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by on October 6, 2011


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Congratulations to #7 – Laura!

On behalf of the “A Day Made Better” cause for teachers, I am so excited to bring you this opportunity – you can nominate your favorite teacher to win a gift card to OfficeMax for school supplies!


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how special and incredible teachers are – they inspire young minds and help open doors for future opportunities each day. As my son has just started his educational journey in first grade, I truly appreciate all that they do.

With school budgets cuts, teachers are taking matters into their own hands by purchasing their own classroom materials. According to the National Education Association, teachers are spending about $1,000 each year on supplies for their class, which is pretty astonishing. Can you imagine if your job asked you to bring your own tape, scissors, and paper for your desk?ADMB Cause Poster (low)

That’s why I’ve joined the Max Moms for Teachers program to help create awareness and give back to teachers. The Max Moms are working in collaboration with the national “A Day Made Better” cause founded by OfficeMax and nonprofit Adopt-A-Classroom to help erase teacher-funded classrooms. Annually in October, they host a national event that recognizes and rewards over 1,000 teachers with a total of $1 million in school supplies to help alleviate the financial burden and thank them for their hard work.

You too can join in this cause and give back to a deserving teacher by nominating your favorite teacher to receive a $50 gift card for school supplies donated by OfficeMax. You’ll also receive an A Day Made Better cause box, and we encourage you to purchase supplies for your favorite teacher and surprise him or her in her classroom.

Virtual Teacher Giveaway - OMX $50 Gift CArdEntry Requirements

1) For a chance to enter and win, please post a comment below that describe why the teacher you’d like to nominate is
1) Passionate;
2) Dedicated and
3) Innovative.

Optional Entries:

2) As an additional entry, you can visit ‘A Day Made Better’ on Facebook and post a comment about why you believe teachers deserve our support.

We look forward to your nominations and will announce the winner on (Thursday, October 13)!


Terms & Disclosure: No purchase necessary to be eligible for a chance to enter or win. The winner will be selected randomly through The gift card was provided by OfficeMax as part of its cause for teachers. The views written here are my opinion.


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  • tracy hill

    I would like to nominate my son’s teacher, Mr. Siebigtheroth. He teaches fifth grade and has a way of keeping my son’s attention like no other has. My son has struggled with severe ADHD for years and this is the first year he has actually “liked” school. Mr. S. is passionate about his teaching in that he sees the potential of each and every student and focuses on that. He is dedicated in that he stays after school every day in case a student needs any help or needs to talk about anything. He is innovative in that he figures out what makes each student “tick” and uses that to bring the best out in them. My son loves sports, so if all work is completed during class and there are no behavior problems during class for that day, he plays football with him during recess (which thankfully, is the last thing they do!). Mr Siebigtheroth is truly a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful he is my son’s!

  • My nominee: D. Polt

    1.) Passionate: She loves my kids just as much as I do. When my second daughter was struggling with school, in the midst of being diagnosed with ADHD, her teacher sat in the office and cried for her and the difficulty that she was facing, despite her obvious abilities.

    2.) Dedicated: She wants to see the kids reach their full potential and does not give up on the ones that face struggles due to learning or behavioral disabilities. It is easy to write off a child as a problem, to isolate them and get through the day and year. It is challenging and time-consuming to get to know them and their abilities and devise strategies that will help them achieve.

    3.) Innovative: Recognizing that each child is different, each has their own unique abilities and interests and weaknesses takes time. Learning to work with this knowledge takes innovation. And the fact that my daughter is now thriving is proof that it can be done.

  • Cheryl Phillips

    I would like to nominate my daughter, Jessica Boteler. She is extremely dedicated kindergarten teacher who loves her students and is passionate that they learn and be prepared for first grade. Her innovation in the classroom is genius. She truly cares about each little one from the overachiever to the one who struggles for whatever reason. She uses positive reinforcement to encourage and challenge. From the time she was little she wanted to teach. She has taught many years and many little ones who rush to hug her neck whenever they see her. She’s truly a special teacher with a great heart and true dedication.

