25 Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas

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by on February 6, 2012

25 fun and frugal date night ideas

25 Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas

Once you have children, it seems that you spend less and less time with your spouse, especially alone and to come up with fun date night ideas. As much as I love my kids, they seem to bring an endless amount of distractions, which makes having quality time with my hubby even more impossible.

Between meals, dishes, laundry, bathes, school, sporting games, homework, stories, diapers, midnight potty breaks, and even the occasional child-in-our-bed-because-of-a-bad-dream;  I’m too exhausted to even think about romance (and so is my hubby who does his fair share of all of this!). That is why I know it is so important to make sure we schedule time for just the two of us. I’m sure you can all relate – but don’t forget that you need time together, too because that quality time is an investment into your marriage. A happy marriage is what bonds a family.

So here are 25 Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas to help you spend more quality time together. And for those of you that aren’t married – these are great date ideas for you, too, when you are watching a budget (aren’t we all)!

Most important…

1. Make sure that you have some time for just the two of you – ask the grandparents for the night, get a babysitter, or drop the kids off at a friends for a few hours. The time alone will allow the two of you to connect – without interruptions, so you can enjoy each other.

Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas – Save on Food & Drink

2. Stay in and make dinner together by candlelight. Cook together and enjoy each other’s company without kids to distract you. Pick a favorite entrée, drinks, and dessert – and don’t forget the candles!

3. Go for just dessert, appetizers, or even coffee, instead of a whole meal out. You’ll spend less, but it will also give you more time to chat.

4. Save on dining out gift certificates from Restaurant.com. The best part is that you can print your certificate to use immediately, so this works for last minute dates.

5. Use coupons and/or split meals. If you have a favorite dining location, sign up for any e-newsletter or club they offer, which may send out coupons and other promotions throughout the year.

6. Visit a local winery if they offer free tastings. You can buy a bottle to share later, too, which will cost less than having wine out at a restaurant.

7. Don’t forget to check Groupon for daily deals on food, movies, concert tickets, spa days or more.

Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas – Save on Entertainment

8. Check the local dollar theater or a drive in for a cheaper movie.

9. Check bars or restaurants with live local bands or singers. Many times there won’t be a cover charge to these events. Many parks put on concerts at different times of the year, too.

10. Rent a movie or borrow one for FREE at the library. Make popcorn at home, turn down the lights, and pretend you are in the theatre.

11. Visit a local high school sporting event.

12. Be a kid again. Get a board game out, cards, or dice and play the night away. You’ll probably have some great conversations while you playing, too.

13. Read a book together. This is a great one to do at night once the kids are in bed, even for just 30 minutes or so.

14. Go to a local college production. They are usually much cheaper, especially if you can go during the day.

15. Go to a local karaoke bar and sing your heart out (or watch others do the same).

Frugal & Fun Date Night Ideas – Save on Activities

16. Go for a hike and take a picnic lunch to share.

17. Turn “date night” into a daytime date and visit local museums or parks for free.  Look at the Target First program, Bank of America card holder program, or any other discounts they may offer.

18. Head out on a clear night with a telescope and a blanket to go stargazing.

19. Volunteer together at a local church, soup kitchen, etc.

20. If you are lucky to live by the beach, don’t forget that a sunset walk on the beach is always romantic. If you don’t have a beach, visit a local park or mountain to watch the end of the day melt away.

21. Play “tourist” in your town or city. Take your camera and visit the touristy spots. Make sure you get some pictures of just the two of you together!

22. Visit your local painted pottery place and decorate mugs, plates, or tiles together. Don’t forget to put the date on it to remember it, too.

23. Go to your local Farmers Market and buy flowers. Of course, you might want to pick up some fresh produce as well, but something is so romantic about fresh cut flowers.

24. Better yet, plant flowers together in your garden – every time you walk by it, you’ll be reminded about your time together.

25. Reenact your first date together. Visit where you met and fell in love for the very first time.

I hope these frugal & fun date night ideas give you a starting point, and show you that you don’t have to spend a future to have a good time, enjoy your loved one, and just be silly!  Find romance in whatever you do and don’t stress about stretching your budget too thin.

So, now, what are some of your favorite frugal & fun date night ideas? What would you add to this list?


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