Garden Update: Ripe Watermelons

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by on July 13, 2010

We FINALLY cut into our watermelon. I was nervous since I really didn’t know how to tell if it was ripe.

Yes, I know, by sound and smell – but what does that mean? I tried to check out watermelons at the store (maybe I should have taken a video of that!) and they didn’t have any smell and they all sounded the same. What am I doing wrong?

So, with a little wishing and hoping, we cut into our watermelon and…

If you can’t see the video above, you can watch it HERE and see our reactions to cutting into our first home grown watermelon and hear my son’s tips on how to tell if it is ripe.

I thought that our watermelons were done growing for the season, but the good news is that we have a new one growing. So, we should have fresh watermelon again this summer.

IMG_7559 This is the biggest of the 3 baby watermelons growing. The plant has started producing (and growing) like mad again. I’m not sure if it because we picked the other fruit or if it really likes the humid weather we have been experiencing.

IMG_7558 Let’s hope they continue to grow…

Now, it’s your turn, what surprises are you finding in your garden? What is growing and starting to produce? What are your challenges? Pests? Heat? If you have a blog, link up your blog post with Mr.Linky. If not, leave a comment- I’d love to hear how your garden is growing!


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  • It’s funny, I just updated my blog last night… the green beans are duds but I found 2 baby cukes and about 10 big tomatoes! The cherry tomatoes are duds kindo f too, the plant isn’t growing too big and there are only 2 on there. The Big tomato plant, on the other hand, is HUGE. Corn stalks look great too!
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Garden Updates- =-.

  • Awwwwwwww. Your son is such a cutie! I’m guessing about 4 (only because my son’s about that age)? Very cute video. Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Holy Crud Im behind- =-.

  • Thanks, Kara. I can’t wait to check out your corn stalks- and definitely keep me updated on how they turn out. I think that would be a fun one!

  • Yes, you are right, Dawn :) He turns 5 next month- thanks for sharing!

  • Dawn

    I have finally seen 2 itty bitty watermelons growing between 3 plants the other day, then went out to check on them and one disappeared ??? and the other turned black, so who knows whats going on with them. And our squash still hasnt produced anything. Although our herbs plants are growing like crazy, especially the basil, we clip the leaves and its full bloom within days. Got plenty of green bells and roma tomatoes growing as well.

  • I love baking what we raise in our garden. It is so rewarding to go out there, harvest something and bring it into the kitchen to bake with. Happy to link up to your post this week!!!

  • It might have been really exciting for you! Me too, we were all excited to slice up our first home grown and harvested pumpkin and cucumbers! It was really fulfilling! Since then, I was addicted of taking care of my garden and harvesting my produce.

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