Extreme Couponing on TLC

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by on December 30, 2010

grocery basket Did you watch Extreme Couponing on TLC last night? If not, you can watch it again on Jan 4 at 10pm EST or Jan 5 at 1am EST.

I have to say I was pretty shocked by the show and feel like it will give a bad name to many of use that use coupons in moderation and it can also make stores more wary of couponing.

We had a very interesting conversation on the Saving Cents with Sense Facebook page regarding the show and I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

My biggest concern with what was displayed on the show is that these people are stockpiling way beyond what they need – it really is on the verge of hoarding. And although the last couponer, Nathan, did give cereal to charity, I was concerned at the amount of product that he didn’t give away (why does anyone need 115 years worth of deodorant??). When I posed the question on my FB page, I was glad to read about so many of you donating items.

So what are your thoughts? What did you think of the show or of extreme couponing (stockpiling) in general?


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  • I saw it in the news and was shocked that there are people who are like that.

  • Amanda W.

    Here is the list of all the things that were DONATED. Although the show only featured the cereal there were many other things that were donated. All these items were pre-ordered from the store so he did not wipe the shelves clean. The show asked them to do the biggest shopping trip they could so viewers could be “wowed” by how much they saved. I’m sure a lot of stuff they have in their garage as “stockpile” they eventually use or pass it on when they do a monthly inventory if they think they are not going to use it. I think it is terrible that people are judging them without even knowing them. As long as they are “pre-ordering” their stuff and not clearing shelves and donating to charity. Why do we give a hoot what they do with their coupons? I don’t think the show gave couponers a bad name…if anything it renewed my interest in couponing. I think it is terrible that we as couponers are so worried about what other people do with their coupons and need an accounting of what was donated to charity and what wasn’t and that doesn’t just go for this show but I’ve even noticed other blogs someone states what a great deal they got and everyone is demanding to know what charity that person is going to donate to. If you are so worried about that buy the stuff yourself and donate to the charity of your choice.

    Total Cereal – 1,100
    Reach Toothbrushes – 300
    Life Waters – (Rain-check) – 140 (Lacy drinks this religiously)
    Reach Floss – 110
    Pepsi Max (20oz) – 87 (One of my favorites)
    Right Guard Deodorants – 80
    Dial Hand Soap – 50
    Gillette Body Wash – (Rain-check) – 40
    Country Crock Butter – 10
    Dial Bar Soap – 10
    Fiber One Honey Cluster Cereal – (RC) – 10
    Nature Made – Magnesium – 10
    Nature Made – Vitamin A – 10
    Nature Made – Vitamin D – 10

  • Denise

    How do you get 1,100 boxes of cereal home from the grocery store?!!!

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