot of DVDs from Amazon.

  • Sandra U.

    Toys for the kids or electronics.

  • Kelly sullivan

    Books, toys, sales

  • Wendy Pesce


  • Wendy Pesce

    My favorite MyHabit deal for today is the Trunki Bundle.

  • Maria

    I usually shop for video games and toys for my kiddos for Christmas.
    Thank you!

  • Maria

    I love the deal they have right now on the Aqua Vista lighting. Thank you!

  • christina

    hi we love amazon for movies and books! they beat everyone’s price ;)

  • Sherri Hickman

    I shop for everything nearly everything at Amazon.

  • Emily Cormier

    I buy lots of things off amazon. My latest purchase was some Avengers tshirts for my son and a few books for both my kids.

  • I usually shop for children’s toys for my grandsons on Amazon!

  • Sam

    I buy all my diapers and wipes through Amazon!!

  • Sam

    Baby clothings is what I’m usually looking for at myhabit.

  • Lisa Wieland

    Amazon is great for all different items!

  • tiffany laventure

    diapers.. or toys for my daughter

  • tiffany laventure

    the childrens clothing.. or the womens boots

  • Shawna W

    I like to shop for shoes, clothing and K-cups.

  • OneThriftyMomma

    I look for gadgets and books.

  • Shawna W

    I love the deal at My Habit for handbags at $99 or less!

  • OneThriftyMomma

    I like the sweaters under $25.

  • Shawna W

    I subscribed to your daily emails too :)

  • Koanlani

    Good deals for my 4 kids, saves me lots of $ vs. going to the mall :)

  • Rachelle R

    I love amazon! I shop for everything from music, to ebooks, electronics & clothes!

  • I buy a lot of my paper products on Amazon.

  • There is an Upper School gingham dress that I love on My Habit

  • Gianna

    I usually shop for DVDs, toys, games and other items that are hard to find elsewhere.

  • Gianna

    The Forever Marilyn Blu-ray Collection.

  • Donnetta

    I buy toys, books and camping gear on Amazon!

  • Email subscriber

  • They have some really cool Puma and Fila sneakers featured this weekend

  • Andrea Williams

    I shop mostly for books, movies, toys, electronic accessories, jewelry and I compare prices.

  • love Amazon

  • Mj23

    I always shop on Amazon!

  • Valerie G

    I shop for magazines or books

  • Maralea

    I love Amazon! Always can find exactly what I am looking for!

  • Maralea

    I love the Classic Cosy Sheepskin Boots on MyHabit!

  • beth m.

    I go there for printer toner cartridges or other items for my computer

  • beth m.

    I am a subscriber to your emails

  • Chavonne H

    I generally buy snacks or grocery items.

  • Heather

    Diapers and pretty much everything else I need.

  • Chavonne H

    I like the
    Co-Lab by Christopher Kon Women’s Codie Canvas Tote (Coral) for $45 deal

  • Heather

    on myhabit, it would definitely be the disney jewelry.

  • amy m

    usually I shop for home items and toys at amazon

  • amy m

    I like the womens australian sheepskin boot

  • I shop for gor K Cups, toys, clothes, electronics, YOU NAME IT! Amazon is the ULTIMATE shopping mall in my book!

  • I love Amazon!! I shop there all the time and look for deals!

  • I usually buy books or toys from

  • I shop for everything on Amazon

  • Subscribed

  • Misty


  • Kristen B.

    I go to Amazon for everything! Chances are, you can find the better deals on there :)

  • video games

  • Phone accessories!

  • I go on Amazon to look for anything I need at the time. I also get stuff that bloggers post on certain deals.

  • I like the betsey johnson intimate apparel deal

  • ErinK.

    I shop for EVERYTHING on Amazon! Books, movies, toys, housewares, scrapbooking supplies, food…list goes on and on!

  • Nicole

    I shop for DVDs, CDs, Books, and Toys on . . . I have done a lot of my holiday shopping this way!!!

  • Nicole

    I already belong to My Habit and love the daily deals I get sent via email! Today my favorite deals are the baby bodysuits (cute gift!), Melissa and Doug Food Play, and the $20 and under listing (I even saw $12 and under for kid’s shoes!)

