Why You Should Never Pay For Grocery Match-Ups

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by on September 29, 2011

I came across one of these grocery match-ups sites earlier today that was boasting about how great their service was – and that it was all for only $10-$15/month!  They went on to compare their service with “blogs” and showed how they offer more – well, I beg to differ!

Get FREE Grocery Match-Ups.

1. You can the same information for FREE! With the Coupon Database, you have access to looking up specific coupons for whatever product you are looking for before you head to the store. The Coupon Database lists all available coupons – printable, from inserts, peelies, from magazines, and more.

2. You can also find printable lists of many grocery and drug store deals HERE so you can maximize your savings. And if the store you are looking for isn’t listed here, check the Frugal Map to find one near you. My store match-ups are also in a printer-friendly list, so you can choose exactly what items you want to include in the list and print that.

3.  If you don’t want to use the match-ups that blogs provide you, you can also do them yourself. Making your own match-ups can take more time, but it isn’t hard to do, and you’ll get the products you want.

4. These match-ups are done each week when the ad comes out so you can maximize your savings right away. You can sign up for my Email Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

5. Another huge benefit to using blogs to help you save at the grocery store is that you get personal interaction from a real person that knows your area stores. We have a community here to help YOU save, answer questions, and celebrate when you score a great deal!

The bottom line – When you are trying to save money and stretch your hard earned dollar, why pay for something that you can get for FREE?  That $10-$20/month can be put toward your grocery money and be stretched even further when you use coupons!

Do you agree? Or does it make sense to pay for these types of services?


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  • I completely agree with you! Some places also try to charge for “e-books” that are basically the same info many blogs have on their basic guide to couponing and charge $5+ for it! Ridiculous!

  • Amanda

    I agree, but I have the perspective of someone who used to pay for a very popular site. I started couponing seriously over 7 years ago, and there were not a lot of other resources. There was another site I could access, but the information wasn’t laid out as plainly, and I was willing to pay for the clean layout and easy to understand format–even if it meant that I had to wait a couple of days after the sale started. With years of experience under my belt, I now use a free, organized, and local blog to get my coupon info, and would not pay for it if it suddenly charged, because I have the confidence to do it myself. I did however learn a lot from the first site I used and I don’t feel bad that I paid for it then.

  • Nancy L.

    There is a very popular umm.. pay to use “Grocery Game” *** site lol..
    It is a down right scandal!! Just try and post this article on the message board there.. you would be banned so fast it would make you head spin. That place was a nightmare!!!! The moderation was so ridiculous!!!

    I am shocked so many people still give them money!

  • Amanda, you make a very good point and I completely understand. That is the beauty of the internet now, there really is a multitude of free information that can help you save.

    And you are so right about confidence! That plays such an important role, thank you for pointing that out.

  • Isn’t that sad, Nancy? That just makes me mad and sad all at once, because most of those people don’t know that they are paying for something they don’t need to. They want to save, but end up spend more? And they are just being taken advantage of – or at least, that is what it looks like to me.

  • I understand – although, I do see the point in an ebook, if it contains concise and educational information, as well as resources, that would be hard to find all together on a blog. Although, I still try to provide as much as I can for free :)

  • You know, I have started doing matchups for a local store that isn’t covered on other blogs and I am considering adding a second to the mix as well because the deals at both shouldn’t be missed by the people in my area. It’s not hard to do these matchups, especially with the multitude of coupon databases available. I’ve never paid for a class and certainly wouldn’t pay for a service to do these things for me. I’ve also made it a point to try to get as many couponing tips on my site as possible so that none of my readers ever have to pay for a course.

  • Monica

    I did a free trial of one of “those” pay for sites. I was helpful, but as you all said, i could find the info for free and by the time I remembered to look at it, I already had all that info. I made a note in my phone to remind me when my time expired because there was no way I was paying for something I could get for free. I love this website. Thank you Melissa. I appreciate all you do.

  • Thank you, Monica! That is sweet – and I’m glad I can provide this service for you (and all my readers!).

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