The Garden vs The Arizona Heat

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by on July 6, 2010

This time last year, I about gave up on my garden. The heat was just too much and my plants were starting to wilt. This year I’m not giving up so easily. I’m fighting for my garden, even in this 110 degree weather.

Of course, we have had some casualties along the way…

IMG_7472For every tomato that survives, I’m finding more and more that are cracking. Even the shade system isn’t working well anymore (of course it didn’t help that while we were on vacation that it fell over!) But I’m continue to water to keep the plants moist by increasing the number of watering each day (at 3 watering intervals now). And the good news is that new tomatoes are still growing.

IMG_7466 My cherry tomatoes are still producing and except for an occasional bird- we haven’t lost too many of them. I honestly think that the new puppy has helped keep the birds away this year!

IMG_7464 Many of my plants are starting to burn, like the zucchini pictured here. And even though I haven’t picked any new zucchini this week, there are several new buds growing so the plant isn’t giving up in this heat either.

IMG_7462 I did lose my cilantro– it just didn’t seem to handle the heat as well. Or maybe I just never figured out exactly what it needed. I thought I was about to loose my basil (pictured above) – but it has started to perk back up.  It is burning in places, but there is plenty of green surviving plant underneath.

And my biggest surprise? The eggplant is still doing well! I really didn’t know what to expect with this one since it is my first time growing it…but you can see that I have 2 good sized eggplants still growing.

IMG_7474 Now, it’s your turn, what surprises are you finding in your garden? What is growing and starting to produce? What are your challenges? Pests? Heat? If you have a blog, link up your blog post with Mr.Linky. If not, leave a comment- I’d love to hear how your garden is growing!


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  • We’re losing our garden too and ours are in containers. The tomatoes are still hanging on but we lost our cilantro too. Thyme and rosemary are still going strong and the mint would be all over if it wasn’t in a container. Our strawberries succumbed to a combination of heat and mites. :-(

    Like you, I keep trying new ways to shade and water and keep these plants going.

    It’s cooling down, right?
    .-= Sara at Saving For Someday´s last blog ..Letters To My Daughter =-.

  • I think our mint only survived because it is partially covered by our tomatoes and to my son’s dismay, I don’t think the strawberries will be producing more this season. I am hopeful that they will survive…but let’s make it through August…

  • Our biggest issue has been a lack of bees. No bees to pollinate the zucchini and squash. The tomatoes that haven’t split due to the heat are amazing, and the cherry tomatoes are perfect. We lost the radishes first, then the strawberries, I still have a healthy cucumber plant and my corn is almost ready to pick. We will see if it survives. I have never had a garden before, and I have fallen in love with it. I can’t wait to try new things. I am so jealous of the zucchini everyone else seems to have.
    .-= emily ´s last blog ..Kroger Summer of Savings =-.

  • Carrie

    I too am having problems with my garden. I’m in Peoria, AZ. I actually pulled one of my tomato plants out last night because it just not making it. Nearly all the tomatoes are cracking. My broccoli is doing great as with the basil, mint, strawberries and peppers. I have ended up creating a shade that is on top and around the sides of the garden with one end open down by the broccoli. This really did help the peppers because they were burning. Now the garden is about 15 degrees cooler and still gets the necessary sun. Will try redoing some tomatoes at the end of the summer.

  • We have eggplant growing in our garden too. I couldn’t wait to harvest it and make this fabulous recipe for eggplant parmesan. Happy Gardening!

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