  • Crystal B

    I love book, apps, clothes, everything

  • Video games

  • Food play by Melissa and Doug

  • Email subscriber

  • bebe_0302

    I go to Amazon for information, pictures of items, actually-to look up just about anything. I probably have bought more books from them than anything else.

  • bebe_0302

    I love the Bamboo & Reclaimed Wooden Signs and the Disney Collection Jewelry pieces. What great deals!

  • Amanda Yoder

    I look on Amazon for Gluten free groceries and out of town football team gear

  • Amanda Yoder

    I’m an email subscriber

  • Amanda Yoder

    I’m a FB fan

  • kykitty

    Amazon is my first place to online shop always!!!!

  • kykitty

    Favorite deals at My Habit:Madison Women Watches

  • would love to win this!!! amazon is my favorite online store!!!!

  • amy c


  • I always shop Amazon for mp3 songs!

  • i just look for something I need.

  • Ellen C.

    I buy the majority of my toys from Thanks for the chance.

  • Kristen

    love amazon. they have tons of rare hard to find stuff-i get liquor filled chocolates from them every holiday :)

  • Jennifer

    My last Amazon purchase was yesterday, video games!

  • Jennifer

    Already a FaceBook fan, Facebook group member, follow you on Pinterest and already subscribe to your emails too… love your deals and giveaways!

  • citybitty

    I usually get K-cups!

  • citybitty

    I’m an email subscriber!

  • sbud

    I’ve gotten video games, birthday and christmas gifts from Amazon for the past 5 years. It’s such a lifesaver. I LOVE AMAZON!!

  • I usually shop for electronics, and book deals. Great giveaway!

  • Melissa A.

    I usually shop for toys on Amazon. I also like to shop for household cleaning products. They usually have great prices on toilet paper, dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent.

  • Melissa A.

    I really like the A+RO sale

  • Melissa A.

    email subscriber

  • arrodr1


  • arrodr1

    the mellisa and doug food

  • Geri C

    I usually shop Amazon for books, DVD’s and toys for my kids.

  • Geri C

    I’m an email subscriber

  • melmorgan4

    Books, toys, DVDs and household paper products are what I usually get from Amazon.

  • JennR

    Make-up, toys, bedding

  • Deals, and more deals. apps, ebooks, gifts, and items for my home. I love Amazon.

  • MyHabit rocks!! I really like the puzzle and game deals. Ready to see what else they have coming up next.

  • I go to Amazon for many things. I like to do price comparison before I make a purchase. This is a great resource for that.

  • Followed ya on pintrest

  • Jenny

    i usually shop for music and video games and hard to find items on amazon

  • Jenny

    email subscriber

  • i would love to win a amazon gift card, thank u so much for having these contests

  • Tania

    Hoping I can get something with amazon since I just bought a kindle…

  • Kathryn

    I shop for all kinds of things on amazon…books, music, dvd’s, and much more.

  • SarTann

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. :)

  • P H

    Movies, games, books, electronics. :)

  • P H

    following on Pinterest

  • P H

    already getting the email newsletter :)

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    I buy allmy cellphone acessories and anything I need!

  • I usually shop for books and video games.

  • Heather N.

    Mostly I shop for books from amazon, but we’ve gotten a couple toys this year, too!

  • Heather N.

    MyHabit: Stitch’s Jeans $56 from $180

  • Danielle

    I usually shop for video games and cell phone accessories

  • Danielle

    MyHabit:kswiss shoes. All the running around I do I need a new pair

  • Dee Parker

    From the Asian sale the revival wooden water bucket.

  • Karin

    love amazon for books, music, kindle downloads, toys. You can find anything you want there

  • cher

    I shop for things that I need and Amazon is good place to comparison shop. I also do my kindle reads a lot. Don’t always pay but great place to browse great books :)

  • cher

    My habit always has cool stuff. Of course well beyond my means ) I like the reclaimed wood signs (I love you more is something my brother an gram say to each other all the time) and the Lighting with style lamps.

  • Judy L


  • Judy L

    email subscriber

  • Deborah Lott

    books, art supplies, toys, electronics…

  • Deborah Lott

    I like the Oryany handbags at My Habit.

  • Deanna G.

    I shop for food a lot.

