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by on January 24, 2012

The following is a guest post from Sierra at Ocean Dreams. She shares her own money saving journey with you to hopefully help inspire some that are just starting on that path.

Let’s be honest, saving money for me has always been a struggle. I was raised with frugal parents that tried to install in me proper money management and even though I always paid off everything on time, I never managed to save money. Then more than a year ago something in me changed after a health scare and I realized that it’s important to pay off debt and save more than ever.

I’m currently taking care of my debt one month at a time. Over a year and a half ago I had to quit my job due a health scare. Even though I’m better now, I’m stuck with the debt of when I had to put bills and other expenses on my credit cards when I wasn’t working. You never realize how important work and health is until you are struggling with both, and quitting my job and going through a hard time truly humbled me.

Flash forward to current day – I run my own business as a freelancer and work full time. I feel so thankful that I’m finally able to pay off my debt and slowly and surely I would like to put away funds for my future after everything is paid off. I admit it’s still a struggle for me to use my work funds to pay my credit cards instead of going shopping and getting things that I wasn’t able to have for a while. However, I know now that paying off debt is more important.

You never know when you’ll need money in your savings account for a health emergency or if you were to lose your job. In a wayward economy it’s important now more than ever to pay off debt and put aside savings for when you need it the most. Learning to be frugal isn’t going to happen for me overnight. I like the finer things in life, but I am learning that I don’t necessarily have to buy everything that I want.

One step at a time I believe that I can pay off my debt, continue to save up money, and put away extra funds for a rainy day. Coupons and hot deals certainly help as well and I’m determined to find them along the way!

Sierra is a writer and fashion blogger for JoeShopping.com. Catch up on her latest adventures on her blog Ocean Dreams.


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  • Thanks so much for the guest post opportunity Melissa!

  • Thanks so much for the guest post opportunity Melissa!

  • You are welcome – and Thank YOU for the post and sharing your story :)

  • You are welcome – and Thank YOU for the post and sharing your story :)

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