Tips to Enjoy Summer Fun at Sea World San Diego

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by on July 26, 2012

Sea World Tips

Sea World Tips for a Fun Vacation

I have a few Sea World Tips for a Fun Vacation.  This past weekend my family and I had the pleasure of enjoying beautiful San Diego weather AND getting splashed by whales. We enjoyed a fun full day at Sea World!

Honestly, Sea World has always been special to me because of my love for the ocean and marine life. Plus, when you are looking to get out of the hot Arizona sun, what is a better destination that Southern CA? Sea World offers a variety of shows, rides, and experiences that are really enjoyable for people of all ages. From fast roller coasters, to water rides, to Bay of Play where kids can meet all their favorite Sesame Street characters, to meeting dolphins, whales, and penguins up close – Sea World is a perfect family vacation destination!

All three of my kids (ages 1, 4, and (almost) 7 years old) had a blast – and I can say so did I! It had been a few years since we have been to Sea World – but there were some big changes, like the roller coaster Manta, and the exhibit Turtle Reef, which was so beautiful. If you haven’t been to Sea World or it has been a while since you have gone, here are some tips for getting the most out of your experience.

Sea World Tips: Getting the Most out of your Sea World Experience:

Sea World Tips

  • Sea World Tips #1: Before you go, look online show times and any event closures so that you can tentatively plan what you want to see or do. Of course, part of a vacation is enjoying the freedom of not planning – but it can help save you time if you already know things that you know you want to do ahead of time. Plus, there is a fun interactive map online to get an idea of where everything is located at the park. Flamingos walking at Sea World
  • Sea World Tips #2: Get to the park early (before it even opens if possible) to help beat the crowds. You will be among the first to enter, and it will be easier to see some attractions or go on rides before the afternoon crowds enter. My son was intent on riding the new Manta rollercoaster, so we headed there first. He and my hubby had no trouble getting on right away. We also headed to the Shark Encounter exhibit early and had no wait. Later that afternoon, I saw a huge line to get in – so make sure you hit some of those more popular destinations early.Sea World Tips
  • Sea World Tips #3: Save the shows for the afternoon/evening when the park gets more crowded. This will also allow you a break to sit after walking around during the morning. And if it is hot, sit in the “soak zone” to cool off – just be warned, you may really get soaked (especially at the Shamu show)! Sea World Tips
  • Sea World Tips #4: Sea World doesn’t allow you to take in food or drinks (unless you have dietary restrictions), but you can take in water bottles, so I recommend taking in as many as you can carry. This will help you save on drink costs, but also keep you hydrated during the day. The weather may be cooler, but the sun can still be draining and you can become dehydrated easier. Sea World Tips
  • Sea World Tips #5: If you have kids, take a stroller. This will help you for when the kids get tired (and you don’t want to carry them) and also you can push around all those waters and souvenirs. Sea World Tips
  • Sea World Tips#6: Don’t forget to take plenty of sunscreen, your camera, a bathing suit (for the kids), and a light sweater. Even in the summer, the nights can get cool in Southern CA. If you forget any of these things, you can buy them at the park, but they can add up and you’ll probably want to save your money for food and/or other souvenirs. You might also want to bring in your own glow bracelets or wands to save on costs. Amazon has plenty of options. Just keep them hidden from the kids until you get to the park for a fun surprise.zoe and the girls

If you have little kids, Bay of Play is definitely a must see – it has plenty of hands on fun and you just might catch a Sesame Street character (or two) singing, dancing, or ready to take a picture with you.

Buying Tickets:

They are offering a Sea World Length of Stay Ticket, which gives you unlimited admission for 7 days. There are a few days that are excluded from this deal, so you’ll want to check those out before going.

You might also want to check out:

The SeaWorld San Diego 1-Year Silver Pass allows guests unlimited park admission for 12-months, as well as FREE parkings and lots of in-park discounts.

My favorite part? I loved Shamu Rocks – definitely worth staying into the night for and catching the show. Little bit of rock n’ roll, fun tricks from Shamu, and plenty of water-fun!

Here is a preview of it for you:

Have you been to Sea World? What are some of your favorite attractions? Do you have more tips to maximize a Sea World experience?


Disclosure: My family was provided tickets to Sea World to review the park, however, this post was written by me and was not edited by the sponsor. Read more on my Disclosure page.


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  • Katie Y

    Sounds like fun. I am planning on taking my kids, ages 9mo, 2, & 5, mid-August before school starts. I haven’t been in a while, thanks for the tips. I will for sure look online prior to visiting since I will be going without hubby.

  • deniseathome

    So you’re a zonie! My grandson loves dolphins and we go almost weekly to visit. On our last visit we saw to cotton tail rabbits. The dolphins are so smart that they recognize not only their trainers but frequent visitors as well. They line up at their enclosure window and wait for the public to vist them.

  • My fam and i just went this past week. It was awesome. But my 7 year old girl was too little to ride the roller coaster, big bummer!

  • Melanie

    We love Sea World! A couple of tips: if you are going to be in San Diego for a few days, they offer a length of stay ticket. Same price as the daily admission, but good for 7 days. There is also a 3 for 1 pass that will get you in Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Safari Park for a little more than just the Sea World pass, and it is good for 7 days. We got ours locally at Costco before we left. As far as food goes, we took peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish crackers, granola bars, and water bottles in, and no one told us we couldn’t. YMMV though.

  • Thanks for the tips Melanie!

  • Tiffany – my (almost) 7 year old barely made the height requirement!

  • That is so fun Denise! Wish we could go more often – that is very special!

  • Hi Katie – I hope you have a fabulous time!

  • katie speed

    Thanks for the tips..I also downloaded the Seaworld app. on my iphone so I can use it to find a bathroom/food/animals, find showtimes, and see ride and wait times. They also have a fun camera that you use with your phone that adds fun frames to the pics and you don’t have to exit out of the Seaworld app and keep switching back to the camera! Genius! I can’t wait to use it!. Not sure if we will last until dark to see Shamu Rocks, but maybe when my 9m. old gets older we will go to the Summer Nights event.

  • Katie – great tips! and I can’t believe I forgot to mention the SeaWorld app – we used that too, to help navigate while at the park (especially through crowds or when short on time) – thanks for mentioning those – and have fun on your trip!

  • Lisa

    Why is there a closed day not he schedule for May

  • Lisa

    Sorry why is there a closed day on the schedule for May????

  • Hi Lisa – I’d recommend contacting Sea World directly to ask.

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