5 Lessons From the Vegetable Garden

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by on July 20, 2010

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5 Lessons From the Vegetable Garden

What have I learned from Vegetable Gardening?  It is no surprise to most of you that I have come to love gardening, even though several years ago, I would have been the one surprised by this statement. Yet, on a whim, when I decided to start a small garden, I didn’t realize that I would learn not only how to be a gardener, but other lessons as well…

1. Patience.  

If you have ever planted anything, the truth is that youmust learn patience. Planting a seed is an exciting adventure – you don’t know when the sprout will start to grow (or if it will grow). Will it survive? Will more than one start to grow? Is it getting enough water, sun, etc? These questions linger until IMG_6570that one day you start to see the tiniest sprout and you realize all that work was worth it.

You’d never guess that these little mounds of dirt are the beginnings of our watermelon, that has decided to take over most of the backyard. I had no idea that 2 little watermelon plants could get so huge!

2. Surprises Abound.

Each day in the garden is like Christmas. Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but truly, you’ll find a new “gift” each day. A new flower, a new vegetable, rapid growth, or fresh produce to pick. We have enjoyed many fresh pickings from the garden and it isn’t an exaggeration to say we were finding something new each day.IMG_6627Of course, not all surprises are welcome, especially if you find pests, heat, or other challenges that visit your garden. But through it all, you learn what works and what doesn’t to make the best garden for you…

3. Improvise.

If you are like me, the challenges that come with the garden are fun to find a solution to. And along with the challenges comes the need to improvise. From our “Killer Cucumber” last year that needed a new trellis to the massive amount of tomatoes and zucchinis that grew this year, we have had to improvise along the way to make sure our plants continue to grow.

4. It’s a Family Affair.

IMG_6780I’m not the only one that loves the garden. My boys have enjoyed the entire process, from digging, planting, watering, and of course picking. It has been a great learning experience for them as well, one that I will continue to embrace each year.

If you still haven’t tried gardening, this is just another reason to do it and you can try to plant these 3 easy garden plants for kids (and beginners).

5. Fresh really does taste better.

IMG_7084 One of the best parts of growing your own vegetables is eating them! And it is a great way to get your kids interested in eating new veggies, too.

We have had so much fun coming up with new Garden Fresh Recipes and trying new ideas to eat veggies. Not only do I feel good feeding my family fresh, organic meals, I also know that we are saving money by growing these items ourselves.

Now it is your turn – What lessons have learned from  your garden?
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  • So true. I’ve been experimenting with straw bale gardening this year!
    Happy Day 2!
    .-= Andie´s last blog ..Not me No never =-.

  • carla

    This is my first year for a garden and I’ve learned a lot – mostly about gardening. I’ve learned that my sweet pea plants need to be farther apart. The two rows intertwined to become one massive and impenetrable wall. I’ve also learned that I don’t need that many bean plants next year. =) One last thing that I’ve learned is that I can’t make something grow. I can do what I can, but it is the Creator God who makes anything happen.

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  • Gloria J. Monroe

    I have done straw bale gardening for 3 years and love it, one thing I can say is you will need to check it for water needs more often as it does dry out much quicker than a plant in the ground, I love it! I have planted now organically for almost 6 years and am still learning haha! here is a link for a good site, it has a little of everything- www. gardeningforwildlife.com I have received his newsletter for a couple of years now and really enjoy it! Organic gardening is another good site! Good luck! my email is – gloriamnr@gmail if I can be of any help, God Bless! gloria

  • Gloria J. Monroe

    You are so correct – God is the only one who makes anything happen, we just put the seed or plant in and he does the rest for us! It’s just hard sometimes to wait haha! I have gardened organically for 6 years now and love it, sure am learning to! I remember planting some seeds years ago and I planted them way to deep, they were given to me so I had no idea how deep haha, well they came up the next year haha! If I can be of any help my e-mail is gloriamnr@gmail.com organic gardening has a good site you may want to check out! God Bless! gloria

  • Gloria J. Monroe

    I love gardening organically, I have gardened for 6 years where I live now in North West Tennessee, overall about 15 years, when we bought the house the ground was pure orange clay ground, I amended the soil with compost, veggie scraps, leaves anything organic and in 2 years I saw a tremendous difference! Now my ground is dark brown and smells so earthy! I plant flowers for natural pest control and to help the bees who we need so very badly! pollinators.org is a wonderful site to learn all about the pollinators on our earth, my e-mail is gloriamnr@gmail if I can be of any help! God Bless!

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