Small Ways to Save Big Amounts of Time

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by on July 22, 2012


Does it ever feel like time gets away from you, or there are less minutes in a day than there ever used to be? Learning to get the most out of your day can be adopted by doing just a few small things.

Below, Kate Sorensen from Coupon Cravings shares with the Savings Cents With Sense readers her top five ideas to pack a little more activity and save a few minutes here and there in to the time you are given.

1. Look at minutes as opportunities. If you have kids there’s a great chance you spend a lot of time in the car. While you’re waiting for them to hop in to the car, or waiting for your takeout at the nearby restaurant, use those few minutes tidying up your car that you might have rather spent perusing Facebook. It feels amazing to get out of a car that’s picked up.

2. Always be prepared. On that same note, rather than trying to carve out a dedicated 30 minutes to clean out your car take a small nanosecond to grab a few reusable plastic grocery bags and stick them in your glove compartment. Then, these bags will come in handy when your kids bring a gajillion papers in to the car and you know they’re going to end up staying in there for weeks, unless you stick them in a bag and get the papers confined to one spot, to then either be tossed in the garbage upon return to your home or hung up on the fridge as a cherished masterpiece.

3. Time yourself. Did you know that it takes an average of four minutes to unload the dishwasher? Little tasks like this take such a small amount of time, but yet the time spent agonizing over doing them is so much greater. The next time you have a few extra minutes, set the kitchen timer to say, five minutes and ready, set… go! Clean away. You might be surprised at how much you really can get done in that precious amount of time.

4. Plan ahead. It’s much easier to plan ahead than it is to think on the fly. Take meal planning for example. You might spend an extra 25 minutes at the grocery store picking up the ingredients of what you want to make for dinner that night. If you can consolidate two or three trips to the grocery store a week, you will not only save loads of time, but it can be guaranteed that you’ll also save some dollars.

5. Keep a list. There’s nothing worse than forgetting one item from the warehouse supercenter, and then having to pay double for it at the convenience store, just because it was closer. Rather than relying on your brain to try and remember every little thing we try to stuff in there, take the extra second to write it down. That way, not only can you free up your mind and time, but you’ll also save a few bucks here and there.

By following these few time saving tips, you really may be able to give yourself more minutes in a day.

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Melissa here – how do you try to save yourself time in the day? Please feel free to share in the comments below because I think we can all use tips to help us stay on task in our busy days!


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