5 Fuel Saving Tips

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by on June 2, 2011

gas tankIf you feel like you may need to take out a second mortgage to put fuel in your tank, you are not alone!  And as you know, gasoline coupons just don’t appear out this air.  That means all of us have to take extra steps so that we can conserve gasoline and get the most out of each fill up.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Save:

1. Drive the speed limit (or slower).  When you drive fast, you burn more fuel.  Just by simply be easing up on your accelerator, you can save a few dollars at the pump.

2. Check your tire pressure.  When they are underdeflated, they pose  a safety risk. Not only that, they can also make you burn more gasoline.

3. Don’t top off your tank.  Make sure  that when the pump clicks off you just handle back and tighten your gas cap.  When you top of your tank, some of the fuel can seep out and simply be a waste.

4. Clean out your trunk. When you have extra items in your trunk, it can weight you down and also make you burn more gasoline.

5. Shop where you get rewards.  Several stores around the country offer rewards that can be redeemed towards fuel savings.  Remember – even a savings of $0.05 a gallon is still a savings!

So, what are YOU doing to help save on your gasoline consumption?

BIO:  Tracie helped her family eradicate more than $37,000 in debt.  She shares her money saving tips and deals daily at Penny Pinchin Mom.  When not busy saving money, she enjoys spending time with her family at home in Missouri.


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  • Kroger has recently changed their fuel program, and not really for the better. So they have been trying to make up for it by rolling out the promos: 4x points on GC purchases and mailer with bonus points coupon. I really dont like having to play the “GCs for gas game”. But with prices reaching $4 a gallon- I am becoming a pro! ;)

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