  • CJ Little

    Karen Latsbaugh in Mount Pleasant, SC – she just spent two nights camping with her first grader sick as a dog. And embraced it, loved it, and survived it!

  • Katelynn Baztel is the most wonderful teacher that has enter the schools in our area. She is very passionate to students and the all love her. She is the most dedicated teacher that I’ve seen in a long time. She is all the above and loves her job and the students she teaches each day every student that has had her wants her to be their teacher again this women is loved by many students.

  • Rachael Yerkes

    I am nominating Mrs. Driggs from Edgemont Elementary in Provo. My son had a difficult year last year with a teacher who did not like him, or appreciate his uniqueness. As a parent it was very difficult to swallow, as who could not love my child? Right? So, we spent a lot of time trying to find a good school and a good fit for him. We thought we had figured out where we wanted him to go, then at the last minute had to make a change.

    We are so blessed to have gotten Mrs. Driggs, a new teacher we knew nothing about. At the first parent teacher conference I tentatively asked her about my child, not wanting to say he had problems the year before, but really wanting to get a feel for how she felt about him. Kids are so sensitive to those things. Her response warmed my heart. She said, “He is a joy. He loves to talk, and is very curious, but I just move him if it becomes a problem. I would never punish a child for talking, that would be like punishing a child for being shy.” She went on to tell me that she can see how much he wants to learn, and as long as he is willing, she will keep teaching. She is the kind of teacher that appreciates the differences in children, and is their advocate. She taught many years ago, then had her own family, and this is her first year back to teaching, and I am so grateful as a mother to have my child in her classroom, because I know she is going to bring out the best in him, and help him feel the way he does at home, appreciated, and important.

  • Katie Kichner is an incredible teacher. She is so enthusiastic about her classrooma nd students. I’ve already been impressed with her passion and dedication. She incorporates yoga, “brain gym” and other motor skills activities daily, understanding the importance of movement and physical activity for young children and how it helps them learn. She goes out of her way to build a classroom community with both students and parents, a more dedicated, passionate and innovative teacher I’ve yet to see.

  • Melissa Medina

    I would like to nominate Mr. Randy Schmitt for this giveaway. Mr. Schmitt is my son Justin’s 1st grade Special education teacher, Justin has Autism, not only are there childeren with Autism in Mr. Schmitt’s class there children with all types of disabilities. Mr. Schitt is amazing before Justin was moved from his other school I was very stressed out, the teacher and staff at his other school told me Justin was just not fitting in, he wasnt getting any work done and he was having horrible tantrums and needed to be placed else where, I was devistated. But I agreed and sent him to another school and I can tell you that he loves it. Not only is Justin doing well he is the class leader and loves to go to school everyday. He is excited every day when he comes home to tell me all the fun he had learning that day. I can never express how good that makes me feel.

    Not only is Mr. Schmitt great in the classroom he is amazing with parents, he has given us all his contact info including, cell and home numbers and e-mail addresses. Asks us to call him at anytime. He will call me on weekends when Justin has been out sick to see how he is doing and if there is anything he can do. He will stay later at nights for parent teacher conferences becuase he understands that I work full time and attend school at night. He is great and gives so much and as with most teachers I know that he is not acknowledged enough. I do my best to show how much I really appreciate him and the peace I feel when my son is at school, but it could never be enough. He travels everyday from Anthem to North Phoenix to teach and is never in a bad mood. This would be a great way to show him that he is valued and that all he gives is noticed. I really hope you pick him it would be amazing for him to feel how special he really is. Thank you.

