Peppermint Bark Recipe

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by on December 20, 2011


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Peppermint Bark has become one of our favorite holiday treats. It’s easy to make, and is delicious. It also makes a great gift!


1 Bag White Chocolate Chips
1 Bag Dark Chocolate Chips
1/2 tsp Mint Extract, divided (this is kind of a guess as I don’t generally measure!) Smile
2-3 Crushed Candycanes


1. Melt your dark chocolate. You can do this in a double boiler, or in the microwave. I start with 1 minute on 50% power in the microwave, then stir, then continue in 30 second intervals until it is completely melted.

2. Add 1/4 tsp mint to the chocolate and stir well. Then, spread the minty chocolate goodness on a parchment paper lined pan. Stick this in the freezer.


3. Crush your candy canes. (I do this with my small kitchen hammer right in their wrapper, then dump them into a bowl. It would be less messy if you put them in a baggie to crush them.) Then, melt your white chocolate the same way as you melted the dark chocolate. Add your mint and stir well. Grab your dark chocolate out of the freezer and spread the white chocolate onto the dark. (Be sure you’ve given the dark chocolate at least 10 minutes in the freezer. Then, you’ll need to work fairly quickly as the white will begin to melt the dark. This is good & will help the two stick together.)


4. Add the crushed candy canes to the top, then press them into the chocolate as much as possible. Stick this in the freezer for about an hour. (I always try to rush this, but it doesn’t break up as easily if you don’t wait long enough!)


5. Remove from the freezer. Place a piece of parchment paper over the top of your bark and hammer away until it’s all broken up into the size of pieces you want.


(My husband makes fun of my little gold hammer with flowers painted on it, but we use that thing all the time!!) Winking smile

6 Enjoy!! (Or wrap up for gifts if you can make it last that long!)


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