Reader Question: How Do You Handle Stern Cashiers?

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by on July 26, 2011

Extreme Couponing Grocery Store Mean CashiersI’ve recently been getting several emails and comments about how to handle stern cashiers – you know the ones, they might roll their eyes at you, or argue that you can’t use a coupon (when it is legit), or just plain give you an attitude.

First, I want to say that we should be respectful of ALL cashiers, even the “not-so-nice” ones because they are doing their job, and deserve to be respected. If all couponers were extremely nice (instead of just extreme couponers), then I don’t think we would have such a big problem, but I know that is not the case.

If you come across a cashier that isn’t so friendly, here are some steps you can take to help alleviate an issue:

  • Keep the Coupon Policy with you, so that you know you are following the rules, and you can help the cashier as well. No one is perfect, so if he/she has made a mistake, you can NICELY point that out with the official policy.
  • Ask to speak with a manager or customer service if it cannot be resolved. They should be able to help work through the issue, especially if you have the printed policy with you.
  • If these routes aren’t working, you can ask to call corporate. You may just want to call after you leave the store, but make sure you get any pertinent information before leaving (store location, manager name, etc).

So, how do you handle stern cashiers? I’m sure many of you have experience in this area and probably have great advice for those that are just starting the couponing journey.


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  • Can I just say that this photo you found is HILARIOUS? Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  • elaine

    first of all, i choose my cashier carefully!
    if the cashier looks mean and does not smile, stay away!
    this may be stereo-typing, but it works

    if you are a frequent shopper, you know who’s line to go thru and NOT to go thru!

    most of the time, if i have a conflict that can’t be resolved very quickly and quietly, i just have them remove the item from transaction. i will try another cashier later.
    if my coupon is near being out of date, or a sale price is ending soon and i know i am right, i will let the transaction proceed without the credit for the coupon, then i will just take it too the customer service desk. from that point, they will honor it or i will refund the item. easy come easy go!

    i work in a very public dental office in a very small town. i really can’t afford to cause alot of attention to myself that might be taken as negative. there isn’t a shopping trip that i make that i don’t see several people that i know!

  • Kaylene

    I have found the best cashiers are those who work overnight and are happy to have a friendly face at 6:30 in the morning. It also reduces the pressure of having people in line behind me if there are issues.

    And I agree, I chose my grocery store cashier very carefully. My husband thinks it is funny that I get very excited to see my favorite cashier and will wait in a long line just to be able to have her.

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