  • Lori Leddon

    I would like to nominate Mrs. Wendy Odom.
    1) Her passion is teaching the middle school kids. If there was ever a difficult age it would be middle school, all the kids are growing and changing and don’t know what to do with themselves. She cares about ALL her kids, not just a select few. In 7th grade my son had a hard time adjusting after our house burned, my husband lost his job and we had to move 800 miles away to a new house, job and school-all within a period of 2 weeks. To say the least he was angry. But, she saw something in him, has faith in him and stood by him, while not knowing what was going on in his life. He is now in 11th grade, he still goes back to the middle school when he can to visit Mrs. Odom. She’s still just as passionate and dedicated to all the kids now. She gets to know “them”, is dedicated to helping them learn-and let me say she’s a math teacher, a mental block for a lot of kids. But, she sticks with them, before, during and after school. She also helps out with the door at most all sports, she has such enthusiasm watching “her kids” play sports.
    She spends so much of her own time and money. Searching for different ways to teach math, to keep the kids attention and make it fun for them to learn. Before having Mrs. Odom as a teacher, I had teachers, tutors, you name it help my son, but the year he had Mrs. Odom, math “clicked”, only because she found an inovative direction to lead the kids having difficulties.
    She recently got married, and moved 60+ miles away from our school, but did she look for a new job, closer to her new house…NO, she drives the long commute every day. She said she wouldn’t let her kids down by leaving, she’s there for them at all times.
    You ask any student of this middle school, Who is your favorite teacher?, Who makes you listen, learn and still have fun? Every answer will be Mrs. Odom.

  • jen renner

    I would like to nominate my daughter’s teacher and my co-worker. She has been a Preschool teacher for more than 18 years and has amazing energy and compassion for what she does. Her passion for Preschool has exceeded what you would expect. She has been willing to learn new and effective ways of teaching styles and has accepted each child as an individual and works to improve to make her a more understanding teacher. Recently a new way to assess has been implemented and even though it is a stressful and time consuming assessment, she continues to follow through and complete her work on time. The average teacher salary is very low compared to what they should receive. Having been a teacher for 18+ years, it’s obvious that she loves what she does!!!

  • My son’s kindergarten teacher deserves this so much. Her name is Ms. Bere. We have had quite a bit of drama at the school with budget cuts, but she was just hired and started a new classroom as a first year teacher. Half of the students in an over-full class were moved to her room six weeks into this school year. (Details on my blog here:

    Ms Bere is…
    1) Passionate ~ She truly loves each of her students. She welcomes them each morning and sends them home each afternoon with a “squeeze” (hug). She is always so cheerful, despite being thrust into a new environment so suddenly.
    2) Dedicated ~ Before her first day, she spent the previous week in the over-full classroom getting to know the kids. She learned all 30 kids names (only 11 were moved to her class afterwards) and spent time working with each child.
    3) Innovative ~ She inherited a 1st grade room whose teacher retired last year. She has managed to use what was left behind for kindergarten, as well as bringing in her own things to make the children comfortable. On her first day she built a “fort” with zebra-print material and a table because the other kindergarten rooms have reading lofts and she didn’t want her kids to be left out.

  • Penny Murray

    I nominate kindergarten teacher Amy Locke of Parnall Elementary, Jackson, MI. Thirty students in kindergarten is a large number for such a young age, but Amy does all she can to personally develop rapport with her students–she is passionate about the teaching profession and works tirelessly to ensure teachers earn the respect they deserve. Fair isn’t equal, necessarily, and Amy strives to provide differentiation opportunities for each student to feel successful. Her innovative spirit is a constant in the classroom; she recently spent time with a major maker of children’s educational toys in order to help them further develop a useful classroom tool. She wants students to have access to technology which augments their education, not detracts. Her attitude about technology and its use is positive; it’s not about blocking access, it’s about using the right tools in the right ways. Please consider awarding “A Day Made Better” to Amy, teacher extraordinairs, and my personal friend for 32 years!

  • Penny Murray

    *teacher extraordinaire (spelling correction!)

  • Angie Appoo

    My daughter’s first grade teacher, Ms. Williams, is an amazing, dedicated woman, who is so full of vitality and enthusiasm. She is innovative and makes learning fun and relevant, therefore enabling kids to retain the information and yearn to learn more. She as well as all teachers deserve our support. They work long past their shift, coming in early, staying late, taking their work home in the evenings, weekends and holidays. They are dedicated in the success of our kids’ futures.

    PS> I did the additional entry.

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