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by on May 13, 2012

DSC_1337I know it has been several weeks since I have posted an update on the garden – but the good news is that it is doing amazing! Actually I’m shocked how big the tomato plants are getting. We had cherry tomatoes in the past, but I don’t remember the plants being so tall. This picture is our garden, with a small pumpkin patch in the back. Scroll down to check out individual pictures.

In case you don’t remember how tiny everything was when we planted it, make sure you check out my post on how we build this Raised Bed Vegetable Garden.

Enriching Our Soil by Adding Coffee Grounds

We did have a few challenges early on since we found that our soil was not nitrogen-rich, but since we want our garden to be organic, I needed to find an organic solution. Our poor little zucchini plants were starting to turn yellow and I was afraid we might loose them, but then I remembered the tip about adding coffee grounds to the soil.

Most of you know that I LOVE coffee, so it wasn’t hard to find plenty of grounds in my home. But for those of you that don’t drink coffee, or even to help your garden, you can always pick up FREE Coffee Grounds at Starbucks. So after about a week of adding the grounds to the soil, we noticed a definite change. New growth on the zucchini plants were green and had no yellowing.

Another tip – you can pick up a soil test kit at many nurseries. We did test our soil and the nursery recommended that we add some fertilizer since we had a brand new garden this year. If you are looking for organic fertilizer, check your local stores, or check Amazon, who has a better price a lot of times.

What is Growing


I’m so excited about this picture since this is our first zucchini of the year! Yes, I know I’ll have oodles of zucchini by the end of the summer, but there is something so amazing about the first of the season. This little guy is about 2 inches right now and he is the biggest, but there are least 5 others growing right now.


Tomatoes! We have four (yes, 4) cherry tomato plants and there are SO MANY tomatoes growing. None have ripen yet, but it won’t be long I’m sure!


We also have onions, carrots, and basil (in back of picture) that are doing very well. Although, the carrots did not stay in a nice neat little line like we planted. Instead, they are scattered around along with the onions – but they are fun to watch pop up!


And my son’s favorite – we are growing pumpkins for the first time this year. Thank you to all of you on Facebook that were giving tips on growing them, I really do appreciate the feedback.

So tell me, how is your garden growing? What is doing well? What challenges have you had? Any more tips for me about growing pumpkins? This really is a new adventure! :)


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  • Amy

    We grew pumpkins in our garden for the first time last year and my daughter loved it. The best part for her was watching it ripen and get the nice orange color to it. The one tip I remember getting from someone was once the pumpkin starts getting bigger try to position it so it sits flat on it’s bottom, so it will sit flat when you go to pick it. The vine will harden as it grows so you won’t be able to re-position it later. Just so you don’t get a lopsided pumpkin.

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