Garden Update: Watermelons Make a Come Back!

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by on August 3, 2010

IMG_7595 I am truly amazed that we made it to August and my garden is still doing well – sure, we lost a few plants (green beans, cilantro, and zucchini are all gone). BUT some plants are thriving! The biggest surprise is that we have 7 watermelon growing! I really thought that everything was about done producing, but I think the monsoons have helped the last few weeks to encourage new growth.

What else is doing well?

IMG_7594 I found 5 eggplants growing- that is the most we have had so far this season. Now I just need to figure out some good recipes for eggplant! I think I’ll try grilling them (or my hubby will) and of course, eggplant is good in pasta dishes.


The serranos never produced as well as I hoped they would this year. Although a few are still popping up- the strange part is that they are now turning red? Not sure why?

I know last year that my jalapenos started to turn red, but I thought it was because it cross pollinated with our red bell pepper, but that isn’t the case this year – so, I’m stumped! Anyone know what pepper may turn red? Could it be the heat?

As I mentioned the watermelons are making a come back- and they really are trying to take over the rest of the garden. Our poor cherry tomato plant is being pulled down from the watermelon (seen below). I had to trim it back a bit so that it didn’t completely take the tomatoes down to the ground. Who knew that watermelon plants like to grow up?

IMG_7588 Overall, I’m very encouraged that the garden is thriving through our 110 degree summers – and I’m looking forward to what I can grow in the Fall.

Now, it’s your turn, what surprises are you finding in your garden? What is growing and starting to produce? What are your challenges? If you have a blog, link up your blog post with Mr.Linky. If not, leave a comment- I’d love to hear how your garden is growing!


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  • Wow! Everything looks great! i’ve never been able to grow watermelon. They never get bigger than a softball. i think they need more water than we can give them. My eggplants are being devoured by flea beetles. They haven’t even started blooming yet. i’m finally getting some tomatoes though. :) Love the garden update. :)
    .-= tree´s last blog ..For the love of Zucchini =-.

  • Dawn

    Glad to see you still got veggies/fruits growing. We finally have our 1st watermelon growing, it just kinda popped up one day. Its about the size of a softball right now. We still never got any squash. Maybe it will happen next year.

  • Thanks, Tree! You are right, I think the watermelon need a TON of water…we increased the water we were giving them when a few starting dying out early on…hope these all make it!

    (Oh, and the rain helps, too!)

  • They pop fast and grow fast- the hardest part is knowing when they are ready :)

  • Those tomatoes and the watermelons are certainly looking great! I would love to harvest those kinds of crops and fruits! My garden is more like just setting up to bear fruits this season! My tomatoes are still green but the peppers are getting ready for harvesting. I am expecting a big harvest with my jalapenos, bell peppers and red hot chili peppers!

  • Wow. Those tomatoes are looking good! And also the eggplants! I think they are ready for picking and for a quick swish in the pan for a tasty omelet! That will definitely taste really yummy. Especially, if your ingredients are fresh from the garden and are organic!

  • Those peppers really look hot with its very reddish color. I wished that my peppers are like those. I can’t wait to see your next post on what will you cook with all of your harvest

  • Melanie

    The other Melanie is right. The longer you keep the peppers on the plant the hotter they get, and they tell us that by turning red. I’m not 100% sure, but I think a purplish/black color comes after red.

    Great looking garden!! I’m at 8500 ft in southern NM growing for the first time and my biggest threat was the elk. Didn’t help I didn’t realize how short the growing season really was. I may not get a singe tomato before it freezes. I did get a few green peppers though. I’m trying winter sowing this year, can’t wait!

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