  • Deanna G.

    My favorite is the David Kahn Jeans sale.

  • Amanda Yoder

    On MyHabit, most of it is not my style, but some of the edderra jewelry looked nice.

  • julie mullins

    I usually look for video games and electronics

  • julie mullins

    I like the Eddera jewelry on my habit!

  • bethaz

    I go to Amazon for toys and electronics.

  • Lisa M

    EBooks and music!

  • Lisa M

    MyHabit has great deals for a fashion forward person with expensive taste.

  • Lisa M

    I subscribe by email.

  • I usually shop for toys, books, etc on Amazon

  • I love all deals about clothings on MyHabit

  • I followed you on Pinterest

  • projecthope7

    I love Amazon and shop mostly for non perishable food items and books, dvds, and electronics. This would be such a blessing.. with 3 birthday and Christmas all within 2 weeks of Christmas, you can imagine how much it would help! Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  • Abby

    I shop for Everything on Amazon. Especially gifts.

  • Abby

    Steven by Steve Madden is my favorite today.

  • I’m already an email subscriber.

  • I’m already following you on Pinterest.

  • I’m loving the K-Swiss MyHabit deal on women’s shoes.

  • Claiborne Snyder

    I shop for everything on amazon. So much easier than dragging a baby out and about. Mostly baby stuff though!

  • Claiborne Snyder

    Darcy brown London girls!

  • Claiborne Snyder

    Followed on pinterest!

  • Leah Brislin

    I buy lots of things at amazon!

  • Everything! I’m a prime member!!

  • Maryanne

    Love the books!

  • Katy P

    Shop for diapers, wipes, k-cups, and toys the most!

  • Katy P

    I am an email subscriber

  • Katy P

    I follow on Pinterest

  • Katy P

    The Umi Shoes deals are my fave

  • Margie

    Margie Payne-I love to find books on Amazon!

  • Lina

    I usually shop for books on AMazon!

  • Faith B

    The last few days it has been Christmas presents

  • Faith B

    Gucci Handbags

  • Faith B

    Email Subscriber

  • Faith B

    Follower on Pinterest

  • Zobia

    Amazon is my go to place for shopping for electronic accessories such as laptop chargers or batteries.

  • I usually shop for household items or beauty products

  • tramaine

    I shop for practical things, vitamins, socks etc…

  • Mandy


  • I usually buy books on Amazon.

  • Always buy movies, cds and books on Amazon!!

  • kmama

    I compare things at Amazon to see if I can get them cheaper, which I often times can!

  • Charlene

    My family LOVES Amazon! I get most of our electronic accessories from them! Great prices!

  • Carissa

    What items do I usually shop for at Amazon? Books, toys, movies, music, and anything purple lol….

  • I love the Perfect Gifts: Bracelets & Charms and the Sarabanda Girls 2Fer Knit Dress on my Habit!!!

  • I’m following you on Pinterest, AWESOME!

  • I’m now subscribed to your way cool newsletter!

  • Lisa Montgomery Hagy

    Amazon is where I shop for books (electronic or otherwise)!

  • jenee

    I go there for gifts for my nieces

  • jenee

    I subscribe to your emails

  • Brenda

    I buy books for my kindle on amazon :)

  • Jes

    Books and batteries!

  • Rust

    Myhabit deal I like: Marni Sunglasses Up to 80% Off

  • Jessica B.

    I shop for baby items and books at Amazon!

  • Jessica B.

    My favorite deals at MyHabit today are on the Marni sunglasses and Eddera jewelry!

  • Jes

    I like some of the Simply Modern Home items at My Habit!

  • I do all my toy shopping on Amazon.

  • I like the plan toy sale at myhabit.

  • Jennifer Speed

    accessories for my phone and sometimes headphones

  • Jennifer Speed

    follow on pinterest

  • i get anything on amazon from food to household cleaners!

  • Usually I shop for toys or movies on amazon

  • ShannonOelrich

    I usually shop for books

  • Lgurrola

    Love your site and check you on twitter everyday. Thank you!

  • melmorgan4

    I like the deal on the Dolce Vita Pax bootie.

  • Thabal

    I started out using Amazon mainly for books and electronics. But now, a lot more – like baby items, health snacks etc.

  • Thabal

    I like the Umi shoes collection for kids in the MyHabit.

  • Melissa Odom

    Books is what I normally shop for

  • Melissa Odom

    Steven By Steve Maddin was my fav

  • luv2read24

    Amazon is THE place to go!! Make sure you check it out!!!

  • Lisa L

    I buy lots of kids’ clothes on Amazon

  • shannon oelrich


  • brittany t

    i usually shop for books or dvd’s or even cd’s!

  • I usually shop for toys for my children.

  • I shop for everything on Amazon. I mostly purchase diapers, movie, and kitchen gadgets.

  • I love the kids bedding on MyHabit

  • I am a subscriber

  • Joyce Mlinek

    I like to shop for yarn to make necklaces.

  • Joyce Mlinek

    I like the Gucci Women’s Duffle Bag.

  • marilyn z

    everything can be found on amazon!!
    Easy, fun and great!

  • Eva Franco dress for $129

  • already a subscriber

  • sherry fowler

    I shop for everything on Amazon!

  • sherry fowler

    Gucci bags

  • A little bit of everything.

  • Subscribed

  • Followed on Pinterest

  • SeaVees Women’s Shoes

  • Edie R

    I shop for kids items and movies on Amazon!

  • My kids love sonic and mario brothers… Amazon is a great site for those items.

  • I shop amazon for everything. Anytime I am shopping for something, I always check Amazon first.

  • Denise Sauser

    Amazon prime is awesome

  • Heather Osgood

    I get most of my Christmas gifts on Amazon! (mostly toys)

  • I always check out Amazon before I buy anything! Even toothpaste for my family, they also offer coupons for toothpaste! I love it!

  • I love the Hello Kitty backpacks on MyHabit.

  • Heather Osgood

    Gucci handbags!

  • And books of course. My 7 year old is a book worm.

  • Tee S.

    I like the core root items at My Habit

  • Tee S.

    I have gotten many different things from Amazon, from everyday items to specialized gifts. It is a great resource.

  • Christine

    I shop exclusively at Amazon.

  • MariDoug

    I like to get books for my kindle.

  • kaylac52

    I usually shop amazon for books & kitchen gadgets

  • Jillg

    My son just got a kindle fire…lots of amazon shopping to do!

  • Mtomp

    Diapers diapers diapers!! Love Amazon

  • MariDoug

    I liked
    GUCCI Women’s Flat Crystal Tote (Blue)
    $1,490 for $899

  • Krystal

    What items do I NOT shop for on Amazon? I love having a wish list and keeping one for my kids. I buy toys, electronics, and so many more things.

  • Teh Doll


  • kim

    Amazon is where I go to get an assortment of gifts and I can get them delivered to me pretty pronto quick!

  • Great giveaway, thank you. I <3 Amazon.

  • Amy B

    Giro cast iron

  • Tracy R.

    I love Amazon and have gotten a lot of great stuff there!!

  • L C

    Everything :) but mostly DVDs

  • printer ink

  • I’m really liking the anatex toys at myhabit

  • Tawna

    I love Amazon. Thanks.

  • Kitchen stuff

  • The Gucci handbags are my favorite deal at My Habit

  • Michelle A

    I love amazon because of the free shipping over $25 and you can buy almost anything!

  • Christy Marez

    Love Amazon do most of my shopping there! :)

  • Christy Marez

    My fave deal is the Melissa & Doug food

  • June L

    I love getting makeup and fun things like video games.

  • June L

    Already an email subscriber

  • June L

    Following on Pinterest

  • claudia ellis

    I usually shop for electronics, movies, toys on amazon

  • claudia ellis

    I love the Dayna Decker botanika line

  • rustell

    Um, everything? I have even started buying my shoes from amazon.

  • rustell

    The pedal cars from Myhabit are so cute!

  • rustell

    email subscriber

  • Usually books and toys!

  • AEKZ2

    I usually buy my DVDs and books from Amazon

  • Follow u on FB, Twitter and emails

  • bill elliott

    Amazon is the place to go when i need to shop for toys

  • I need this to purchase Dance Moms DVD’s. LOL

  • chattytn2

    I love Amazon especially with Prime shipping

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